Game Night

Game Night

Secret Santa Gift to; @watchmist1412 (hope you like it!!)

Prompt: Roommates!

Summary: Lucy and Natsu are cheeky best-friends that totally read each other’s mind. Jellal and Erza don’t like losing.

Rated: T (just in case)

Disclaimer: I do not own any rights to Fairy Tail or the characters. That is all Hiro Mashima’s fault.

“Killer… dead… zombies? Oh!” Lucy jumped up from her spot on the lounge, waving her hands wildly as the movements Natsu were making, clicked in her head.

“Shaun of the Dead!”

She heard the mutters of disbelief Erza and Jellal made when Natsu grinned, nodding. The pair let out matching yells of triumph, which went well with their matching Christmas sweaters; something that Lucy come up with in celebration of two years of being roommates/best friends with Natsu.

The latter floated over to his blonde ‘bestie’ and they shared an enthusiastic high-five as Erza drew another dash on the whiteboard, mumbling something out them being cheaters.

“I still believe you are both cheating.” Jellal stared at his girlfriend whom was grabbing a piece of paper from the bowl on the coffee table.

“Says the guy who is super jealous of our psychic abilities.” Natsu grinned and Lucy nodded, conceding with his statement. It didn’t really matter that Natsu and Lucy had rigged the game a little bit, and wrote down practiced movie titles.

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One sided love - Jimin X Reader

Character: Jimin X Reader

Rated: A for angst

You and Jimin had always been best friends. As long as you can remember,you two always sticked with the other. You spent elementary schooltogether, as well as high school and even after his debut in his famous band, you were still as important for each other as before. As in any fairytail between a boy and girl, one of you fell in love with the other. Jimin had a hard time understanding his feelings, his heart beating faster whenever he thought of you, his hands getting sweaty when his eyes was landing on you, and sometimes he even found himself stuttering on his own words when speaking to you.

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Confession:  My first playthrough on dragon age games has always been a self insert character since the first time I played Origins til now. I don’t know why (it’s not intentional) but my self-insert from Inquisition has the eerily accurate misfortune of unintentionally falling off stuff a lot (I’m ridiculously clumsy in real life). My other inquisitors don’t have nearly as much misfortune in high places.

Misfortune High Book 1

Rich kid Biscuit gets expelled from his fancy magic school and sent to a magic school on the bad side of town. Mayhem ensues.

If you enjoy Princeless, you are exactly the sort of person who will enjoy Jules Rivera.

She illustrated the “Meet the Smiths” short for me in the first set of short stories and did both of the great purple covers that go with those issues.

Her kickstarter is up and it’s for the series she is writing and drawing called “Misfortune High”, all about a stuck up cheating rich kid who is booted from his private magic academy and forced to attend public magic school with the normal magic using kids.

Guys, it’s going to be great.  Trust me and if you don’t check out Jules video and let her tell you why you should:



I am beyond thrilled to announce that the Misfortune High Kickstarter is currently AT GOAL! 


This was not possible without the recent push we got from all you Tumblr folks willing to take a chance on this property.  

Now, we enter the stretch goal part of the program.  As promised from the get-go, our first round of stretch goals cover adding stuff to the interior of the book.  

First, is the Johnny Cuervo 10 Page side story.  Currently, this story is nearly finished, needing only colors to pass the finish line (at 3+ pages a day, that’s a 3-day weekend’s worth of work). The Cuervo side story fleshes out a bit more as to what Johnny’s involvement with the dragon is and how he ends up in such a bizarre position in the first place.  It’s a winner.  I want it.  You want it.

Next is the Pin Up Gallery and Middle School Letters.  The pin-ups are contributions I’ve gotten from other artists that I’m dying to include in this book.  And the middle school letters come from the students I visit in San Jose.  I’ll let one such young man, Joshua, do the rest of the talking about how he felt about Book 1:

I like how your story starts with something that is in the middle of your story…I like how there is a cliffhanger. That makes me know there is going to be a second book..If I had to say an improvement it would be to make the next chapters a little longer because this chapter was a little to short.

–Joshua, 8th Grade San Jose student

36 pages of story weren’t enough for this guy. YES. These letters are beyond precious.  You’ve gotta see them all.

Finally (for now), is the Ruination t-shirt and extra charms. Johnny Cuervo’s shirt from book 1 is a little more complicated and pricey to print than the book 2 ’Death from Above’ design.  However, if we push the boulder up the hill a bit further, I believe we can make Ruination happen.  

That’s what I’ve got for stretch goals now. There are still two days left in this campaign to push things even higher.  Let’s do this!

Misfortune High Kickstarter 120 Backer Bonus unlocked: Charms!

I’ve been dying to unveil these things. DYING.  I’ll throw this into the Misfortune High updates post tomorrow, but for now, I wanted to let you know what we’ve been building towards: the charm set! 

(All those references to the new reward being ‘charming’ were intended to be incredibly transparent.)

The stats are up there, but these are the preliminary designs before any holes have to be drilled.  They show a little prettier this way. Backers into the tiers listed above will get not just one, but the entire set of 3 with either of those tier selections.  

We’ve still got another 4 days and $500+ to go, but none of the incredible success this campaign has had would be possible without you guys.  Thank you!