Day 10: Favourite Misha Character

Future!Cas and Castiel

I loved the satire and attitude Future!Cas bought to the table in Season 5’s “The End”, especially after we’d just seen Dean trying and failing spectacularly to get him laid an episode before, so this new mortal Castiel is a fresh change that I loved and found hilarious. I also love normal Castiel because he’s just himself, I mean - he rivals Sam for being the most adorable character on the show. Just look at his confused angel state as he tries to make sense of humanity whilst palling around with the boys.

Dangerous Series [Part One]

Misha Collins x Reader

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1298

Description: Reader is a new character on set for a year. Her character is set to fall in love with Cas. After all this time of acting, the feelings have started to grow from on set to off set between Misha and the reader.

Note: Yes, I understand Misha Collins is married. But this is a story, and for a fictional story, we’re going to say he is divorced.


“Cas!” She yelled from the other side of the gravel road, “Don’t you dare leave me, I can’t- I can’t so this alone.”

“And that’s a cut!” The director called from the space a few feet away from her and Misha.

“Oh don’t you love when I get all emotional, Mish?” She said, walking to him as he did the same, closing the distance.

“Surely, Y/N, surely.” He chuckled. “Hey, was that it for the morning?” Misha called out to Jensen, who was mingling behind the cameras and mics.

“Yeah, yeah.” He replied. “Do you and Y/N want to come out to lunch with Jared and I? We’re thinking on some Mexican place across town.”

“Sure!” Y/N called before Misha could answer, then turned to him. “A Mexican place in a Canada? What’re we- 2,000 miles from Mexico?” She laughed and jogged off towards Jensen.

Y/N quietly looked back over her shoulder to see Misha following at his own pace. She swelled with excitement for this upcoming hour with the guys. She’d been on the show for a year now, surprised that Eric hadn’t broken the news that he’d unfortunately written her character to die. Even more surprising, is that in that year of shooting, he did in fact write her character and Castiel to fall in love. Y/N shook her head, trying to shoot out her thoughts as they wandered to the possibility of accepting that those feelings were growing outside of set.

Her Y/E/C eyes flicked sideways as her and Misha walked side by side behind J2 on their way to lunch. What could she not get over when it came to Mish? He was one of her bestfriends, she couldn’t possibly be falling for him.

Misha, himself, was thinking quite the same thing as he flushed red when his hand accidentally grazed hers when he tread too close. Y/N breathed in with anxiety at the same moment, staying silent as her cheeks too blushed a cherry color. He decided not to say sorry for the risk of looking embarrassed just for touching her hand. ‘Jeez, she’s your best friend, relax!’ He thought.

“Hey, why’re you two love birds so quiet?” Jared whisked his feet so he could face them, walking backwards alongside Jensen who just looked over his shoulder to get into the started conversation.

Misha jumped at the sudden question, too busy in his thoughts about his 'near death experience’ with Y/N’s hand just a few seconds before, but was cut short before he could speak. “Love birds? We’re only love birds on set, Jared…” Y/N spoke frantically, looking to her feet towards the end of the sentence. “Why do you care?” She looked up, fighting her instinct to bundle up so she would seem less suspicious.

“Meoow, it bites.” Jensen chuckled afterward.

“It was just an ice breaker,” Jared said, looking to Misha. “I mean, y'all did have a heavy scene today on set.”

Y/N turned to look at Misha too, realizing that Jared wanted him to speak instead of her. “Yeah, but,” He answered, gathering his thoughts while he spoke. “It was just the reveal of their feelings for each other, not a big deal. She did great, we both did, I think.”

That’s when the group arrived at the doors of the restaurant, walking in and leaving Jensen and Y/N to ask for a table for four as Jared pulled Misha aside. “Hey, what’s going on with you and Y/N?” His eyebrows raised in an 'i-think-i-already-know-but-i-want-to-hear-you-say-it’ kind of way.

“Jared!” He said, his voice hushed and filled with nervous denial. “There is nothing between us off of set, it’s just a misunde-” Misha was cut short as Y/N and Jensen returned, gesturing for them to follow so the hostess could seat you.

Jared turned to Jensen and said, “We’ll catch up, I got one more thing to say to Misha.” Then turned back as the other two walked off. “Seriously, Mish? This is exactly how Gen and I acted before we started dating. I can see right through y'all.”

“You don’t understand, I can’t tell her-”

“Woah, hold on. You mean to tell me, she doesn’t know?” Jared rolled his eyes in exasperation. “It’s extremely obvious that she feels the same way.”

Misha clenched his jaw before continuing his plea. “I know, I can see it too. I do have feelings for Y/N- but! I can’t tell her. I don’t want to ruin anything. I’m just worried that if her and I don’t work out that..”

“That you’ll lose your best friend.” Jared sighed. “I know, but sometimes in love, it’s a risk you must take.”

“Whatever.” Misha muttered and pushed passed Jared toward the table around the corner where Jensen and Y/N were seated and looking through the menu. “Hey, we’re back.” He said smiling and sat down beside Y/N, trying to hide his laugh as he saw you begin to raised a straw to your mouth with the cover still on pointed at Jensen. The other actor was still deep in his search for a good dish as the long piece of paper hit him square in between the eyes. “Hold it!” Jensen gasped as he jumped.

Jared, Misha, and Y/N all erupted into friendly laughter as they too picked out what they wanted to eat. Meanwhile, Y/N looked tentatively over at Misha, wondering what he was thinking. Should she pull him aside after lunch and tell him? She glanced quickly back to her menu, quickly grasping her drink for an escape as the waitress set it down in front of her. But before they all knew it, she gasped and stuttered out. “O-oh my gosh! Hi! You guys are the cast of supernatural, oh wow. Hi. I’m Hannah, I’ll be serving you guys.”

Jensen smiled, and said, “Hi Hannah! Thanks for the drinks, and yes, hah, this is Jared, Y/N, and Misha.” Gesturing to each of them with a flick of his hand in turn with their names.

“Haha, yeah I know! I love your show, especially the strong connection Misha and Y/N play between each other, I love it!” Hannah said, brushing her blonde hair behind her ear as she rocked her weight shyly. At which time Jared turned and gave Misha a look and a nudge on the arm.

Misha furrowed his eyebrows and shrugged his shoulders roughly and pushed him away before smiling quickly toward their waitress, “Thank you, we really enjoy it.” Hannah nodded and soon got all of their orders before walking off reluctantly from the table.

“I like her accent.” Jensen said jokingly, raising his eyebrows in false seduction to the rest of the group before Jared hit his arm and scoffed, “Oh c'mon, man, you were just complaining about Canadian accents this morning.” The whole group bursting into laughter.

As lunch when on, the joking between the four and the subtle gestures between Y/N and Misha continued until the bill returned and they were set loose back onto the road. Y/N shook her head once more like before the afternoon started, her nerved bunching up like bungee cords as she stopped and said, “Misha, hey, wait can I talk to for a second. Boys, we’ll catch up!”

Misha stopped at your call and bounded up, his own nerves on end as he approached you. “What’s going on?” His blue eyes flickering between your own Y/E/C ones. His cheeks were already pink, as he imagined all the things you could say, but he breathed in quickly with sudden yearning as you took both his hands in yours.

“Misha,” She said quietly. “I think I love you.”

For those of you who aren’t aware, National “Hate Misha Collins” Day is coming up...

National “Hate Misha Collins” Day (Yes I’m completely serious) is May 31st.

A couple of things I want to get out there. Yes this is a real thing and yes people do go on to twitter, tumblr, facebook and other social media sites to harass, provoke and instigate Misha Collins. calling him out, writing nasty things to the writers of his show ‘Supernatural’ and as recently as last year, trying their hardest to get him fired from the show

Some even send him death threats.

It got so bad last year that Misha’s fellow actors and actresses rallied behind him, slamming the Misha Collins haters to a pulp.

I just want to say, why you would choose to openly, blatantly hate on someone with such a huge fan following is beyond even me. Are you prepared for the shit you will receive from various people who love Misha/Supernatural or who are just against such a disgusting degree of bullying in general? Are you asking to be called out? Please don’t be one of the stupid ones.

You have every right to dislike him, you have every right to dislike his acting. But you have absolutely no right to threaten him, threaten his employees and the people he works for in any degree

How could anyone possibly hate this man? He’s never done any wrong. (Despite a few obnoxious tweets but we’ve all been there). He is amazing. He is kind, generous, funny, talented among many other things. He has his own charity for crying out loud. He goes out of his way to make fans happy. He has saved so many people’s lives without really knowing who they were (Myself included.) I just don’t understand why people could be so hateful.

So, here’s the deal! This year I want to counter IHMCD with ILMCD! That’s right, me and you and everyone who loves Misha Collins, we’re all gonna fight back with our own version of this day. 


Show your support by tweeting to Misha, sending him a facebook message, or even writing something nice on tumblr about him. We’ll wash out all those haters. Also, write “ILMCD” on your wrists and make those photos go viral on twitter. Get #ILoveMishaCollinsDay trending on twitter. Show those haters who is boss. We are family, we are one. And I know my family can pull this off.




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Day 9: Favourite Overall Villain


Ok, I loved Abaddon when she arrived on the show. Alaina Huffman gave us probably one of the most kickass female leads we’d ever had and I loved her character. Ok, sure she was a villain and an evil bitch and everything - but could you ever imagine her remaining that awesome if she were good? It was upsetting when she died but her storyline tied in nicely with Season 8 and Season 9 and her death affected a turning point in Season 9.

We all know that Jared and Jensen are best friends who are so close their children refer to each other as uncles. And we all know that Jensen and Misha are adorable together and that “Misha is the funniest thing that has ever happened to [Jensen].”

But I think we too often overlook how great Jared and Misha’s friendship is. They are both silly goofballs who absolutely love to tease one another, so much so that they have even gone overboard a few times. They are both outgoing and big-hearted and quick to joke and laugh together. And they just light up a room when they are together. 

I mean look at these guys:

They make each other laugh so hard they are literally in tears:

They are silly:

And sweet:

And supportive:

And inspiring:

From the ALWAYS KEEP FIGHTING campaign page: “ We have a close friend (though much older than we) that “Randomly” performs certain “Acts” that change the world, and people’s lives, for the better. It’s been an inspiration, and we thought, we should do that too!”

Their prank war has entertained us:

And their affection for one another is obvious:

I just love when we get to see Jared and Misha interact. We are so lucky to have a cast of people who all genuinely love one another so much.

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So I had a Misha coffee lounge earlier

And he was really late due to things overrunning the schedule. “You’re missing both Jensen and Jared’s panels for me. How can I make it up to you guys?” He said. “We could crash Jared’s panel!” Someone said. And that, my friends, is how I ended up being part of a conga line with Misha Collins, dancing to ‘Shake It Off’ and crashing the panels of both Jensen and Jared. Misha also got Gen to join the line and all that could be heard was “MISHA STOLE MY WIFE!”