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they are both dressed in john varvatos, they either went shopping together or jensen did the shopping

:)))) yeppp

(i mean i can’t see misha spending a thousand dollars on a blazer, so i think the options are more like they went shopping together drunk or jensen bought him some stuff lol– but both of which are great options)

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..whats mishapocalypse (i joined tumblr in nov 2013 and made this blog in dec 2014 so im a new child lmao)

oh man you’re lucky if I remember correctly then you joined right AFTER the mishapocalypse

as you should know, Tumblr LOVES april fool’s day. While the tumblr staff always pranks its members (Copy the Dashboard Copier was this year’s example), the members also find ways to prank each other.

They’re usually very lowkey, but april fool’s day in 2013 was probably the most wide-spread, longest lasting prank tumblr has ever pulled on itself.

A few days before, someone in the supernatural fandom (I don’t recall who) made a post saying that on that day, everyone should replace their icons with this photo of Misha Collins:

and it just EXPLODED from there. It started out with everyone using it as their icon, but probably about ten minutes in, this picture was EVERYWHERE. People were copying and pasting his face everywhere and there was literally no way to get out of it. Your dashboard was spammed with it either way, and there was no way to get out of it.

It was posted on GIFs from scenes from TV shows. Disney movies. Comic books. Everything, and in some cases, people actually printed pictures of him making this face and put it in places in real life (all over their houses,stop signs outside their house, etc.)

There was no way to get out of it. Even if you weren’t participating in it, you were guarenteed to follow someone who was, and there were a big number of people unlucky enough to have that be your entire dashboard (like me). It got to a point where Misha Collins HIMSELF found out about it and began tweeting about it.

It didn’t happen for a few hours and then stop. No. It went on all day, and for some, it lasted an entire WEEK. I never thought I’d see the day where I got sick of looking at a picture, but April 1st, 2013 did it for me. I never wanted to look at it again. After it was all ove a lot of people realized how stupid of an idea it was, and I was never more relieved in my entire life when it was over. A few people tried to start it up again a year later, but nobody wanted that to happen ever again. Someone wrote “Are you Misha Collins?” on a dollar bill and spent it somewhere, and about a month ago it ended up in Misha Collin’s hands, and even HE knew it was leftover from Mishapocalypse. It was the worst week of my life, and I’m glad mentioning it now only brings back bad memories for people who have been on here just as long or longer than I have. Back then, one mention of it and it would be back up and happening in five minutes

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