Reasons to love Dean Winchester:

  • he has the most beautiful, kind heart
  • he is afraid of flying. demons? dying? satan himself? nah, just flying.
  • his profound bond with Castiel
  • he is playful and an absolute dork
  • natural born badass
  • he has a love for chick flicks
  • he is married to his car
  • the “single-perfect-tear”
  • he was hot before he went to hell for the 9th time
  • he is overprotective to anyone who falls under his care
  • seriously, how can someone not be in love with dean winchester
How i feel about reader/jensen/misha fics

y/n walks In the room.

Misha and Jensen stop their boning to look up at you.

“What the fuck are you doing here” says Jensen calmly.

“I have no idea” y/n says back, “I just wanted to read about you guys boning but for some reason the author inserted me into the story”.

“That’s weird” says Misha tensely, as he still has Jensen’s dick shoved up his ass.

“Yah I know it’s really uncomfortable”  y/n mutters “actually I think I’ll go back to just being the reader if you guys don’t mind”

“We would prefer it” exclaims Jensen impatiently

“Right then as you were” suddenly y/n disappears from the story and reappears on the other side of the computer screen.

“Finally” y/n says in relief, no longer uncomfortable as she goes back to reading fanfiction

We were all sticky up to our elbows in Ice Cream yesterday and laughed the whole way home.

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