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…..im gay for cas

((((i wonder how many times dean has said the same thing lmao))))

I thought this as being part of the LwR universe but it can be read as anything really. 

Glitter Everywhere

“Jensen!” Misha very dramatically yelled through the curtains, when Jensen hadn’t shown on stage 2 minutes after Misha’s own late arrival.

“Coming. Son of a bitch,” Dean growled into the microphone somewhere backstage causing the fans to erupt into a roar of laughter.

Jensen was running his hands up and down his clothes when he pushed through the curtains to take his place next to Misha, who eyed his friend up and down.

“Jackles I know Y/N is in Rome this year but couldn’t you wait until after the panels?” Misha smirked clearly amused by his own joke, which Jensen promptly ignored. Instead he started banging his hands together as if he was trying to get something off them before stepping up to the microphone.

“Mish you know what the worst thing about a house full of girls is?” Jensen pretended to sulk but he wasn’t fooling Misha, who grinned back at him.


“Glitter everywhere!” Jensen yelled into the microphone before doing a little jig as if he tried to get the glitter off him much to the crowd’s amusement.

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“Why are you filming this?” Misha asked as you set your camera down on the table, facing him.

“Because my job is multimedia, babe,” you reminded him, “You’re lucky you got me in the interview.”

“Am I getting preferential treatment because I’m dating the reporter?” he asked, and you groaned.

“Come on, Mish, let me ask the questions so we can give people something to watch.”

He smiled at you, a glint in his eye, “We could give them something else to watch…”

He trailed off, and you laughed, shutting off the recording there.

“We’re not making a sex tape,” you told him, firmly, before starting up the camera again, ready to get on with the interview, “So, Misha, your fans have some questions that I’ve promised to get them answers to…”

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One gif can hold so many memories…
This is so beautiful. Misha not knowing what tumblr is and now he’s joining.
I’m glad I was here before this happened, that I’m here when it’s happening.
Who knows what the future with Mish on tumblr holds for us.