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fanfic recommendations!

sorry these are so short; i tried doing long descriptions but that took very long. i think this is it but im sure there are a skele-ton of fanfics that i forgot to add

Summer of the Occult by Broken_Syncrhonicity
sans x reader by mod sync. very good so far!

Quest for Friendship by NoBonesAboutIt (TroublesomeWriter)
on my to read list. seems very good!

The Deal of a Lifetime by lildreammysoul
sharing a body with gaster and jumping into the game’s pacifist route! what could be better?

An Occasinal Change in Routine by Agraulis_vanilae
papers x grillby! short and sweet oneshot

Firelight by JenniferMarie
grillby as asthmatic frisk’s dad? heck yea!

A Happy Little Accident by IchikoWindGryphon
gaster accidentally makes smol sentient gaster blasters and fluff ensues

Project Parents by MissFluffQueen
discontinued but really good! having a magical baby for a school project!

Bitty Reader Adventures by Rivethart
bittybones au but we’re the bites and the skelebros are the ones who adopt us

Chemistry of Cooking and Other Odd Events by Agraulis_vanillae
papyrus x reader but sans doesn’t like the reader! oh no!

Would That Make You Sad? by goodygoody19
underswap au where chara thinks you’re they’re bro but you’re their dad??

Rain, Rain, Go Away by ToumeiKyoudai
it’s like sans and toriel with the door but you don’t need a smol pacifistic child to unite you

Resolve by QuiteALotOfSodaPop

The Glass Cabinet
mostly gaster x reader oneshots. enjoy!

A Life Less Ordinary by Rogue_66
adult asriel x reader?? yes yes and more yes

Postcards and Bad Decisions by Costumebleh
x reader oneshots with hilarious prompts

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yknow, i cant remember what my deadname was but i remember both me an paps were trans. back underground (and with magic) it was much better. nobody really ever misgendered us. i think it was the culture, nobody had to prove themselves or live up to any gender roles or standards. im bitter and i miss it. why are people on the surface so weird about gender -a sans who just endured a family gathering

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(This isnt a fallen human deadname ask but its relevant I think) Sans was a transmale in my canon and Comic was his deadname! Sans was his middle name but he was more comfortable with it since everyone associated Comic as female

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Imagine tans woman Bucky who was totally comfortable with herself pre war and is trying to find her way back to that. (With Steve's support because that's what awesome boy friends do.)

It’s far from the only lie that Hydra ever told her. Far from the worst thing they ever made her do, but it has burrowed in under her skin, seeped into her bones - everything is wrong and she can’t remember how to make it right, can’t remember what it felt like to look into a mirror and be satisfied with what she saw.

It’s far from the only lie that Hydra ever told her, but it’s insidious.


The others are trying to help, she knows that. Bruce buys her expensive perfume and Pepper recommends an experienced dysphoria counsellor and Natasha offers to do her makeup, and it drives her crazy - there is no room for perfume in the life she leads, soaked in the smells of sweat and blood and gun oil. She will not trust a stranger - a doctor - with these intimate truths about herself, these painful secrets that can so easily be weaponised. She does not need to paint her face. 

She crops her hair short, like it was in the photos, and tells herself that progress is supposed to hurt.


But through the haze of confusion and wrongness there is Steve - Steve who used to trade his lacy frocks for her pleated trousers, who used to cup her jaw with its shadow of evening stubble and remind her she was beautiful.

Bucky does not find herself beautiful now - she is corded muscle and cold killer instinct, a select-fire weapon jammed on automatic, lost in a sea of memory she barely recognises.

But Steve is still afloat beside her. And with Steve, she knows, she can find her way back to shore.

On Pronoun Swaps

“This character never has gendered pronouns used for them so I only use they/them.”
“This character never has gendered pronouns used and it is my headcanon that they use neo/nounself pronouns.”
“This character is canonically cis but I headcanon them as trans/nb so I use different pronouns.”
Hell yeah!
“This character is canonically trans/nb but I don’t like that so I misgender them.”
You need to Stop™

You’d think that m-spec binary trans people who are attracted to men and women would have the highest acceptance rate within the community of all trans people. They can’t be accused of stealing gayness (gay binary trans people), and they can’t be accused of hating and rejecting gayness (het binary trans people)–whichever binary gender you think they are, they’re definitely attracted to that gender.

M-spec identity can’t be taken away by mere misgendering. It’s a wildcard that would let a group of trans people be seen as full members (“SGA”) rather than a tacked-on afterthought (“…and trans”). And there are cis people–cis gay people–who see the existence of a trans person who cannot be dismissed as straight as a threat.

It’s no coincidence that m-spec trans people, and m-spec people as a whole, are erased. It’s no coincidence that m-spec identities are mocked and deliberately misunderstood–queer and bisexual, our oldest terms, are under relentless attack from certain segments of the community. It’s no coincidence that trans people are never, ever allowed to stand fully within or fully outside of gay-dominated nonstraight communities.

Monosexism is not a coincidence, and monosexism is cissexist at its core.

Ive been saying Mutsuki was trans since the beginning and it looks like i was right hell ya trans rep! 

Buuuut now that means im going to have to deal with: 
1. Ignorant people using cissexist language and misgendering them
2. Transphobic people misgendering them and making gross transphobic jokes and comments. 


basically if you don’t want to be either of the above: 
1. Don’t use cissexist language. Dont say “they’re a girl??” or “haha I knew they were a girl!!” or similar statements. So far Mutsuki has been identifying as gender neutral or a guy (considering pronouns usage). Respect that. Don’t misgender them because we found out they use a binder.  

2. Don’t make jokes about them “actually being a girl”. Thats gross as hell don’t do that. 

3. Don’t say that “they are female but identify as ___”. Mutsuki is just whatever Mutsuki is. Whether they are nonbinary or a trans guy thats what they are. Just because they have breasts doesn’t make them female. It makes them a nonbinary person/a guy with breasts. 

4. Don’t suddenly change your pronouns usage for them to she/her pronouns. So far we have seen gender neutral and masculine pronouns used for them. Keep using those until told otherwise by canon (aka from the characters mouth themselves). 

5. And finally: If they are nonbinary/a trans guy DONT and I repeat DONT decide that “nah im just gonna say they are a girl”. Dont do that. Its misgendering and its gross and if you do that to a fictional character then you’d probably do it to a real trans person to and just. Dont. Do. That. 

And finally things to do: 

1. DO continue using they/them or he/him pronouns for Mutsuki. 
2. DO continue to call them a guy or nonbinary until we are told otherwise. 
3. DO recognize the fact that having breasts does not automatically make you a girl. 

Thats about it. Thank you. Keep being cool TG fandom! :) 

Trans woman Bucky who comes out later in life and her girlfriend, Natasha, being super-supportive

and when people are like uhhhh but he… they… COUGH sheee is so….. masculine… what about the muscles? The voice? The ability to pulverize a car with hiiiiiiieeeer bare hands?

And Bucky’s like “As for the voice, you’re gonna have to get used to the fact that this is what a woman sounds like- as for the super-strength and fighting ability–”

(Natasha karate-chops haters into submission)

(shit-eating grin) “…..I’ve been told I fight like a girl.”

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I'm a dfab person who identifies as genderqueer and I was wondering if you could maybe describe what dysphoria feels like? Because I'm not sure if what I'm feeling is that idk

Ren says:

Well, as far as I’ve experienced and seen thus far, there’s two types of gender dysphoria: physical dysphoria and social dysphoria.

Physical dysphoria is the one that you hear about a lot more when you’re trans. ‘Not feeling right’ or 'feeling trapped’ or 'feeling disconnected’, and sometimes the feelings are stronger and may lead to things that aren’t so good.

Social dysphoria is the stuff that really gets into your head, though. It’s getting misgendered and getting laughed at for your identity, feeling unsafe for your identity, not being able to come out, having to go to the wrong bathroom…all those things that add up to make you feel out of place that are external from your own body.

They’re both really cruddy, but luckily for us, they vary. Sometimes physical dysphoria is really bad when you’re able to ignore the social kind; sometimes social gets overwhelming and physical is practically nonexistent; sometimes they’re both bad; sometimes they’re both bearable but still noticeable.

And sometimes, you won’t have any dysphoria at all, and that’s okay! It doesn’t make your transness any less valid.

I hope that helped!