and the wounds don’t fade because you tell them they’re not real

a/n: Jemma struggles with the aftermath of the LMD attack and Daisy holds her through it. This deals with a situation resembling domestic violence and the emotional trauma resulting from it so, be cautious for triggers. 

~1200 words

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Finding Fitz is not the hard part. Getting him back is not even the hard part. All it takes is a little kidnapping, a smidgen of grand theft auto, and a thousand miles of frustrating conversations before the boy they know is blinking foggily through the layers of the framework at them once more.

It turns out the hard part is going to be everything that comes after.

They’re in a van because of course they are. Daisy even has a hula girl on the dash. With the back seat folded down, there’s just enough room for all three of them to sleep, all crammed together with barely space to breathe. Daisy’s almost asleep, squashed up against the side of the van with her arm flung over Jemma’s middle because there’s nowhere else for it to go, so she notices when Jemma pulls herself free of the heap. There’s the sound of the car door and Fitz stirs and mumbles something incoherent as the whole rickety vehicle sways when it slams.

Daisy takes advantage of the sudden space to stretch her stiffening muscles and rolls to stare at the ceiling, forcing herself to stay awake until she knows Jemma is safely back inside. But when she’s counted a hundred and eighty seconds and Jemma’s still not back a coil of anxiety tightens in her stomach.

She hasn’t gone far though. Daisy almost falls on top of her when she pushes open the passenger door. She’s curled up against the front wheel, and even though she does a hasty scrub job as Daisy clambers gracelessly from the cab, the tear tracks stand out pretty clearly on her grimy cheeks.

Daisy drops to her knees next to Jemma, feeling the bite of gravel through the holes in her jeans and not particularly caring. Jemma tries for a minute to school her features into a passive mask, face turned up to the star-strewn sky, but the effort collapses almost at once. She gives a soundless gasp and crumples inward and Daisy catches her up, holding on tight.

Mushroom Soup

Summary: Hunter wants to spend time with his girlfriend and best friend, so he decides to make dinner. Takes place in-between seasons 2 and 3.

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Hunter sat next to Bobbi in the lab, watching as she worked. He could see Fitz out of the corner of his eye. The man was scowling at a computer screen and muttering to himself. Hunter noticed that Fitz was wearing the same clothes he’d been in yesterday and the day before. “Fitz isn’t doing well,” he muttered to Bobbi.

“He’s obsessing over that damn rock,” she murmured back. “The only time he stops is when Coulson orders him to work on an assignment.” She closed out of the computer program she’d been working on and stretched her arms above her head. “I’m done for the day,” she announced. “If I stare at that screen any longer, my brain’s going to turn to mush.”

Hunter pressed a brief kiss to her lips. “Go do your leg exercises,” he told her. “I’ll get the soup started.”

“Mushroom soup?” Bobbi asked, looking hopefully at him.

He nodded. “Yep.” She kissed him again, a bit more forcefully this time, and limped out of the lab. Hunter went over to Fitz and put a hand on his shoulder before immediately removing it after the man flinched and pulled away. “Mate, I need your help with something.”

“Can it wait?” Fitz asked. “I’m right in the middle of something.”

Hunter looked at the screen, and saw an encyclopedia page about Yucatán. Fitz was working on the rock, not a SHIELD mission. “No, I need your help now.”

Fitz sighed, but closed out of the program. “Fine,” he muttered.

“Great! Thanks, mate!” Hunter led Fitz into the kitchen. “Get out a big pot and fill it about three-fourths with water and then set it to boil,” he ordered while he went to dig through the pantry for the porcini mushrooms he’d stashed in the back a while ago.

“What are you doing?” Fitz asked, not moving, arms crossed.

“Making soup,” Hunter answered. He found his mushrooms and held them up. “Mushroom soup! It’s my specialty. The secret is dried porcinis. Are you going to boil the water for me or not?”

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the-loser-emporium  asked:

Brotp Jemma/Hunter + passive aggressive "nice off"

This was so much fun, thanks for the prompt! This got a little long, so I’ll put it under a cut (because I finally figured out how to do that, I think I deserve some applause)!

M is for March is for Mates: Jemma x Hunter

It all begins when Agent Davis and his wife decide to move into an apartment off base. Up until then, they had inhabited the biggest bunk on the Playground, but with them moving out, the room was now free and the demand for it was big.

“Fitz, we have to convince Coulson to let us move in there! It would be perfect, don’t you think? I’ll go talk to him right now!” Before Fitz has the time to voice his opinion on the matter – not that he is against it – Jemma has already stormed out of the room and is on her way to Coulson’s office.

With only a quick knock on the door announcing her entrance, Jemma bursts through the door. “Director Coulson, sir, could I talk to you about Agent Davis’ room? I promise it’ll only take a mome-“

“Sorry sweetheart, looks like I beat you to that.”

It is only then that Jemma notices Hunter’s presence in the room. He is leaning against the wall across from Coulson’s desk, smug grin plastered onto his face.

Jemma’s confidence falters for only a second. “You? Why would you want the room?”

“Newsflash Simmons, you and Fitz aren’t the only ones on the hunt for a new love nest.” He crosses his arms in front of his chest and flashes her the fakest apologetic smile Jemma has ever seen.

“Thank you, Agent Hunter, I did not need to hear that”, Coulson speaks up, face scrunched up in a grimace. “Listen, both of you will have to fill out the usual application for a new room. It’s not up to me to decide.”

He’s lying and they both know it, and that’s when it all starts going downhill. They both want this, and they want it bad. Fitz and Bobbi try their best to stay out of their significant others competition, but soon the entire base has to suffer from their fight over the room.

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Bus Kids Russian Revolution AU because I am the biggest nerd ever. Set on the 28th (I believe) of February 1917, aka one of the days leading up to the tsar’s abdication

“Jemma! Hey, Jemma! Wake up!”

Jemma rolls over and is greeted by the face of her younger sister, Daisy, wearing both an excited and scared expression.

“What is it, Daisy?” she groans tiredly. Daisy tugs at Jemma’s pyjamas and points to the window.

“Look outside.”

Jemma’s heart leaps to her throat, and she hurries over, expecting the worst. The protests have been growing rapidly in the last few days, already with a few reports of violence. She expects to see blood everywhere, perhaps even a couple of heads rolling down the street.

She flings open the window and is relieved to see none of that. Instead, it’s just another large group of people, although her concern does return when she sees a few armed people. But she refuses to assume the worst at this point.

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Who Lives in a Pineapple Under the Sea?

Summary: Takes place post 1x20 while they’re staying at the motel. The Bus Kids watch Spongebob and try to escape their reality for a little while. Inspired by AOSFicNet’s weekly prompt of pineapple. Rated T for swearing.

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The motel they’re at is pretty nice as far as motel rooms go. There are beds with clean-looking sheets, free wifi, and a television with more than basic cable. Skye has definitely stayed in worse places, that’s for sure. Plus here, she has her friends. Before, she only had herself. So even though her almost boyfriend turned out to be Hydra and betrayed the team, even though he kidnapped her, even though she’s been through more horrible shit in the past few months than her entire 25 years of life put together, it’s not that bad. Because she has Fitz and Simmons and Coulson and Triplett and maybe May, if she comes back. Skye doesn’t expect her to. Once people leave, they leave for good in her experience. 

Skye, Fitz, and Simmons are in their hotel room, cuddled together on the same bed with a pile of vending machine snacks in front of them. Fitz has the remote and is flipping through the channels. He stops on some kind of nature documentary and Skye groans. “No! Nothing where I have to think!”

“If that’s your criterion, we should just turn the telly off,” he says, and Skye throws a pretzel at him.

He continues going through the channels when Skye spots a familiar cartoon. “Oh, stop! Go back! It’s Spongebob!”

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M is for March is for Mates - Week 3

Welcome to the FicNet’s celebration of platonomy! This month is a chance to explore the infinite and brilliant non-romantic and non-sexual relationships on Agents of Shield, including friendship, and family both biological and non-biological, both canon and AU.

Here is the original post describing the challenge so get in on it! You can also make suggestions about future monthly challenges there.

Don’t forget to tag #aosficnet or #aosficnet2 so I can find your fic!

In the meantime, this week’s fics are:

Once Upon a Time by @unlessimwrongwhichyouknowimnot (Fitz family)
Written for @aosrewatch‘s bedtime story challenge, Fitz tells his son his favourite story about science, robots and a princess who saved the day. (also contains FitzSimmons).

Sounds Like a Song - Part 3 by @theclaravoyant (Daisy, family, team)
Part 3 of an S4 AU in which Daisy was pregnant when Lincoln died. This part involves her contemplating her future with the team, while her daughter bonds with her ‘Grandma’ and ‘Grandpa’. (also contains Philinda).

“Passive aggressive nice-off” by @triqdaisy (Jemma & Hunter)
When FitzSimmons and Huntingbird are forced to compete for a bigger room on base, Jemma and Hunter take it upon themselves to butter up the decision-makers as best they can! (also contains FS, HB, and Tripdaisy).

anonymous asked:

Barbara Ann verse: Little Bobbi has a nightmare but mommy isn't crying in her sleep for once so she doesn't want to wake her up. Luckily she's found and she can sleep with grandma and grandpa. Bonus of Daisy panics looking for her in the morning.

AN ~ I LOVE Grandpa Phil & Grandma May :P This is slightly more elaborated than what you ask for but I hope you like it anyway.

features Daisy & (Lincoln’s daughter) Bobbi-Ann, & (non biological) ‘Grandpa’ Coulson and ‘Grandma’ May.

Read on AO3 (~1600wd)

Sounds Like a Song [Bobbi Ann Verse] - Part 3

“Don’t be ridiculous!” Coulson insisted. “Shield can pay! It’s not a problem, Daisy. I promise.”

Daisy looked around at all the pleading faces and landed on her daughter’s.

“I want to stay,” Bobbi-Ann stated. With a firm pout and tightly crossed arms, her mind was clearly made up, and from the group that had gathered closer and closer in around her, throwing in suggestions for how Daisy could wrangle it even with her restrictions, there was a small army of people – of family – on Bobbi’s side. It was a little frightening, if Daisy was being honest, having them all gang up like that, but it also made her feel profoundly safe somehow, in a way she had been lacking for years.

Turning her attention to Coulson with an exaggerated sigh, she declared:

“Fine! The Queen has spoken apparently.”

Coulson nodded resolutely and took out his phone to make the booking, warning Daisy –

“But no room service.”

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Things you said when I was scared

a/n: The bus kids missing May, post 4x12. 

~1000 words

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Daisy’s not sure what she expects to find when she slides into May’s deserted bunk. Maybe gears and circuit boards littering the floor or a can of oil with a bendy straw left on the nightstand. Something to prove an imposter had infiltrated this space. Or maybe she came in search of soft hand lotions and clothing half out of its drawers, signs of humanity the real May left behind.

Proof of a difference Daisy should have noticed.

Either way she’s disappointed. May’s bunk is exactly how Daisy remembers it the few times she’s been allowed (dared) to set foot in here. Bedding pulled tight enough to bounce a quarter off, personal effects neatly aligned on the dresser, leather jacket flung over the back of the desk chair. Even her tai chi mat peaks out from under the bed as if it’s been recently used.

Daisy shoves the mat out of sight, the thought of robo-May touching it making her cringe. She’s not sure what to do next though. Not sure what she was trying to accomplish by breaking in.

A thump from the closet just about puts her heart in her mouth and as she spins a tremor slams the door shut. There’s a yelp that she recognizes and Daisy’s fight stance drops tiredly as Jemma pushes her way free of the closet.

“What the hell are you doing in here?”


A fulfillment of aosficnet’s Week 2 prompts “Would you believe” and the “no x challenge”.

Inspired by this post

Ms May’s head snapped up as a small stuffed crocodile landed in the paint. She narrowed her eyes, scanning the back of the classroom for the guilty party, or parties. The children seemed to not know who had done it, since they went on with their activities as if nothing had happened.

She picked up the crocodile and watched a moment longer, scrutinising the children’s movement. She quickly narrowed it down to three: Daisy Johnson, Elena Rodriguez and Lincoln Campbell. She walked calmly up to them.

“Johnson. Rodriguez. Campbell.”

All three children looked up, all looking perfectly innocent. May did her best not to narrow her eyes again; she knew just how “innocent” these little ones were.

“Who threw the crocodile?”

Their answers all came in the form of shrugs. She did her best not to sigh.

“Toys away. Now.” The three of them knew better than to argue and so did what they were told. May then pointed to the TIme Out corner. “You sit there for five minutes to reflect on your behaviour.”

Daisy, Elena and Lincoln went quietly, sitting down cross-legged, their gazes on the floor. May nodded to herself before turning her attention back to the other children in the classroom. After five minutes, she returned to the group of five-year-olds and knelt down to their height. She held up the crocodile.

“So. Who did it?”

“It was Sam, miss,” Daisy answered without missing a beat. May raised her eyebrows.

“There’s nobody named Sam in this class.”

“Yes, there is!” Elena joined in. “He sits with Doug.”

May turned her head. It wasn’t that she believed them, but she still wanted to see who was sitting beside Doug. She saw Billy Koenig sitting there, painting away happily. She licked her lips slowly and then turned back to the kids.

“That’s Billy. Not Sam.”

“Sam’s his twin brother,” Lincoln said calmly. “The two always switch classrooms when you’re not looking. So, right now, Sam’s in the other class, and Billy has taken his place.”

“Smart, really,” Elena interjected thoughtfully. “Switching around to make sure you don’t get into trouble.”

Even though she knew they were lying, May couldn’t help but find that she was actually starting to have doubts about her certainty. She eyed each one closely, looking as guiltless as deer.

“Daisy?” She wiggled the crocodile slowly, and Daisy shook her head.

“Sam did it.”


“We all saw it! It was Sam! It wasn’t me!”


“They’re telling the truth. It was Sam.”

May paused a moment, contemplating what to do. These kids were smart, and gutsy, risking such a lie. If she was totally honest, she kind of admired them. Nevertheless, she knew they still had to be punished - throwing things across the room was a No-No and they knew that.

She eventually decided to send them to the principal - let him deal with them. She told them this and they all protested.

“But, miss! It was Sam, not us!”

She just shook her head and sent them off with Miss Crawford, helping her out with the children. They begrudgingly went, and May allowed her a small smile at their antics, especially when she just caught Elena’s comment muttered under her breath.

“I told you we should have named him after someone in this class!”

M is for March is for Mates - Week 2

Welcome to the FicNet’s celebration of platonomy! This is a chance to explore the infinite and brilliant non-romantic and non-sexual relationships on Agents of Shield, including friendship, and family both biological and non-biological, both canon and AU. Here is the original post describing the challenge so get in on it!

Don’t forget to tag #aosficnet or #aosficnet2 so I can find your fic and reblog it to the Net! In the meantime, this week’s fics are:


If I Told You by @theclaravoyant(May & Daisy & Simmons)
4x15 extended scene in which Robo!May contemplates her final choice, to save her girls and her team. Angst/hurt/comfort.

“You’re too young to hate the world” by @florchis(May & Daisy, ducklings) -
Set during S2, May looks after her ducklings & tries to make sure they, and especially Skye/Daisy, don’t drown in their trauma. Angst/hurt/comfort.

Together by @delicatelyglitteryperson(Bus Kids) -
Experience adventure, drama, danger & friendship in this Russian Revolution AU! (Oneshot, but there is also a second part here.)

And the wounds don’t fade because you tell them they’re not real by @buskidsburgade- (Skimmons) - When they rescue Fitz, Jemma struggles with the traumatic aftermath of the LMD attack, and Daisy helps her through it.

Who Lives in a Pineapple Under the Sea? by @unlessimwrongwhichyouknowimnot​ - (Bus Kids) - Lovely wholesome S1 Bus Kids fluff!! The Kids take a break in 1x20.