mish draws things

i promise i’m done redesigning maw for real this time

OKAY here’s my gemsona maw sit sit! i swear thats a real gem google it

she was a homeworld-made fighter gem meant to be a bit more subtle than the quartzes and jaspers thus her smaller size. tends to be easily confused for other gems like jades which are typically less deadly, which helps aid in her doin her job. she still packs a helluva punch tho

she defected to the rebellion partway through the gem war, but she never felt she could lay claim to the crystal gem title so she only ever wears half the star on her outfit

her weapon (not pictured here) is a chain sword. and her gem is on the roof of her mouth. she tends to ditch the poncho in a fight even though it doesn’t really obstruct her movement too much. the scarf around her neck is also usually pulled up over her mouth for reasons. the dangly bits behind her are the tails of her scarf