misfits red

  • Joel: You know, I really think we should try a non-violent approach to resolve this.
  • Wednesday: I agree. Except replace the word "non" with "extremely", and after the word "violent", include the phrase "blood explosion extraordinaire."
  • Asuna: Kirito-kun, come help me cook our Christmas dinner.
  • Kirito: Hold on, Asuna; that movie with Rudolph at the Island of Misfit Toys is on.
  • Asuna: Kirito-kun, I need help now!
  • Kirito: We're a couple of misfits; we're a couple of misfits. What's the matter with misfits? That's where we fit in! Come on, sing with me, Asuna!
  • Asuna: Kirito-kun, I freaking swear.
  • Yui: We're a couple of misfits!
  • Asuna: Yui-chan, don't encourage him!

And I don’t think I can win.