Misha’s a doll. Confession; during one take when I turned to make eye contact with him, I got totally distracted by how blue his eyes were… completely fell out of the scene… seriously. Super unprofessional to have such blue eyes, otherwise, he’s a good scene partner. 

Erica Carroll (Hannah, SPN) []

can i just point out that all i remember of this moment is ‘can i get the biggest squish ever to squish?’ and then wandering out of the room in a daze

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so we were going to mcyds for ice teas and i was joking around saying how i just wanted one chicken nugget. Well we get up to the window nd my moms bf said ‘can i try one of the chicken nuggets? I’ve never had one before’ and the girl actually believed him ! She got us a chicken nugget and said 'what sauce’ and we got ranch and that’s the story about how my mom’s bf got me one chicken nugget from MCDonald’s for free.

It really upsets me when people say misha isn’t apart of the main cast. Like yeah he’s not in every episode but he is by definition apart of the cast. So If you honestly believe that misha/cas has no worth to the show, just unfollow me, because I want nothing to do with you.

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These 2
Omg Jensen 😂🙈

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I'm new on tumblr and i want to participate on your fanbook. Where do i exactly send my picture to?

Hey there! I created these photos to help you & others that might need help! 

On our blog there’s a drop down menu

Click that and find the “Wanna Submit Something?” button

Which is where you submit photos, fan art and other abnosome things!

(don’t worry, Cas’ arm will not show up in yours)

I hope this helps! 

-Reba, MCO Owner


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