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This is kinda random, but I think it's kind of absurd when people accuse Misha of queer baiting. He isn't a writer, he isn't the one in the position of dropping canon Destiel hints and then with holding any development.

Man, I will not have ANY of that shit. Misha is most likely either bi or pan himself, he’s the one who talks about homophobia or corrects heteronormativity or advocates queerness, and he’s just an employee at the CW. He has no power over what scripts he’s given, he just tries to play Cas the way he feels is true to the character. If Misha were in charge everyone on Supernatural would be queer.


way better than the finale tbh


This video was the best thing that has ever happened to me.

My mom’s reaction when she saw Castiel for the first time on Supernatural

Mom: *looks at me* Is he really an angel?

Me: *laughs* Yeah

Mom: Wow, he definitely is a real angel; he’s really beautiful.


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