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Canon Cockles things that don't need tinhatting~

* Cockles boat ride/date and family outing 🙈
* Cockles ice cream/frisbee date 😆
* Cockles sunset pictures (some could be used for romantic book covers 🙊)
* Cockles crab trap stories AKA ‘family stories 😜
* Cockles stripping (Misha) and the other one apparently enjoying the show 😉
* Cockles spa date (I wonder if it was a gift from Jensen to Misha for his b-day or Danneel or Vicky’s idea) 😁
* Jensen basically calling Misha handsome in his b-day tweet 😅
* Jensen liking Misha’s new cologne and Misha making sure he approved 😜
* Cockles nicknames: Dmitri ‘bring it on’, Mish, Mishka 🐻 (fave), teddy bear, puppy, and Jackles and ‘aloha cowboy’ (I would love to hear Misha call Jensen a cute name)
* Cockles on stage kiss (actually two if we count the ‘fake kiss) 😚
* Cockles longing stares, whispering in ears and arm/shoulder touches 😃
* Cockles grinding on stage and Misha’s mischievous hand on Jensen’s jewels 😅
* Jensen possessively wrapping his arm around Misha’s waist 😱
* Cockles ass tapping 😋
* Jealous cockles, kinda with Matt and Sebastian 😏
* Jensen’s grabbing Misha’s hand and gently caressing it on Matt’s shoulder (Wiggles eyebrows, they should have an emoji for that 😶)
* Jared kinda outing Cockles with his multiple suggestive jokes lol ( God bless that big moose 🙏🏼)
*Cockles Twitter flirting 🔫
*Cockles bleeding to Destiel
*All the dirty jokes between Jensen and Misha in the bloopers (I’m crying because of all the ones we would never see 😭)
* Don’t get me started on octopus Jensen during cockles photo ops AND the unicorn laughs, also the whipped looks on their faces EWW! 😖
* Jensen’s accent kink (indiarussia anyone?)

* And how could I forget the Cockles on stage orgasm?! Well, it was Misha but Jensen’s eyes almost came out of his sockets, among other things 😅

What else am I forgetting? I know I’m forgetting plenty but I need to go back to sleep. Add your own if you remember any ~

Bye 👣


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Hi :) I was wondering if you could write a one-shot, where a fan faints at a supernatural panel and then one person or a few people of the cast come to the fan’s rescue or something. It doesn’t have to be like love at first sight but just a feel-good story :)

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Rating: G

Warnings: None

After saving and saving for months, you had finally come up with enough money for the Supernatural convention. Your parents, after some convincing, had taken you there.


You waited in line, shaking with anticipation behind eight other people, in a line of who knows how many other fans waiting to ask a question. You looked around at the room of thousands of people, eyes all trained on the four stars on stage.

Jared, Jensen, Misha, and Mark all sat in backstage-style chairs, attention focused completely on the fans asking questions. Your heart squeezed at the thought of them focused on you, doing their best to answer your question as well as they could.

You looked back at your parents, sitting in the crowd. They didn’t look that interested, which made sense considering they had never seen the show.

You felt a hot flash as your place in line became third, the blood pumping in your ears. Was it hot in here? You tugged at your collar, trying to breathe as your costume became noticeably hotter. The girl behind you tapped your shoulder.

“Hey, are you okay? You look pale…” You shook your head, refusing to give into what you assumed was a panic attack.

“No, I’m fine thank you.”

“Are you sure?” Your response was cut short as an attendant handed you the microphone, gesturing for you to step forward.

All eyes were trained on you, the entire crowd, as well as your heroes.

“What’s your name?” Blood pumped in your ears as your barely heard the question. Name? What’s my name again? How do I not know my own name? Is it Dean? No, no, my name isn’t Dean. Come on, think!

Your breath came short as your vision filled with spots. The world turned sideways and everything went dark.

“I can’t… I can’t see…” Then, you collapsed.

Jensen scratched his head, glancing at the crowd as well as his co-stars. A young fan stepped forward and he smiled.

“What’s your name?” Their (there may be male fans so I’m saying they) eyes drooped and they were breathing noticeably hard. Jared glanced at him, slightly confused.

The fan’s voice reached the microphone, breathy and quiet.

“I can’t… I can’t see…” Their knees buckled as they fell into the arms of the fan behind them. The crowd gasped, murmurs escalated to shouting as everyone questioned if the fan was okay. Misha hopped off stage, followed by Jared as Jensen put up his hands.

“Everyone calm down. We’re going to take a little break. Don’t move okay?” Mark opened the curtains leading backstage as Jared carried the fan inside. Misha followed, pulling Jensen behind him as confusion settled on the crowd.

“What’s wrong?” Jared set the fan down on the couch of the waiting room as Richard stood up. “Guys?”

“They fainted. Anyone have an ice pack?” A stage manager burst in through the doors, confused and a little annoyed.

“We can’t have fans back here, the crowd is going nuts!” Jensen just sighed, grabbing water from a nearby cooler.

“Mish, can you go get a wet towel?” The dark haired man nodded. He turned his attention to the stage manager. “Just calm down, we want to make sure they’re okay. For all we know, it could be some sort of medical condition.” The manager turned red, but just huffed and walked away to deal with the countless confused fans.

Jared brushed hair out of the fan’s face and checked their pulse as Mark grabbed a little fan from the corner of the room, handing it to Richard.

“Hey, can you hear me? Hello? Come on, wake up.” Misha returned, placing the wet towel on the fan’s head.

“Should we call a doctor?” Any response to Richard’s question was interrupted when the fan twitched, moaning.

“Hey! Hey, can you hear me?” Jared snapped his fingers in front of their face as they opened their eyes.

Your head throbbed as you started to come to, voices growing louder in the distance.

“Hello…? Come on, wake up…” It sounded like you were underwater, and you moaned.

“Hey! Hey, can you hear me?” You blinked rapidly as you looked around, feeling nauseated and extremely tired. Your vision burred in and out, but you were eventually able to focus on an object. Or, more accurately, a person.

Jared Padalecki to be exact.

You were pretty sure your heart stopped.

“Here, drink some water. You fainted kid.” You looked up to see Jensen handing you a bottle of water. Looking closer, you noticed Misha, standing with Jensen near your head, Jared closest to you, Mark, with his hands in his pockets and Richard near your feet, holding a fan.

“You’re…….” You trailed off feeling like you might faint again.

“Try and sit up.” You did as you were told, seeing as you were in shock and accepted the bottle of water from Jensen. “You okay?” You nodded, still staring at the men around you.

“I like your costume.” Misha grinned, gesturing to your cosplay and you were brought back to reality.


“What’s your name?”

“(Y/N)…” Jared smiled, sitting beside you on the couch. Mark stepped forward, handing you a small bag of cookies.

“Blood sugar must be low, love. Gave us all quite a scare.” You grinned, a blush spreading across your face and your heart squeezed. They all smiled with you.

“Thank you…”

Hope you enjoyed it! 

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