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My thoughts on ‘Tales From The Yawning Portal’

I received my advance copy of @dndwizards​’s new book Tales from the Yawning Portal not quite a week ago. If you haven’t heard of this book here’s the gist of it:

TftYP is a collection of seven ‘classic’ dungeon adventures from D&D editions past, all updated with fifth edition rules. In this book you get…

  • Against the Giants (AD&D)
  • Dead in Thay (D&D Next)
  • Forge of Fury (D&D 3e)
  • Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan (AD&D)
  • The Sunless Citadel (D&D 3e)
  • Tomb of Horrors (AD&D)
  • White Plume Mountain (AD&D)

All of the maps and layout have been updated to make them easier on the eyes, while their traps, monsters, structure, and challenges remains largely unchanged. TftYP is a ‘best of’ book, rather than a remake or reboot of these adventures.

If you’re a millennial who got into D&D through things like Acquisitions Inc, The Adventure Zone, or Critical Role, my take on this book is gonna be of interest to you…because this book might be specifically FOR YOU.  

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Top 5 favorite fics!

Hmm, let’s see. I don’t read a whole lot of fics but I can dig up some old gems.

  1. Not as Planned  by Nekomiya (tomco)
  2. The Call of the Golden Siren by RoboticSpaceCase (billdip)
  3. That one BEAUTIFUL smutty Willdip oneshot by @willcipher (read it like 10 times X3) (willdip)
  4. Misguided Adventures and Magical Attachments by Fangirlhappiness77 (billdip)
  5. Human Boyfriend 101 by Btw Where The Hell Are We (SHAMELESS SELF PROMOTION READ MY SHIT) (billdip tomco and poetree)

Warning: All but the last 2 are NSFW at some point if you’re curious to read them

Episode Review: ‘Orgalorg’ (206E40)

“Of all history’s greatest monsters, you are by far the most evil thing I’ve encountered.” – Hunson Abadeer

And all along, I think that that one line would remain a throw away gag. “Orgalorg” instead proves that no line in the series is exempt from being revisited and retconned.

After Gunter and the other penguins successfully manage to drug the Ice King, they throw a crazy rad penguin party. At this party, two walruses are racing, but something goes wrong, and Gunter ends up getting thrown by an angry walrus into an ice wall. When she comes to, her brains are exposed… and they are glowing bright green! The other penguins are terrified, and the injury seems to put Gunter into some sort of trance. She pulls out a woodcutter, crafts strange wood figures, and chants a spell that is beamed into the cosmos.

On an alien world, several entities hear the call of Gunter—or as they recognize her, Orgalorg. Orgalorg was a primeval entity that existed before the dawn of time, as revealed in “Gold Stars” who attempted to absorb the power from a Catalyst Comet. After angering Abraham Lincoln, King of Mars, Orgalorg was struck down by Grob Gob Glob Grod and fell onto Earth, where the alien-demon was compressed into the form of an adorable penguin. Apparently, the fall caused Orgalorg great amnesia, and she wandered the world for millennia, until she was taken in by the Ice King and dubbed ‘Gunter’.

What’s most striking about this episode is how it goes from light-hearted and funny to dark and distressing in a matter of seconds. Graham Falk is a funny person, and his boards often resonate with humor (”Shh!”, “Ghost Fly”) and so it came as no surprise to me that first half of the episode was pretty silly. But once Gunter had her accident, the horror began.

The sight of Gunter’s green brains was creepy in-and-of-itself, but because the show never stopped to explain what exactly was going on until we were on the alien planet, the atmosphere of foreboding just kept building and building. Why was Gunter seeing these weird visions? What’s with the woodcutter? Is that Abraham Lincoln?

As the show was rapidly approaching the season finale, it only made sense that it would try to lay the foundations for the climactic last episodes. Some people have said that the cosmological revelations in this episode were a bit rushed, but I feel that these criticisms are misguided; Adventure Time has never been a show that puts this much effort and care into setting up its finales. We should be thankful that the producers were willing to experiment this season!

Finally, I want to applaud the fact that Adventure Time managed to snag Graham Falk as a guest boarded these last few seasons. While I was critical of “Sad Face”, every other episode that Falk has worked on has been funny, creative, touching, and clever. He’s able to delve into any situation, take any character, and make them behave in a way that’s fresh and interesting. Hats off to you, Mr. Falk!

Mushroom War Evidence: Nothing.

Final Grade: “Funny but also foreboding, ‘Orgalorg’ nicely sets up the season finale.”

If there’s one type of content I want to see above all else with Osomatsu-San, it’s a road trip.

Those six whiny, troublesome assholes crammed into a small car going across the country with nothing but Oso’s misguided sense of adventure, SOME gas money coz they broke af, junk food they eat within the first couple of hours and no extra because they’re morons, a trunk full of cats with a Jyuushi on the roof rack and probably Choro driving having elected himself head of the trip? Sign me up.

Just picture it for a sec.