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okay is it just me or do you love how Misha just lets his kids jump all over him and poke at him and he's just cool with it every time, he doesn't even flinch it's just like yes West is pulling at my eyelid right now pls sign up for gishwhes he's such a good dad omg

hahahahha yes!!! i love that about him. like he let’s his kids play and have so much fun, but you know he educates them and doesn’t just brush off their questions. 

he’s a lovely dad, and I’m so proud of him for it <3

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Didn't we hear the "How do I turn this thing off/You're leaving?" "You're on your own" exchange between Jensen and Misha before? It always amuses me when Jensen is defeated by sns stuff ;D

Hi there! I’m still processing that entire video now that I’m awake/sober/caffeinated, and yeah. There was another video… I think it was one of the first YANA videos that they filmed in a similar sort of outdoor location on set last year, the one where Misha started off in his trailer and then went looking for Jensen, found him, and then left his phone with Jensen. There were jokes about that being a potentially poor choice because Jensen might do something inappropriate (like tweet from Misha’s account or whatever…), and he was equally stumped about working the video, if I remember correctly.

It’s kinda getting to the point where all these videos are sort of smooshing into one long video in my mind…

HOW DO I TURN THIS THING OFF?! And then he just starts poking at the phone, the camera switches to the regular camera and then back to front-facing, and the look on his face! GAH! I love those dorks. :)

And the Skittles portrait story! Jensen starts telling it and then gets to the point where he’d have to explain WHY someone would make a portrait out of his face out of candy and… So Misha takes over explaining it. Like, THAT’S ADORABLE. That whole thing was adorable.

Jensen’s only problem with the whole thing? He thinks it should’ve been M&M’s instead of Skittles.

Well. Alrighty then.