Hi! I’m Léa and I’m not in the fandom any more so I’m clearing out some old stuff. Plus it’s more expensive than you think living away from your parents and I could use the cash. These deserve to be loved.

1. Great condition 2014 GISHWHES flag signed by Misha Collins and Jean Louis
2. Unopened bottle of Serpessence, signed by Misha Collins
3. Unopened Crowley pop vinyl, signed by Mark Sheppard (at Asylum 14)
4. Unopened limited edition metallic & blood-splattered Sam pop vinyl
5. Unopened limited  edition metallic & blood-splattered Dean pop vinyl

All listings include international postage, and start at £0.99p! 
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Misha on the first time he read fanfic

Misha: I went on Tumblr to basically see the chances of me keeping this gig for longer, and I came on this page- Pardon the expression. And it was fanfiction! And I thought, ‘Oh, how cool, it’s a story about Castiel! And Dean! This isn’t in the scripts! This is- They’re- Oh. Oh my goodness.’
Fan: “Twist and Shout”!
Misha: I have heard of “Twist and Shout.” I haven’t read it though. Probably never will. But yeah, I remember reading and thinking, ‘Wow! Cas! Whoo!’ And I later learned that there’s fanfic with… my name… in it too.