Soooo a lot of the time the only I can get even a marginally good sketch down is to do it in the real world on a real sketch pad.  So if something I drew isn’t completely hideous, it’s likely that I sketched it out traditionally.  My scanner doesn’t work, so I take phone pictures and import them, and Photoshop them from there.  And I took these at my desk at 2AM, so EXTRA bad photo quality! 8)

Denali’s at the top.  Stupid brat that I can’t draw.  That took me like 2 hours OTL.  Next is for an art trade with Misfortuneee on DA, next is a tiger, probs going to be Switchie ref 3.0, bottom are a couple lions.  Might clean them up and make them gifts or Sonsie or both. Idk.  I think I’m going to make another chai latte and clean up Denali for a bit.

Did I apologize for the photo quality?  Did I apologize for it AGAIN? No really, sorry <__<;