misha collins drawing


Castiel going through a rebellious little shit phase.

Yep, here’s the sequel. Based on this photos. 

This will never be better than the Dancing Gabriel series, but I had to do it.

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So I recently went to SPN Vegas Con, and decided to get the Dr Seuss Supernatural book I made signed by J2M2.

I couldn’t decide what page I wanted Misha to sign, so I asked him which he would prefer: Cas in the barn, or beating up Dean.

“Oh! Definitely beating up Jensen, please!”

So that’s the one he signed!

Positive response from everyone who saw it. Jared told me it was great and he was a huge Theodore Geisel fan and it was very his style. My poor starstruck brain didn’t connect that’s Dr Seuss’ real name until he pointed it out!

Amazing feeling having my work seen by the people who inspired it. So going to have others sign it when I get to AHBL in May. Shame I didn’t think to put more characters in it!

“You don’t think you deserve to be saved?”

… I was so sure this would end up looking more like a potato than Castiel, since I haven’t drawn anything (let alone anything realistic) in a really long time, so I didn’t bother finding my proper pencils to draw this. … Guess I’ll have to find them and redo the hair and the background since the face turned out better than I expected. 

I love pink ballpoint pens, so here’s a pink Misha Collins drawing.
Wow I have to say the supernatural fandom has lots of nice people, everybody was so welcoming to me. I had no idea

So surprisingly I got invited to draw something for the @supernaturalartbook , I’m so excited!!! I didn’t think I would ever have a chance, because there are so many amazing artists drawing for that book. I’ll do my best! ( Don’t worry this isn’t the drawing for the artbook, I want to do sth with more characters…hopefully)

Also please check out this awesome project, it’s for a good cause.