mish ackles

Can you believe that Misha Collins is a literal real life person that exists?

Can you believe that Jensen Ackles is living and breathing on the same earth as us right this very second?

Can you believe that Jared Padalecki is an actual human being that loves us with all his heart?

Can you believe that, out of thousands of years of civilisation, we’re privileged enough to be alive at the same time as these three men?

Sooo I was wearing my "You Are Not Alone" sweater today...
  • French teacher: Who are those gentlemen on your sweater? *points to Misha and Jensen*
  • Me: They're from a TV show
  • French teacher: Oh, like a crime show?
  • Me: Yes *only says yes to end the convo quickly and go back to the safety of my desk*
  • French teacher: I thought so...they look like criminals
  • Me:

Be strong! You are loved! You are not alone so always keep fighting!

Remember that time we were all like “yeah of course Misha and Vicki would give their son a weird ass name” when West Anaximander was born? Never thought I would live long enough to see Jensen and Dani Ackles out-mishing Misha Collins by naming their twins Zeppelin and Arrow.

I bet Uncle Misha is probably prouder that Jensen himself.

The reasons I ship cockles~

They are/behave/do:

* Cute af 😊
* Handsome af 😍
* Playful af 😁
* boyfriends af 😘
* whipped af 😳
* married af 💕
* protective of each other af 🔫
* nicknames af 🙈
* naughty af 🙊
* touchy-feely af 😉
* Possessive af (mainly Jensen, have you seen his hands in all the cockles photo ops 😂)
* Bashful af (Jensen again, blushing bby) 😚
* Heart Eyes motherfucker 😻 * Unicorn laughs, gummy grins and silly jokes 😆
* Whispering in each other’s ears while smiling like fools 😭
* Bicker like an old married couple 😅
* compliment each other (Jensen likes his new cologne and Misha thinks he is the coolest for untangling that crab trap lol) ☺️
* They flirt on Twitter 😝
* They go on dates with their families 😃
* Boat rides & sunset pics/frisbee & ice cream dates/spa massages 😏

AND THE MOST IMPORTANT: They make me happy~

Are you Cockles af?