misha collins drawing

I love pink ballpoint pens, so here’s a pink Misha Collins drawing.
Wow I have to say the supernatural fandom has lots of nice people, everybody was so welcoming to me. I had no idea

So surprisingly I got invited to draw something for the @supernaturalartbook , I’m so excited!!! I didn’t think I would ever have a chance, because there are so many amazing artists drawing for that book. I’ll do my best! ( Don’t worry this isn’t the drawing for the artbook, I want to do sth with more characters…hopefully)

Also please check out this awesome project, it’s for a good cause.

The rustle of the stars

I had a dream about Castiel a few days ago. Like he sits on the river bank in a quiet place and listens the rustle of the stars.

I used @sizzlebutt (Light and Grace) photo of Misha for redrawing, it’s magical, i’m in love with it.  [Timelapse of the process]

“You don’t think you deserve to be saved?”

… I was so sure this would end up looking more like a potato than Castiel, since I haven’t drawn anything (let alone anything realistic) in a really long time, so I didn’t bother finding my proper pencils to draw this. … Guess I’ll have to find them and redo the hair and the background since the face turned out better than I expected.