misha and the worm


The conversation went as followed:

Me: “Hi Misha! Can I shake your hand?
*shakes misha hand*
I just want to thank you for being so hilarious.”

Misha: “Oh I am really not”

Me: “Don’t deny it! You are hilarious!!”

Misha: “Okay, well yeah I am!”

HE WAS JUST SO HUMBLE AND THEN CHEEKY ABOUT IT. And the way that he literally had no body guard, just one of the event ladies. And was just waiting at the elevator.

THEN HE FED ME WORMS. YEP THAT WAS ME. I didn’t even think of saying no. He told the one girl to come up and then turned and looked at me and I pointed to myself and he told me to get up their. And then I stuck my hands out expecting him to pour them in but noooo. He told me to tilt my head back and he just poured them in. It may seem gross but I had already tried them in my Marine Biology class so I didn’t think it was to weird. When I stepped up to the mic and he was still talking to the girl on the other side, that is when I started shaking. It was my first con and question. I told him that and he was so polite and asked how it has been! And then my question…. OH GOD MY QUESTION I wanted to ask if like “film school” is really worth it or like how did it help his experiences since I am in video production and would love to be a director one day. But basically that question turned out weird. So I said I was going to re ask. But instead of re phrasing the first question… I ASKED IF IT WAS TRUE IF HE HAD A TUMBLR OR NOT. Which caused him to have some laughing fits and question how off the original topic that was. In which I said “I am great at switching subjects.” He then wished me luck on my future endevours on tumblr and the internet. And then at around 9:30 the con had been over for a while but a lot of people waited to get their photos(me) and me and my friend left. We were walking down Grandville right across from The Bay when I see this blue blazer and look up TO SEE MISHA COLLINS WALKING FAST. I actually hit his shoulder since I was talking with my hands. But I turned my friend around and we just starred. Then I just whispered “That was Misha.” I didn’t stop him since he was walking pretty fast and looked determined. All in all that man is one of the nicest and funny people I have ever met! BTW THE BOYS AKA JENSEN, MISHA, RICHARD, AND OSRIC YEAH ALL FIRM BODIES. But still squishy.
Misha's panel
  • Misha’s wife made him a ring, which he lost at a party. Was embarrassed. She made him another, which he lost. #VanCon
  • Then Misha’s wife bought him a ring- $30. She made him another w/ holes in it to represent years but got number of holes/years wrong #VanCon
  • If Misha were a pair of socks, he’d like to be West’s because they don’t stay on long, he takes them off immed. - instant freedom. #VanCon
  • Misha is a good swimmer, therefore he would not need to be on an island with Jensen or Jared. #VanCon
  • Misha just did ops with j2. Fan: how are your nipples? Misha: sore. #VanCon
  • Fan is offering Misha a wormy snack. Umm… Ew? #VanCon
  • The worm snacks are real worms! Fans shouting to both eat it and not to! A fandom divided! #VanCon
  • Misha just “accidentally” poured all the worm snacks in some volunteers’ mouthes! #VanCon
  • Alex from the Gishwhes ice cream item quit his job. Was planning to earlier but stayed on longer for Gishwhes. #VanCon
  • Alex was amazing, apparently - the worst waiter ever. LOL. Misha wishes him well in future endeavors. #VanCon
  • Misha actually didn’t go to drama school. LOL. #VanCon
  • Misha is not on Tumblr. Wishes he was but it’s too confusing. People will post tumblr links on twitter, which is how he gets them. #VanCon
  • Misha jokes that French Mistake Misha was all him. #VanCon
  • Misha asked the writers to make Misha character more douchey. They did a little. Misha added some nuances to make himself douchier. #VanCon
  • Misha thought Jensen was friendly and Jared was gruff/intimidating initially. He’s warmed up to them. Likes going to work. #VanCon
  • Misha warns that his nice words about J2 must stay in the room! He’ll come after us for sharing! Oops! #VanCon


The panels have mostly been talked about already, and recapped, and I’m sure bootleg videos will be up soon*, so I won’t share too much about them…

Okay, that’s honestly because I was so caught up in it all that I totally forgot to take notes 99% of the time like I was planning to. Heh. Sorry about that.

Moments I did write down:

Rob Benedict is a were-squirrel. No context needed. 

I just try to do what I do, and fail better next time” ~Osric Chau

Linda Tran’s first tattoo was a venus-fly-trap on her inner thigh, according to Lauren Tom/crowd-consensus.

Alaina Huffman and Mark Sheppard’s panel had some truly amazing things to say about media representation and misogyny.

Someone asked about her thoughts on Abaddon as both a villain and a feminist icon, and they both shared some thoughts.

Alaina Huffman seemed kind of uncomfortable with the amount of violence and misogyny directed at her character, saying that it felt like ’the writers were treating me as their personal therapy by putting me through all this stuff… They stabbed me, cut my head off, shot me, called me all these dirty names“…

Alaina also talked about how Abaddon was a bit of a ‘strong female character’, in the sense that she was strong, and not much else, and while that’s 'fine sometimes’, she had to really work to bring out the layers in her character.

She cited Mother’s Little Helperand the interactions with Josie as being especially good there, but it was clear that she wished the character had more room (and time!) to grow and develop.
Also talked about Josie Sands herself, existing in the male dominated time and secret society, and 'glass ceilings’, there….

Mark Sheppard also discussed the lack of good roles for female characters,and how it’s hard for women especially to get roles 'with legs’ where the character has 'unshallow motivations and ideals’, and they aren’t 'just a pretty face’.

Also he mentioned lack of roles for 'other groups of people’, and how you can’t fix problems with just adding one character for a little while, because no matter how well written they are, it’s just not enough.

Can’t remember everything else they said, except for the part where Alaina Huffman paused, and admitted that she had see a lot of critiques and feedback from fans about the show’s misogyny and sexism.

I think I cheered a little at that point, because she stated it so straight out and critically that I got really excited, because these are conversations that need to be had in fandom so much

Um, what else…

Someone handed Misha freeze-dried worms during one of his panels… 

Someone also asked him how he’d feel about getting a script where Dean and Cas went canon, but it was the last question of the panel, and he had NO time to answer thoughtfully or in-depth. 
He made a bit of a joke about it, yes, but his exact final words were ”I’d make myself as aerodynamic as possible, & deal with it.

Another beautiful quote from Misha came out of a very silly question.
I think Cas would approach the birthday party of a 9-year-old girl with same intensity as Apocalyptic events… The thing about Cas is that he doesn’t really have a barometer in the same way… To him, everything is important,“ which wow.

Jared Padalecki was legitimately thoughtful for a few brief moments in the J&J panel, and said ”As the quote goes, 'Success is what happens when you’re busy doing something else’. Same thing applies to finding what you love doing and are passionate about.“ 

Yeahh, that’s all I remember, really.

*also, on a side note, I lost my file of the video of the Felicia Day panel from last VanCon, if anyone has a copy, I’d just about sell my soul to re-watch her answer to the question I asked of her, because she had an incredibly thoughtful and articulate response)…

Misha's panel v.2
  • Fan: where did you get the rings you’re wearing? misha: well one of them is my wedding ring..actually they both are #MishaCollins #VanCon
  • Misha is answering a direct question about his rings I am dying he looks so uncomfortable #MishaCollins #VanCon
  • Misha is a good swimmer, so it does not need to be stuck on an island with Jensen and Jared #MishaCollins #VanCon
  • West never gets socks, he always takes them as a sign of rebellion, freedom #MishaCollins #VanCon
  • Misha says that the guy Sherbet gishwhes was fired […] “great man, terrible waiter” #MishaCollins #VanCon
  • Misha apologizes for an insinuation about someone and their brother. Fan: this is a spn on. #MishaCollins #VanCon
  • Misha is NOT on tumblr…. As far as you know #MishaCollins #VanCon
  • I wouldn’t want an eternity of having my nipples tweaked.. #MishaCollins #VanCon
  • Misha did not want to go to drama school, “my whole life has basically been built on a lie” #MishaCollins #VanCon
  • Misha just “accidentally” poured all the worm snacks in some volunteers’ mouthes! #MishaCollins #VanCon
  • this stays in the room but i am lucky to work with jensen and jared. dont tell them that though. this better not go online. #MishaCollins
  • Misha: If Dean and Cas were canon? Misha: I’d try to make myself as aerodynamic as possible. #MishaCollins #Destiel #VanCon
  • “Jensen was initially friendly & Jared was initially gruff… Kind of intimidating" #MishaCollins #VanCon
  • Misha states that he is not on tumblr, but he wishes he was. It’s too confusing for him. #MishaCollins #VanCon
  • Then Misha’s wife bought him a ring- $30. She made him another w/ holes in it to represent years but got number of holes/years wrong #VanConIf
  • Misha were a pair of socks, he’d like to be West’s because they don’t stay on long, he takes them off immed. - instant freedom #VanCon