Don't watch J2M at the Gym
  • Me: -watching J2M livestream at the gym-
  • Jared: The love touches!
  • Jensen: -smacks-
  • Me: -bursts into laughter-
  • Everyone: -stares-
  • It's bad enough I drive a car covered in SPN and turtle stickers. Plus I wear SPN socks but now I'll be known as the girl laughing at her phone so loud it echoes.
How Supernatural could work in a musical episode

It’s quite simple, actually. Just have a few episodes where Castiel mentions famous musicals (“demons vs angels. It’s like West Side Story, just with less snapping.” “If you want to kill him, then you better shape up” “He’s like the beat. You can’t stop him”) and then have one episode that starts normal until Cas shows up and he’s singing all of his lines, refusing to listen to Sam and Dean until they start singing too 

Like seriously I will write all of the music just please let this happen 

So, in the holiday spirit, with the boys releasing their Love campaign and such. I thought it would be cool to give back to you guys and let you know how thankful I am for you sticking with me. So, I’m sending you a holiday card if you want one!

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Thank you guys so much and have a happy happy holiday!

Me as a fledgling: when I get older, I’m going to be in the greatest relationship ever! My partner is going to need me like I’m a fountain of clean water during a zombie apocalypse. They’ll treat me as if I’m a feared yet worshiped god who can easily betray them and tear off their head. They’ll love me in a way similar to how an alcoholic loves a bartender. They’ll look at me like there’s an assassin who will kill them if they even blink

Me as someone with the ability to make Ramen Noodles without parental supervision: I can’t focus on a relationship because I’m too busy focusing on the non-existent ones between fictional characters