misguided quotes

Always remember, wherever you are, whether near or far, you had a mother who really, really loved you. The original mother. Once you’ve found your true inner guru you can never again be divided. Perfect union with the divine, through the grace of your real teacher, transcends time, space, death and all worldly limitations. Your real teacher is the original mother - regardless in which manifest or non-manifest form, or gender, she appears. The one who nurtures you and the one who also, out of wisdom and compassion, corrects you if you are misguided.

Zeena Schreck

He looks into my soul and slowly closes his eyes
And before our lips intertwine together
I ask him why?
Why does he want to kiss me?
He looks at me with confusion but then understands

“Every time you speak, your words are so beautiful.
Your mouth interprets it so gracefully. Passion flows into your lips and it’s like you’ve given words life. I want to kiss you so you can give me life.
And sometimes you wear that pink lip gloss and something about it makes you shine as if you were a supernova, and I’m a stargazer through it all.
I want to kiss you so you can taste all the love I can offer you
I want to kiss you because I want to taste heaven and it’s all you’re composed of”

—  (via @misguided-paradox)