misha and sasha




Mother - Rebecca Tippens

Dad - Richard Krushnic

Brother - Sasha Krushnic

Half sisters - Danielle Krushnic, Elizabeth Krushnic

Wife - Victoria Vantoch 

Children - West Anaximander Collins & Maison Marie Collins

Grandmother - Doris Tippens

“Why are you so angry?”


“Are you calling me fat?”


Sasha just sighs over dramatically and gets off of Misha’s back, where he ‘accidently’ climbed on, making them both fall over on Misha’s floor. “How’d you even get in?” Misha coughs, rolling on his back to glare at Misha.

“We’ve been dating for weeks, I was bound to come over to your place.” Sasha deadpans, blinking at Misha like his 'duh’ tone wasn’t enough. The other just sighs and closes his eyes, accepting Sasha’s persistence. He doesn’t open his eyes as he feels said persistent being snuggle up to his side, laying on the ground with him.

“Are you doing a Ninja? Ya got a headache?”

Misha laughs at this, wrapping an arm around Sasha. “No…Just don’t know why you had to climb through my upstairs window to get it.”

“Why not?”

As Misha silently accepts Sasha’s cracked up logic because arguing with him was useless, he smiles fondly. “Yeah….why not?”

(Did a bit something for bae with their OCs, I got hella headache and this is probably crap sorry)

Guys I'm uncomfortable right now.

I was googling random pictures of Misha and I found him and his brother, Sasha Krushnic. And I found this

This makes me uncomfortable. Because just by looking at them you can tell they are BROTHERS. And than Sasha SOUNDS JUST LIKE MISHA

Watch video here

Guys… There are two of them.. I knew Misha had a brother but mother of god there are two of them.. Seeing if they can PURPOSELY mistaken one another for the other than imagine the other shit they have done together.


Jibland 2016: Misha Collins and Sasha Roiz panel at Jibcon7 via periscope by @kreespa