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fanfic recommendations!

sorry these are so short; i tried doing long descriptions but that took very long. i think this is it but im sure there are a skele-ton of fanfics that i forgot to add

Summer of the Occult by Broken_Syncrhonicity
sans x reader by mod sync. very good so far!

Quest for Friendship by NoBonesAboutIt (TroublesomeWriter)
on my to read list. seems very good!

The Deal of a Lifetime by lildreammysoul
sharing a body with gaster and jumping into the game’s pacifist route! what could be better?

An Occasinal Change in Routine by Agraulis_vanilae
papers x grillby! short and sweet oneshot

Firelight by JenniferMarie
grillby as asthmatic frisk’s dad? heck yea!

A Happy Little Accident by IchikoWindGryphon
gaster accidentally makes smol sentient gaster blasters and fluff ensues

Project Parents by MissFluffQueen
discontinued but really good! having a magical baby for a school project!

Bitty Reader Adventures by Rivethart
bittybones au but we’re the bites and the skelebros are the ones who adopt us

Chemistry of Cooking and Other Odd Events by Agraulis_vanillae
papyrus x reader but sans doesn’t like the reader! oh no!

Would That Make You Sad? by goodygoody19
underswap au where chara thinks you’re they’re bro but you’re their dad??

Rain, Rain, Go Away by ToumeiKyoudai
it’s like sans and toriel with the door but you don’t need a smol pacifistic child to unite you

Resolve by QuiteALotOfSodaPop

The Glass Cabinet
mostly gaster x reader oneshots. enjoy!

A Life Less Ordinary by Rogue_66
adult asriel x reader?? yes yes and more yes

Postcards and Bad Decisions by Costumebleh
x reader oneshots with hilarious prompts

Thou plague me: wickedness, thy true form, dysphoria.

O happy dagger! My breasts thy sheath; breasts, no, that cannot be, these cannot belong to me.

I am haunted by body parts that are not mine.


I long for the days I do not feel your cruel bite, stinging into a part of me that has nowhere to cower. But cower I do - I take baths with bubbles because I learned the hard way that if you scratch at your chest, the chest that cannot belong to you, if you scratch at it long enough, it will bleed.

Marc Antony orates that good is oft interred with one’s bones. I look down and I see my wide hips and wonder how good can be interred in bones that aren’t mine. If I die now, these bones will not be mine. These bones will never be good enough. Do I have to wait for death to be good? 

How can good be buried harmoniously with deceit? If my bones are excavated, an archaeologist will unknowingly toss ‘it’s a woman’ over their shoulder, with a gentle look at my wide hips.

You say God made me perfect, and that he doesn’t make mistakes.

I’ve never been perfect, but the only mistake is the ferocity with which society tightens its grip around my neck.

Woe is the noose braided with expectations:

Vagina equates woman, Breasts equate woman, Uterus equates woman.

Woe is the gender binary which within I am restricted. Woe says the voice that these constructs constrict.

It’s a strange feeling. A feeling so personal and intimate, so completely intrinsic, you cannot describe it to someone. 

This is tears in the bathroom reading texts from people I thought supported me. This is biting my tongue at the dentist, at the grocery store, when I meet old friends, extended family, because they don’t know. This is talking in third person to get used to using my pronouns, because if he misgenders himself that gives everyone else permission, right?

This is chopping off my hair and shopping for chest binders at two in the morning and accidentally coming out to my mother.

This is sobbing into my pillow.

This is being triggered by the flash of my reflection in a stranger’s phone case, someone making an offhand comment about the size of my feet or the pitch of my voice, walking next to someone who is taller than me.

But triggers don’t tell you how long it will last, how hard you will fall, what will be at the bottom when you do.

What venom will seep into my bloodstream, will it be ice or fire that burns my skin, I just don’t know - it doesn’t make sense,

Will it fit together, will it be jaded and choppy, will I struggle over just
choosing simple words?

How do I tell someone, that if my body is a temple, then the temple constructed for a goddess belongs to another deity? The architecture expects Aphrodite, and refuses change, though everything I am refutes goddess. 

I am no queen, I am no goddess, but I deserve a crown. I deserve a temple.

—  the crown i wear now does not fit / AJR

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Hello there, you awesome Tumblr person! I noticed you did Dancetale stuff, and I'm interested in the AU. Could you please give me your headcannons for Dancetale Napstablook, since no one ever seems to talk about him? Thank you!


- Dancing is hard when you don’t have feet. But somehow they manage it, mostly by just swaying in one place. No matter what song it is that’s playing, somehow they manage to hit every note just right.

- Some of their tears are tear-shaped, some of them are music note-shaped.

- They like to sing along with their own battle theme, though it’s just a very soft “oooh”-ing.

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in my poncho canon toriel spent a while figuring out their gender. it was really important to them that they identified as what the public would want whether it was an heir, a prince, or a princess. in alot of the timelines they chose to be a princess and go by she/her pronouns, but there were a lot where they didn't. in the last timeline, they chose to be a princess but its still REALLY confusing talking about them.

On Pronoun Swaps

“This character never has gendered pronouns used for them so I only use they/them.”
“This character never has gendered pronouns used and it is my headcanon that they use neo/nounself pronouns.”
“This character is canonically cis but I headcanon them as trans/nb so I use different pronouns.”
Hell yeah!
“This character is canonically trans/nb but I don’t like that so I misgender them.”
You need to Stop™

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imagine trans girl bucky who keeps it a secret all through the war but one day post ws Steve makes a comment about how her "hairs getting pretty long, we should get you to a barber" and that's when she comes out to steve and he just smiles and says "well then lets see if we can get natasha to trim up those ends". Later she comes out to sam by telling him the story and his reaction is "you should get bangs, you'd look hot with bangs" and of course natasha knows because she knows everything

Natasha puts pretty much all her fears to rest immediately, smiling and squeezing her shoulder and telling her it’s all right, nothing’s going to change, come on, let’s find you something to wear that’s a little bit less Steve’s old baggy clothes. It’s almost too easy, and she’s on-edge for the first few days, especially when Nat gently asks if she can talk to Pepper about it. But when Nat and Pepper sweep her up, one on either side of her and linking their arms through her arms, and insist that they’re going to find something absolutely perfect for her to wear, she lets herself relax.

It’s harder with Steve, because she’s known Steve basically her whole life. So when he slings his arm around her shoulder, tugs a little on the ends of her hair, and laughs out a, C’mon, Buck, this is getting too long, you really gotta do something about it, she panics.

“I - I’m growing it out.”

“Really? What for?”

And the words tumble out of her in a rush, because she doesn’t know how to lie without making him ask even more questions, and Nat and Pepper have been so sweet and supportive and Steve - he’s Steve, he could never be anything but good to her. Still, she’s shaking by the time she finishes the explanation - almost a tirade in her efforts to make him understand - with a soft apology for lying to him. And Steve takes a deep breath and reaches out and hugs her, pulling her close against his chest and stroking her hair and making soft, soothing noises as he reassures her that, “It’s all right, you’re all right, I’m right here for you, and I’m always gonna be right here for you.”

And when she finally stops shaking and he lets her go, he tilts her chin up and smiles at her and says, “You’ll look so pretty with long hair, but you should ask Nat for advice on how to cut it in the meantime.”

She laughs because she and Nat have been discussing possible haircuts for nearly a week now and she has a small gallery of photos for when she finally goes to get it done.

From there, it’s a little easier. She doesn’t come out to Tony so much as he organically absorbs the fact from her changing presentation and the fact that every time he opens his mouth to say something, either Natasha or Pepper appears and stares him down until he starts using the correct pronouns. Bruce makes the switch with a smile and a, “Congratulations,” and the only question he asks is whether she’s changing her name. (She will, someday, once she’s decided on what she wants. She gives Bruce the one she was most considering, and he uses it consistently until she tells him that she’s not feeling it as much as she thought.)

When she comes out to Clint, he grins at her, gives her a rough, one-armed hug, and announces, “When you’re ready for it, I’ll hook you up with my endocrinologist! She’s great, you’ll love her,” just a little too loudly in his excitement.

She tells Sam over text-message because he works in DC during the week, and the wait for Friday, when he comes home for the weekend is agonizing. When the quinjet finally touches down, she meets him at the door in a sweater and skirt Pepper picked out for her, with Steve hovering a little anxiously behind her. His grin doesn’t waver as he leans in to kiss her on the cheek and says, “Hey, girl, you look beautiful. What’s for dinner?”

She doesn’t realize she was holding her breath until she sighs it out in relief and throws her arms around Sam’s neck.

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Do you have any tips on dealing with internalized transphobia? Because I'm a trans guy (non-passing at that) & I still have trouble understanding that someone can be trans & not pass & I have thoughts that are really disrespectful towards trans people & nonbinary people. I think it's because of my upbringing, I never say any of these out loud & actively defy any transphobic thoughts I have, but I hate having them myself & they make me dysphoric. So maybe they're intrusive thoughts at this point?

In my experience, it helps to when you have those thoughts, take a moment to correct yourself. Remind yourself that it’s not a correct statement you’re thinking, and then repeat in your head what IS correct.

Bad thought: “I can’t believe (trans masculine person) still wears makeup; it’s a girl thing/they must be a girl”
Correction: “Trans people can wear whatever they want and it doesn’t invalidate their gender. (Person) is brave for embracing gender nonconformity through makeup as a trans person.”

Bad thought: “(DFAB nonbinary person) is with a girl now, they must be a lesbian”
Correction: “unless (nonbinary person) is woman-aligned or identifies with womanhood and identifies that way, they can’t be a lesbian. They are a nonbinary person who loves a girl, and that’s it unless they say otherwise.”

It takes some time to unlearn bad thoughts and hurtful language, but it’s a great first step that you recognized the problem. It’ll take time; I’ve been out for over four years and I still say/think transphobic things about myself and at times find myself thinking it about others. We need to just take a step back and remember that these thoughts aren’t true; they’re knee jerk reactions to a transphobic upbringing.

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Imagine tans woman Bucky who was totally comfortable with herself pre war and is trying to find her way back to that. (With Steve's support because that's what awesome boy friends do.)

It’s far from the only lie that Hydra ever told her. Far from the worst thing they ever made her do, but it has burrowed in under her skin, seeped into her bones - everything is wrong and she can’t remember how to make it right, can’t remember what it felt like to look into a mirror and be satisfied with what she saw.

It’s far from the only lie that Hydra ever told her, but it’s insidious.


The others are trying to help, she knows that. Bruce buys her expensive perfume and Pepper recommends an experienced dysphoria counsellor and Natasha offers to do her makeup, and it drives her crazy - there is no room for perfume in the life she leads, soaked in the smells of sweat and blood and gun oil. She will not trust a stranger - a doctor - with these intimate truths about herself, these painful secrets that can so easily be weaponised. She does not need to paint her face. 

She crops her hair short, like it was in the photos, and tells herself that progress is supposed to hurt.


But through the haze of confusion and wrongness there is Steve - Steve who used to trade his lacy frocks for her pleated trousers, who used to cup her jaw with its shadow of evening stubble and remind her she was beautiful.

Bucky does not find herself beautiful now - she is corded muscle and cold killer instinct, a select-fire weapon jammed on automatic, lost in a sea of memory she barely recognises.

But Steve is still afloat beside her. And with Steve, she knows, she can find her way back to shore.

why won’t you just do what I want immediately when I ask you to do it??

entitled grandparent: I have just discovered you via your youtube videos. You are a most amazing young woman to say the least! I want to ask/tell you so much. We have a 17 year old grandaughter who is autistic. But, for now, I was wondering if you are well and still making videos? I can find nothing for 2016 at all. Please reply when you can. [12:23AM]

me: (Doesn’t respond, because I am a chronically ill disabled person who gets like a hundred messages a week and I physically can not respond to all of them)

entitled grandparent: Are you there? [2:47PM]

me: (Still doesn’t respond, because, well, all of the above)

entitled grandparent: Ok, sorry I bothered you. I had wanted to discuss with you financial support and other ways to help you but I guess you’re too busy. [7:54 PM]

me: … did that allistic just make clumsy attempts to manipulate my emotions and bribe my compliance with money????

A gentle reminder, because I struggle with this too:

If you have a blog, or host a website, or moderate a forum, or speak at conferences, or have a public facebook page- if you are a visible advocate or activist, in real space or online, that does not mean that people are entitled to anything from you. That is including you time, your energy, and your emotional labour.

Don’t believe them when they say “You’ve given us X, and now we need Y, and it’s your responsibility”,

or, “I deserve to have your individual attention and you need to give it to me”,

or, “My problems are your problems, and if things go badly for me, it is your fault”,

or, “This is a thing you do, so you have to be willing and available to do it anytime.”

None of that is true. You get to decide how much you give, when you give it, and who receives it. You have a right to set boundaries and enforce them. No one is entitled to your story, your work, or your time. Try your best not to let them put that on you. You aren’t doing anything wrong.