Misgendered Project
The Misgendered Project gives trans people an easy way to address the discrimination, harassment and disrespect we face on a day-to-day basis. It allows you to send actual paper letters to organisations who have caused you trouble.

The Misgendered Project is a website that allows you to send letters to companies and organisations that misgender you, are transphobic or have non-inclusive paperwork/computer systems. You can visit the site, fill out the details of a company and incident, and they will receive an anonymous letter of complaint, with advice on how to improve and links to resources they can look to for help with this.

This is a free service, but it is driven by donations (physical postage costs money afterall!). For the moment, the site is UK-oriented only, but we are planning to look into opening it up wider in the future. We’ve also released the codebase for this as an open-source project, which is available on GitHub, should anyone wish to setup a similar site in their own country.

We’re definitely open to suggestions, feedback and hearing about bugs, and our email address is on the site, so feel free to get in touch with us!