I found this video about Qrow’s semblance, it’s interesting. 

Qrow Branwen – Broken Mirror Curse

Just as the Schnee Semblance stands as an exception to the rule that Semblances are ultimately unique to every individual, Qrow claims that his Semblance is an exception to the rule that Semblances are deliberate, conscious actions rather than automatic, uncontrollable effects. This rule-breaking might be somehow related to the apparently-hereditary magic which allows him and his twin sister to turn into their namesake birds.

In his fight with Winter, taking a pommel blow to his face caused Qrow’s left eye – the eye depicted by his personal emblem – to light up with a noticeable glint accompanied by a distinct sound effect. Simultaneously, he grinned in anticipation.

Immediately following this Tell, he reeled back with both hands on his sword and swung with all of his might. Winter looked at this incoming attack and decided to retreat far away to avoid it; she judged wisely based on the size of the impact crater that Qrow smashed into the ground. (The next time she manages to strike him, she makes sure to immediately leap away, without waiting to see how he reacts.) This particular power hardly seems like an indiscriminate curse, but neither is it necessarily the only possible manifestation of his Semblance.

Still, perhaps rather than a constantly-active effect which is always draining Qrow’s Aura, his Semblance fuels itself in a manner similar to Yang’s? Whenever Qrow loses Aura to damage, his soul might be conserving the lost energy by converting it into a new form, which it uses to fuel his curse. After all, it was right after Qrow received Tyrian’s worst blow that Tyrian suffered his own greatest misfortune.

This function could easily make Qrow’s power a liability to allies in battle without requiring him to be a constant jinx. Even if his Semblance only lashes out against the one who hurt him, it could turn against an ally who strikes him by accident or is made to strike him by enemy action… and that’s assuming it cares who struck him. The bartender who accidentally knocked over a glass after Qrow left might have been cursed because of the Aura Qrow lost in his bar from consuming so much alcohol.

This would also mean that Qrow is a terrible bad-luck charm for anyone carrying him around while his Aura is struggling to protect him from poison.

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here’s all the art of Jesse that i have so far!!
Jesse wasn’t originally gonna be in Misfortune, but honestly i just. really love her, so i tried my best to give her a role in the story. she’s mentioned in the prologue as the wife of Carla, though she also appears in the main story as well! though she hasn’t really made an appearance yet, and probably won’t until at least chapter three.
she’s a trans girl who is a childhood friend of Mallory, and has lived in Sunflower Shores all her life. she has two older siblings, a brother and a sister. she’s close with her sister, Sasha, though she’s fairly distant from her brother, Dominic.
she likes detective novels and hopes to be a writer, and wants to travel the world someday and she’s super cute. 

. . I feel certain that man never wholly rejects adversity, for adversity is the main-spring of self realisation. When beginning these letters I said that, in my opinion, self realisation is for man, a supreme misfortune; yet I am sure that he loves it dearly, and that he would not exchange it for any other sort of delight.
—  Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Notes from the Underground