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Castiel x Reader

One  shots:

I know

Angel Wings and Lattes

Not that Kind of Lonely


Imagine dean telling you that Castiel has feelings for you

Imagine meeting Castiel for the first time and being crazy flirty with him (Implied Smut)

Imagine sneaking around with Castiel when the Winchesters aren’t home

Misha x Reader


Co Workers Masterlist (In Progress)

One shots:

Why do you Think I call her Kitten?

Tulips or Daisies?


The One That Got Away

Dear Future Husband


Did Anyone Order Extra Sausage?

I Love You Too, Misha

Sam x Reader

One Shots:

Just Relax

Hunters Don’t Eat Truffles


Imagine telling Sam you love him

Jared x Reader

One shots:

I Hope you Dance (Jared x Sister!Reader)

Dean x Reader

One Shots:

Letters From Home

Jensen x Reader

One shots:

It’s About Damn Time

Different For Girls

No Pairing

Dirty Laundry

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You gotta love a man like Misha. A man who is confident enough in his sexuality and identity, that he doesn’t feel uncomfortable about what others think about the sexual orientation of a fictional character he plays on tv. Thanks Misha, I love you and respect you so much because you respect others as well.

And no, I’m not trying to start shit, I have always felt his way.

I Know

A/N: If this gets enough feedback I might write a second part. I am aware that this has a bit of a cliff hanger. <3

Request: Hey there I have a request! Can you do an established cas x reader fic where the reader is part of TFW and the 4 of them are out hunting one day when they find trouble, cas gets banished with a sigil then when he comes back dean and sam tell him the reader has been possessed by a demon and they have to save her?

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Warnings: None

Word Count: 910

Originally posted by magneticcas

You had been nervous the entire ride there, you had some awful gut feeling that something was wrong, but you shoved it aside. Castiel sat by your side in the back of the impala, holding your hand. You, Sam, Dean, and Cas were on your way to an abandoned warehouse, somehow you always ended up at one of those.

Castiel could feel your tension as he held your hand. He knew you didn’t normally get like this on hunts; but he chalked it up to the fact that none of you knew what you were hunting. There were several unexplained deaths in the town you were in, all of you questioning if it was really something Supernatural or not.

“Y/N, are you alright?” Cas asked, squeezing your hand to get your attention. You jumped a little bit, you were completely lost in thought.

“Wha-oh, I’m fine Cas.” You forced a smile, you didn’t need Castiel worried about you.

“I won’t let anything happen to you, Y/N”

“I know, Castiel.” You leaned in and kissed him on the cheek. You loved him so much, more than anything else in this monster-ridden world.

You turned back to look out of the window, your hand still intertwined with Castiel’s.

Dean parked the impala close to the woods about a mile away from the warehouse, hopefully far enough away that whatever was in there couldn’t see you coming. Your stomach was churning as you got out of the car and took a few different weapons out of the trunk. The walk was silent, tense. The moon lit up the sky just enough for you all to be able to see.

There was only one way to enter the warehouse, one big door in front, no side doors or windows. Two of you were on each side of the door. You and Sam on one side, Cas and Dean on the other. You all exchanged nods, weapons ready. Cas kicked in the door easily with the help of his grace, you all rushed inside, where Castiel was instantly blasted away, you tried to run to him but you tripped, a trap wrapping around your ankle and pulling you up to hang from the ceiling.

When Sam and Dean rushed over to cut you down something threw them against the wall. This was either the work of either angels or demons, but judging by the way you were tied up and the fact that you were in a warehouse in the first place, it was definitely demons.

“Looks like I finally caught myself the angel’s little brat.” A voice said, You couldn’t turn yourself to see where the voice was coming from, you were only able to focus on the pain in your leg from being tied up.

“He won’t be gone for long you know.” You spat out.

“It doesn’t matter how long he’s gone for sweetie,” she laughed, “because your protection just fell out of your pocket. You looked on the ground below you. She was talking about your anti-possession charm. You tried swinging your self and reaching for it as best as you could but it was too late. You screamed as a rush of black smoke forced its way down your throat; everything going black as you lost consciousness.

“Get out of her you bitch!” Dean yelled.

“Dean Winchester, feisty one aren’t you?” The demon inside of you said, snickering as another demon came to cut your body down.

“You boys really think that I’m here for you?” The demon said again, standing up, “See, if we have your precious little Y/N, both you and the angel will do what we want.”

“Which is what?” Sam spat out, the hold of the demon’s power making it hard for him to speak.

This was no ordinary demon, she was somehow smart enough to not stay behind and have a snarky conversation with the Winchesters, and not to mention how she was able to pin them against the wall like that. She smirked as her and the other demon vanished.

“Damnit!” Dean yelled as he and his brother fell to the ground, the demon’s hold on them gone.

“What do we do?” Sam asked.

“I don’t know,” Dean replied, “Cas is gonna freak”

Sam knelt down to pick up your charm off of the ground. “I thought she would have had this tattooed by now”

“Well that doesn’t help us right now does it Sammy?” Dean was panicked. The demon that had you was right, having you was insurance; and Sam and Dean knew it.

“Sam, Dean.” Cas appeared. He turned to look at you, but you were nowhere to be seen. “Where’s Y/N?”

“Cas-” Dean started, Cas quickly interrupted him.

“Where is she.” He demanded.

“Her charm fell out of her pocket. A demon got her.” Sam spoke up.

Cas could feel his heart drop. This couldn’t be happening, not to you. You were the love of his life. He promised to never let anything happen to you. He swore to protect you; and he had just let you get taken. He turned to walk out of the barn.

“Cas wait, we’ll find her.” Dean was trying his hardest not to say too much. The amount of rage Cas felt right now was dangerous for all of them. He stopped and turned to Dean, his fists clenched.

“I know.” And without another word he was gone. This wasn’t good.

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