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Republic City park. It was the only place in the entire city that still felt safe.

Maybe it was the water, she did feel kinship to her own element. Or maybe it was the turtleducks, quacking as they drifted under one of the stone bridges. Or maybe it was simply that, next to one particularly sparkly bush, she’d actually seen the first truly, friendly face in the whole place–even if it was a bit strange.

Needless to say, she was there because she needed a break. Air Temple Island was a refuge, but it was also a very heavy reminder of just what was ahead of her. She still hadn’t mastered airbending. She still couldn’t even airbend. What good was the movement if Amon had her captive in five moves or less?

Nothing, and she knew it.

With a huff of a sigh, she splashed a hand in the water just to watch the ripples eventually ebb, and with it, came the reflection that told her she was no longer alone. It wasn’t Gommu, but maybe it was another of the homeless that lived in the city. Wait, no, he didn’t look that scruffy… Perhaps he was just there to enjoy some of the peace and quiet, too.

Of course, she ruined that because, before he could get too close, she’d already craned her head to venture a simple, “Hey.” If he didn’t recognize her as Avatar Korra, would-be savior and current failure of Republic City, all the better. But if he did, well, she’d just waterbend him on his way and be done with it.

misguidedleader-deactivated2012  asked:

Jet has no idea who Korra is, but he does know that he has a soft spot for Water Tribe girls so he's flipping through his mental book of pick-up lines pretty quickly and - uh oh. There's one in particular that he finds might work - here it is coming your way: "So, uh, I must be a snowflake because I'm definitely fallin' for ya'." Yeah, this isn't going to end terribly.

Now, Korra was oblivious. Some might say she was impervious to charm; she didn’t melt at a smile and she didn’t feel her heart flutter at a gift. But she was also not quite herself when she’d been offered those things…

This time, she knew what he was getting at, at least.

Too bad she was still unimpressed.

“Did Tarrlok send you?” Because she was definitely not taking anything more that he was offering.