misha collins plays twister


so twister happened

Crazy Cas was playing twister wearing a Misha mask when all of a sudden a boot appears on my twister mat

i had told everyone no shoes on the mat so i take off the mask suddenly and what do i find

two blue eyes looking strait at me no more that 6 inches away

all words apart from HI vanish from my brain

and misha smiles back and replies HI

and then i’m like

Left hand yellow…

it continues afew more turns misha moving at each command then he suddenly just does a forward roll flip type thing and lands on his feet and bounces away with a wave and a BYE!!!!

and i’m

OMG did that actually happen?????


first thing next day Misha’s panel he mentions he played twister the night before and i hold it up and he looks over and says YES it was it Crazy Cas

and then suggests we play twister on the stage to warm up for the day

it happened again!!!!!


i played twister with misha.


photo credit goes to 

@kd_kardash, @CassieParkes, @RackkShort, @SophieLouiseWit, 


Misha plays twister with us at Asylum 10

vid credit goes to Janet Duminy who caught the moment on camera!

i am eternally grateful!!!!