misfits is the best show ever

My true otp:

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Relationship status: single and ready to… adopt a cat and lay with it in my bed 

Favorite colour: Oh jeez. Depends on the use of the color. Probably green for trees and plants though.

Lipstick or chapstick: Chapstick

Last movie I watched: UUUUM a documentary about an orphanage in India. But it was less than an hour long, does that still count? Before that was Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy <3

Last song I listened to: Not sure which song, but I was listening to the album Tell Me I’m Pretty by Cage the Elephant in my car.

Top 3 shows: DIRK GENTLY’S HOLISTIC DETECTIVE AGENCY!!!!!! Best show ever. Everyone must watch it. Also Misfits. Aaaand like dozens of anime from which I will choose… Nichijou?

Top 3 ships: Drarry, Romionsy (I never know their ship name… Ron x Hermione X Pansy) and every combination of the three of them, BLAISE ZABINI x JAKE DURANT from @femmequixotic‘s Special Branch series oh my godddd <3

I’m not going to tag anyone- but do it if you want to and say I did ;D


sumayyasings: My three favorite Comet experiences: 3) Being the misfits of Broadway and tearing down Radio City Music Hall at The Tony Awards with the most unique, authentic, beautiful, brilliant spirits I’ve ever encountered. 2) Performing with the beautiful young people in @openingactny on The Today Show. To collaborate and witness these inspiring talented teenagers realize their dreams of performing a Broadway number on national tv was surreal. 1) creating genuine bonds and connections with the best and most talented fans in the world-Our Comet family. ❤️

I’m actually about to cry. If there is one thing Teen Wolf will never fail at is showing us just how much these characters have grown together? The amount of love and devotion they each have? How they all so desperately want to risk their lives to save one person. The entire town is being erased and they still want to save this one goofy boy whom they all love and adore. How Lydia’s love for him breaks the barrier of a supernatural rift. How Scott who has no banshee-like powers can still remember his best friend, his brother. How none of them fully remember him yet, but Malia still knows he’s her anchor. How the Sheriff was able to conjure up his son’s old room in his mind

The McCall Pack will forever be the best ragtag misfits turned-to-friends group there ever was. <3


Based on the Band AU fic: Misfits by @inell

“It’s a sold out show in the biggest venue Misfits has played yet, and the crowd is awesome. Even after all these years, Stiles still can’t believe he’s getting paid to make magic on stage with his gorgeous boyfriend and the best friends anyone could ever have.”

.i love you to death.

for mac. because we’re big gay losers who know that we’re big gay losers.

01. i’ve got a dark alley and a bad idea that says you should shut your mouth - fall out boy 02. .she’s the prettiest girl at the party and she can prove it with a solid right hook. - frnkiero and the cellabration 03. mix tape - brand new 04. on top of the world - boys like girls 05. first date - blink 182 06. falling in love again - joyce manor 07. backseat serenade - all time low 08. demolition lovers - my chemical romance 09. everything i ask for - the maine 10. my blue heaven - taking back sunday 11. 8th grade - pencey prep 12. there, there - the wonder years 13. always - blink 182 14. growing pains - neck deep 15. she had the world - panic at the disco 16. if it means a lot to you - a day to remember 17. find a way - the used 18. summertime - my chemical romance 19. saturday night - the misfits 20. .blood infections. - frnkiero and the cellabration 21. orange julius - joyce manor 22. hero/heroine - boys like girls 23. it’s not a side effect of the cocaine, i’m thinking it must be love - fall out boy 24. the rock show - blink 182 25. helena - the misfits 26. always - panic at the disco 27. smother me - the used 28. the only hope for me is you - my chemical romance 29. madelyn - the wonder years 30. robbers - the 1975

listen here

*disclaimer: the photo above is not mine. the artwork belongs to whoever made it for fall out boy’s tourbook.*

So back in 2015 I saw the Misfits and met them as a VIP. At the time I was still on crutches after having the rod taken out of my leg. A week later they were playing a show in Melbourne and my friend’s band was opening for them. Only now has he just told me he had a conversation with them backstage about me and they thought I was “a very lovely lady for a cyborg” and this is the best thing I’ve heard about myself ever.

anonymous asked:

What is Leverage about? And does it really have a canon polyamorous relationship?

Oh, anon! Come to the wonderful joyous bosom of Leverage, I have watched all five seasons of this show three times through without skipping an episode and sometimes wonder when my next rewatch should be, that is how good it is.

Leverage is the story of five thieves stealing from and pulling cons on the rich and powerful and evil in order to give back to their victims. The team is led by Nate Ford, who is unfortunately the least compelling character on the show but who still gives me feelings. He’s a mastermind trying to walk the line between “honest man” and thief, he deals with alcoholism (poorly, but the narrative never shies away from showing and acknowledging that his choices are poor), and he gathers this family around him. Sophie Devereaux is the grifter, able to put on someone else like they’re a perfectly tailored gown she’s wearing–and who deals with all the questions of identity inherent in a talent like that.

Then there’s the OT3 (more on the canon-ish status of that soon). Eliot Spencer is a growly, terrifyingly competent man who does a lot of beating people up but hates guns, and who protects his team and feeds them and does a lot of the home-building of it all, along with Sophie. Alec Hardison is a genius hacker who unfortunately gets mistreated by the show sometimes but who is also so sharp and so kind and so glad to have this family. Parker is a thief who can steal anything, and she isn’t great with people in the beginning, but she has one of the best character arcs I have ever seen in my life.

Really, in general, it is the best group-of-misfits-becomes-a-family show I have ever seen.

Now, as for the canon status of the OT3, which is a complex question. Two members of it are canonically in a really really well-done relationship, for one thing. But all throughout and ESPECIALLY in the final season, the last character in the OT3 is–well, he has the occasional one-episode love interest, but he is very clearly part of their unit. There’s an episode that’s just the three of them and it’s the most poly thing I’ve ever seen (which contains the words “for better or worse, we change together”) at least until the finale (which contains the words “till my dying day”).

That being said, within the text, the third member never kisses the other two. He doesn’t express overt romantic interest, there’s never a love triangle where he shows interest in either of them, it’s not the relationship cues we’re used to seeing on our screens.

But, like, the creator almost-confirmed a while ago and apparently actually confirmed now, so I am going to take that and run with it!

Rating:  ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (6/5)

Book: Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo

I am so content with Crooked Kingdom, it’s akin to that feeling when you’re in between second and third dinner at thanksgiving.

That type of contentment.

Now all there’s left to do is bask in happiness and be ready for constant flashbacks of this incredible series.

I’ve had this thing about duologies where I feel like two books is never enough to tell the story. Leigh Bardugo has officially blown that out the water and my previous feelings are now floating somewhere in space.

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spatialheather  asked:

Would personality swap AU Garnet be different from canon Garnet?

You know, I hadn’t thought about it much? I’m sort of intrigued, though, so let’s dive into my headspace for a bit while I muddle it over: 

In the canon universe, I think Sapphire’s apparent calm is not because she’s completely serene on the inside. I think she has a brutal level of control over her emotions and how she allows them to be expressed, both inwardly and outwardly. I don’t think these are traits that are inherent to her personality, per se, but rather habits she has incorporated into herself over thousands of years (personally I think it’s a future-vision-inspired defense mechanism, which becomes an important distinction later). Nevertheless, I think Sapphire is one of those people who can lie to herself and actually believe it–at least until there is an external stimuli that shatters the illusion.

Sapphire’s behavior in Week of Sardonyx makes me think that she puts everyone else’s well-being before her own; either she doesn’t see herself as worthy of the attention, or perhaps she feels as if it is her job (or both). She is good at shunting her own reactions to the back of her mind and staying on task. If she isn’t stopped and/or interrupted, I’m of the mind that Sapphire will probably dissociate and press forward with The Objective, whatever that may be, until she seriously hurts herself. I see Sapphire as someone who takes her duty–her role in society or a social group–quite seriously. She sees throwing herself into an assignment/role well as a proxy for showing that she cares. I see Sapphire as someone who takes everything seriously, and this naturally passes over to Garnet. I don’t think there’s a soul who can look at Garnet and say that she doesn’t take her role as leader of the Crystal Gems seriously. In fact, she sometimes takes it so seriously she emotionally stunts herself (see: pre-Jailbreak Garnet). 

However, one of the subtle impressions I’ve always gotten from the source material is that Ruby is the one thing Sapphire’s chosen for herself. Ruby is the one exception to the rule–the one thing Sapphire allows herself to have, despite all else. Now, Ruby’s tunnel vision about Sapphire during Jailbreak–the fact that Sapphire is very obviously her entire world–seems to suggest that this conclusion was eventually realized due to at least some persistence on Ruby’s part. I don’t see a person who can get away with lying to themselves about what they feel and/or need in this life changing their tune for anything less. 

And that’s when we get to Ruby, who is seven different kinds of shoot-first-and-ask-questions-later. She knows who she is, what she wants, and the way she feels, and she makes no excuses for any of this because she honestly doesn’t see a reason to. I also think of her as deeply perceptive–she can see right through Sapphire’s bullshit, even if Sapphire herself cannot (Keystone Motel, anyone?). I think her loyalty is hard won and even harder to spurn. I think that, between the two of them, Ruby is the more emotionally progressive one (because, well, she doesn’t actively suppress her emotions)–and because of this, I think it was probably Ruby, not Sapphire, who started thinking about defying Homeworld first. I think she fell in love with the personality that Sapphire possesses underneath her clinical task-oriented exterior–the Laughy Sapphy–and learned to tolerate/like the grim facade over time. It’s not as if Ruby doesn’t understand or respect why Sapphire acts the way she does (it’s probably saved her impulsive ass a couple of times), I just think she believes the emotionally-obtuse behavior is not warranted in all situations, and ever so slowly I think she helps Sapphire come to share that philosophy.

Translate all of this over to Garnet, and you get a family-oriented character who has a very strong sense of self and notices everything, but is guided by the context of a much bigger picture. If she thinks that becoming a certain way will benefit and protect the ones she loves, then she will not hesitate to do whatever that thing is. If not for the influence of future vision to give her a broader-than-situational context to work in, however, I think Garnet’s character would probably be far less efficient in what she does. 

Okay, now that I’ve established my baseline, let’s talk about the implications of a personality swap. In these circumstances, it is Sapphire who is openly aggressive and allows her emotions to guide her, but I think the distraction of future vision prevents her from existing wholly in the moment the way canon-Ruby does. I think swap-Sapphire takes a lot of impulsive gambles because she desperately wants the future to turn out a certain way, and she thinks that throwing her weight behind it will be what changes the tides, so to speak. Sometimes I think she does this for the sake of others, but I largely believe that she acts in her own best interest first. I don’t think she spends much time paying attention to how others are acting and reacting, specifically–all she knows is that there is only a very small window in which her influence will have any affect. Her loyalty is a self-fulfilling prophecy of obstinately choosing the same future over the others again and again. She doesn’t fall in love with who swap-Ruby is at the time they meet, but rather the vision of who she will be one day (Simon and Alisha’s relationship from the British show Misfits comes to mind, if you’ve ever seen that). In a sense, that’s how she treats Ruby from the start.

Swap-Ruby–at least in my interpretation–thinks of herself as a danger to others. Instead of being proud of these abilities, she feels awkward and clumsy. She is self-conscious about them. She stunts herself because she feels like it’s safest for everyone, not necessarily as a self-preservation technique, and by meditating all the time she effectively shuts out her awareness of others. The reasons she lets her guard down for Sapphire is a) because she knows Sapphire was literally made to take on someone with her abilities and survive, and b) Sapphire is kind of already acting as if they’re together, and this openness and vulnerably she displays is what encourages Ruby to return the favor. Then we just get more self-fulfilling prophecies. 

A Garnet composed of these traits, I think, would be easier to rile up than the canon-Garnet. I don’t see swap-Ruby’s self-control as deep-seated and driven as canon-Sapphire’s because she’s not using it as a means to save herself from herself, so I don’t think its influence would be as strong in the subsequent fusion. I also don’t think either Sapphire or Ruby are terribly perceptive of others in this AU, so the resulting Garnet wouldn’t be very observant and might make a lot of small, dumb mistakes that canon-Garnet would have noticed and sidestepped a while ago. I think she would probably rely on her future vision about the same, but she may also consciously bury herself in it as a tool to help herself step back whenever she feels herself getting too heated over a particular subject (something I think canon-Garnet usually does with her self-control). I’m not sure that swap-Garnet would be the best for relationship advice, either, given the givens–at least, she wouldn’t be as good about it as canon-Garnet. 

The long answer to a very short question: I think a personality-swap AU Garnet would be similar, but not precisely the same. As viewers, I think we would notice if that Garnet took the place of canon-Garnet for an episode–we might not get it right away, but we would definitely have it in our heads by the end of the 11 minutes that Garnet was not the same. 

I don’t care what anyone says, I miss Glee.

It was the best thing that ever happened to me. The Glee fandom was like a family. We would stay up late waiting to find out what the songs would be for the upcoming episodes. There was a constant throwing around of plot ideas and how our ships would work out and how RIB was going to ruin our lives next.

At one point the fanfiction became just as important to us as the show was. I remember when Little Numbers updated and how I cried at the idea of falling in love with the idea of a person. I remember when I read Welcome to Hogwarts for the first time. I remember how Go Your Own Way was such a big deal.

I was so involved with the Glee fandom that it literally felt like home to me. Every time I found out a new piece of information or read a new fic I was coming home to something.

I had never felt courage the way I did when I watched Glee.

And I truly miss that about Glee because we really were a family with one another. A really fucked up family who sometimes made each other cry. But I think in the end no matter what you shipped or what you wanted to happen, we all wanted the same outcome, and that was this stupid show to keep making us better people.

I know Glee was fucking trash towards the end, I recognize that. But it was my trash show. It was my trash show that changed my life, and everything about it was worth it in the end because it taught me some of the most valuable lessons I have ever learned.

One day when I am old I’m going to remember how Glee ruined my life in the best possible way. And whether I’m 14 or 20 or 58 or 73, I’m going to remember how this stupid show about a group of misfits in a Glee club made me realize how happy I could actually become.

So, thank you, Glee. You changed my life and taught me that being part of something special didn’t make me special, but that I was special because I was a part of it.

Misfits star Antonia Thomas cast in Channel 4’s new comedy Scrotal Recall

Antonia Thomas, best known for playing Alisha Daniels in E4 comedy-drama Misfits, is to star in new comedy Scrotal Recall, RadioTimes.com can exclusively reveal.

The six-part series from Channel 4 follows hapless Dylan Witter who must find every girl he’s ever slept with to tell them he’s contracted Chlamydia. Played by actor and singer-songwriter Johnny Flynn, Dylan is aided by best friends Evie (Thomas) and Luke (Peep Show actor Daniel Ings).

Each 30-minute episode will see him tracking down a different girl from his sexual past, forcing him to recall romantic encounters he’d much rather forget. Evie and Luke decide to help Dylan out with his “labour of love” by offering dodgy relationship advice as he uses his quest to make sense of all his past romantic car-crashes.

Channel 4 comedy’s acting deputy head Fiona McDermott said, “Scrotal Recall is a brilliantly written, modern comedy, a skilful mix of compelling love story, instantly original characters and erm….. STDs. We’re totally thrilled that we’ve got such a talented and exciting cast to ring it all to life.” “This is a unique comedy with a fantastic cast, brimming with humour, heart and mild genital discomfort,” added Murray Ferguson, chief executive for Clerkenwell Films.

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On October 3, 2014, i went to a Misfits concert with my dad, my friend, and my dad’s friend. It was a small venue and it was pretty loud but I enjoyed it. It was my first concert. I had blast and I was so happy when they played Devil’s Rain. After show, the band left but Jerry came back on stage to meet everyone. To be honest, I thought that I would never meet him, but I did! He signed my shirt and I got a photo. My dad and saw him and said:“jerry! Jerry!!” And he turned around. I asked for a photo and for him to sign my shirt. He asked if i enjoyed the show and i said that it was awesome!! I was happy that I met one of my idols. I will never forget the day i met him! It was amazing!! My dad also met the guitarist too. Best night ever? I think so!

fraybanes  asked:

Hi, do you have any recs in which Stiles and the pack (or just him) are part of a band or just sing?

band au tag

Misfits by Inell (1/1 | 3,300 | PG13)

It’s a sold out show in the biggest venue Misfits has played yet, and the crowd is awesome. Even after all these years, Stiles still can’t believe he’s getting paid to make magic on stage with his gorgeous boyfriend and the best friends anyone could ever have.

Oh we (we’re not forever), could be (you’re not the one), the best by Marishna (1/1 | 16,197 | PG13)

Derek Hale’s breakup from his band, The Hunters, was legendary. Even more so his breakup with lead singer, Kate Argent. Derek’s an amazing bass player—with a crappy attitude to match—but when the Scott McCall-fronted band Alpha gets a video audition from him to be their new bassist they can’t refuse. Even if drummer Stiles Stilinski has doubts about how well they’ll play together they can’t turn down the opportunity of a lifetime that could finally help them win the Battle of Beacon Hills and a shot at a recording contract. But that doesn’t mean he has to like the idea, or Derek Hale himself, even if he’s harbored a crush on the man since the first time he saw him step on stage. It’s just business! A shot at fame and nothing more. … Probably.

All That’s Left by Lissadiane (1/1 | 14,811 | PG13)

Derek hates people. He hates that they can’t just shut their damned mouths and listen to the music and then quietly depart the festival grounds and get drunk elsewhere. He hates when they block his way to the tour bus and pound on the windows, begging for a wave or a smile like they own part of him, just because they like his music. He hates when they touch him, like they think they get a pound of flesh with every download. They don’t – they get the song, and that should be enough for them.

In which Derek Hale is the drummer of a reasonably successful rock band who survives epically long summer festival tours by sticking to a routine and keeping to himself. Stiles, the charismatic lead singer of an up-and-coming dancecore pop punk band (whatever that means), is not meant to be part of that routine.