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Yer I agree that Misha has no bad angles, the guy is freaking beautiful! Like everyone raves about how good looking Jensen and Jared are and they are absolutely right they are gorgeous but Misha has a unique beauty that is hard to describe. He's like really pretty and almost feminine but then handsome and masculine at the same time and his looks are so ethereal with the dark hair contrasted with the bright eyes, tanned skin and pink lips. Beautiful I think is the best word ;)

Perfect summary of Misha’s masculine yet slightly feminine beauty 😊 He is a combination of beautiful yet not flawless parts, masterfully combined together to form the Misha we love~

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Hi so I just saw your #MoreLoveForMisha post and I just wondered what it is with all the hate he is getting? I've seen several posts on Tumblr now that people are hating on him/Castiel and I'm wondering what it's all about since I haven't noticed. I'm fairly new to the fandom so maybe I'm missing something...I hope you can answer my question! Also I'm sorry for my bad English, it's not my native language (:

Well the most recent lot of hate (as it unfortunately seems to be a reoccurring thing) is related to a fan taking a sign to a convention which stated ‘bros before halos’. They took it to their op with J2 to try and ‘prove a point’ that Supernatural is EXCLUSIVELY about Sam and Dean.

It just kind of escalated from there on twitter with extreme bibros hating on Misha and destiel/cockles shippers, trying to show that J2 hate Misha and that Castiel isn’t important blah blah blah. Here are a few of the comments.

Do not fear though. Most of us are lovely really. Don’t let things like this put you off from interacting with the fandom. I feel like you should be able to ship and support whoever you like, unless it starts harming or hurting other people, which in this case it did. I hope this helped and I hope you have a fantabulous day ^.^

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Misha is extremely good looking, especially in person! I think my jaw hit the ground when I saw him. He is handsome in photographs but appears maybe more delicate in person? Not sure if that's the right word but he looks softer and I don't know more pretty? Haha I'm not sure if my words make sense anymore. Misha has scrambled my brain once again......

Lol no worries, I think I understand what you mean. There’re people who are very photogenic like Jensen and usually their beauty is captured well in pictures, but they’re others like Misha who’s true beauty does not always shine fully in photos. Yet, I can’t imagine how much more gorgeous he is in real life compared to pictures because in my eyes that man always looks so damn attractive.

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Hi, weird thing, but your No-bad-angle Misha post got me thinking. Do you think some people look good at all angles because we love them and don't see flaws if there are any? Like before I watched spn I didn't really think he was hot but I do now. ??


Well, that may be true to some people, but I think that regardless if you love someone a lot/admire them, you still have eyes and a sense of what is attractive to you or not. The thing with beauty is that even if most people think someone is handsome/pretty is that you’ll always find people who don’t see that. I think we all have our preferences/ideals of what we think is beautiful. I may not like the personality of certain actors, singers, public figures but that doesn’t mean I can’t admit they are good looking.

Sorry I veered off course. I don’t remember exactly my first reaction to Misha/Cas’s physical appearance because I first saw him eight years ago, but since then I have seen him gain a bit of weight/lose it, have different hair styles/color, and wearing some unique clothes, no shoes and torn t-shits, and all I can say it that the man is very attractive to me. Be it his oceanic blue eyes or his fluffy hair, his sharp, well-sculptures face or his lean, strong body, his perfect hands or his pouty lips or his thunder thighs lol. Just note that I’m only focusing on his physical appearance because that’s what you asked.

But I think that the more I get to know Misha, the parts of him he wants to show his fans such as his genuine kindness, immeasurable love for his family and friends, his wholeheartedly dedication to everything he does, his struggles, the way he always smiles and tries to connect with us contribute greatly to blind me to any possible flaws of his. He isn’t perfect, no one is, but he always tries to be a light, to put forth positivity and give the best of him to the world.

This is what happens when you ask me something about Misha, I go on and on…