misha collin

gigacat asked:

Scout! I've decided to crush my self-esteem a bit by trying to draw again after years and years of not. I'm also going to try for realism this time, for that extra kick in the metaphorical nads. I figure I might as well get something out of it, so I'm going to study Misha's face for drawing practice. Any tips you can share? :3


and second, misha’s face is just. all the slants on the planet. BUT he makes AWESOME facial expressions, and once you get it down, you’re thankful for the features he has. they are super fun and unique and enjoyable to draw!

so here’s some things i noticed that helped me:

  1. HOODED EYES. you’re going to want to draw that top lid so bad, but you gotta draw what you see, not what your body wants you to. his eyes are also slightly angled downwards (for prime droopy-dog puppy eyes) and the depth and creases underneath of his eyes will do all of the work to give the eyes strength and make them dimensional.
  2. he has a strong cupid’s bow, but his lips can appear to be virtually a straight line. giving them depth takes a lot of concentration and understanding. i definitely recommend looking at other pictures where he’s doing weird things with his face, just to help get a better idea of what his mouth is actually shaped like because it’s a jerk
  3. HIS CHIN it’s almost a butt chin BUT IT’S LIKE NOT i don’t know ok this is another thing you gotta look at for forever, but it goes inwards and. yes

also, the image next to that is something to show that his eyes are actually wider than the space between them, and his actual nostril width is closer to the eyes width. his face also has very distinct cheek bones, which make it concave in certain places that also make it unique! AND HIS HAIRLINE IS OFTEN DRAMATICALLY SLANTED which can change how your end product looks! another tip is to look at gifs like this:

because you get to see his hairline, his face going through a huge range of emotions, where his eyes crease, jawline/etc–knowing all of this helps draw other angles as well!

hope this helps!