What it Means to be a Geek

I think its nice, from time to time, to revisit what it means to be a “Geek”.  I get asked often, to break down the differences between a Geek and a Nerd, or discuss the minutia that differentiates the different levels of geekdom.  I saw this quote from Simon Pegg a while back, and for me, he hits it on the head.  Being a geek, is just being unashamed to do what you love, ESPECIALLY if its outside the social norms.  

If you are an adult and like to play with toys, do it, you are a geek.  If you like to break down every basketball stat line from every high school team in Alabama, do it, you are a geek. Like to collect really rare and vintage LP’s, do it, you are a geek.  Like to dress up in chain mail and hit other guys in chain mail with foam swords, you sir are a geek.  

Being a geek is doing what you like to do, and sharing that with with world.  In my humble opinion, if you can do that, and feel good about your self, and who you are as a person, then you are doing life right.

As always, stay geeky.

Blockbuster Rises from the grave, "Movie Pass" $10 Answer to Netflix

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As a follow up to last weeks revealing and insightful “Netflix, Seriously WTF?!?!”, Blockbuster has rolled out their new “Movie Pass” service for Dish Network customers.  For $10 a month subscribers have access to around 4,000 streaming movies and TV shows, and around 100,000 movies available through mail.  Although the streaming options will be much less than Netflix (currently offering around 20,000 movies and TV shows), the 100,000 disc based library will be comparable to Quickster.  As an added bonus, subscribers can return disc to a local Blockbuster… if you can find one that hasn't shut down yet.  Strangely although you can return disc to Blockbuster stores, you cannot exchange a mail based disc for an in store disc, having to instead wait for the next one to be mailed.  Watch your back Netflix/Quickster, Zombie Blockbuster rises…

Android Ice Cream Sandwich Interview

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Great overall review of the new Android operating system, November can not come soon enough.

From Gizmodo:

“Google’s Android 4.0 operating system, better known by its tasty nickname ”Ice Cream Sandwich,“ or ICS, is far from a mere mobile OS update. Ice Cream Sandwich is a complete OS overhaul that includes tweaks ranging from the geekily esoteric (widget resizing!) to the most surface-level of interface improvements (think "shinier,” care of faux-polished surfacing effects). It’s also destined for both Android smartphones andtablets, unifying Google’s mobile OS platforms for the first time.“

First World Problems: Concern about the Zombie Apocalypse

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A recent study by the Oxford Internet Institute examined the amount and location of Google searches for the word Zombie.  Their findings, which are presented in the stunning infograph above (open in a new window/tab, or follow the link for a larger image) reveal that the bulk of searches appear in mainly developed areas of the globe.  I guess people in Africa and South America have more things to worry about than potential zombie outbreaks… although after a quick Google search when the zombie apocalypse does happen if will for sure begin in one of those areas.  Full findings below from Oxford:

“The map reveals two important spatial patterns. First, much of the world lacks any content mentioning "zombies” whatsoever. Second, and related, the highest concentrations of zombies in the Geoweb are located in the Anglophone world, especially in large. The results either provide a rough proxy for the amount of English-language content indexed over our planet, or offer an early warning into the geographies of the impending zombie apocalypse.“

Just another reason why I will probably by a Kindle Fire.  From LifeHacker:

The new Lending Library turns your Kindle into a sort of virtual library, with currently 5,000 titles you can borrow from Amazon, including 100 New York Times bestsellers. You can borrow one book a month by going to the “Kindle Owners’ Lending Library” in the Kindle Store on your Kindle device

The only catches seem to be that you have to be a prime member to take advantage of the “Lending Library” and that you can only get one book a month.  Amazon prime, is really one of the best deals out there, not only do you get free two day shipping on tons of products, if you add in all the streaming video options, and now free book rentals, if you are a media junkie like myself, its  a no brainer.


I know I had a post earlier about the Luminaries at UNCG, but since it is still the season, here is a great video highlighting the tradition.

The Droid 4, the perfect phone if you just cant get used to those new fangled virtual keyboards.  From Droid-Life:

The D4 will have a 4″ screen (LCD or AMOLED?), 1.2GHz dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM, DROID RAZR styling, 5-row slideout keyboard, 4G LTE, front camera for video chatting and an 8MP rear camera. This could be the DROID that many of you have been waiting for. The Stratosphere had LTE and a keyboard, but this phone has top of the line specs to go with them.