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10 White Dresses for Spring

Crisp, fresh and totally cool

A major trend over the last few seasons, white dresses aren’t going anywhere. An easy way to lighten up your wardrobe and brighten your mood, crisp white dresses can be worn under a blazer or cardigan for work, with a jean jacket on the weekends or on its own at the beach.

Here are 10 we recommend. 

Fit & Flare

Mesh-Paneled Fit & Flare Dress

Stripe Lace Skater Dress

Stripe seersucker fit & flare


Kimchi Blue Embroidered Bodice Halter Maxi Dress

Hampton Dress


Oh My Love Strapless Foil Mini Dress

Marrakesh Dress

Nasty Gal Helix Dress - White

Strapless Tie Waist Dress

Jessica Lace Dress

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The night had barely begun and already Armand had several of his ragged coven come to him about the strange immortal wandering the streets, beautiful, well dressed… everything a vampire needed to be to blend in with the crowds of theatre goers.

While his group of misfit vampires did dress marginally well, the theatre made money for tailors and such, not enough to portray the grandeur of Paris as such a theatre and it’s actors should.

“Bring him here!” Already agitated, but always so, never a moment of quiet for th3 redhead and now he was to play coven leader and how tiresome it became always having to become hardened to the ranting that was brought to his door by wandering immortals and how brazen they were telling the mortal world they were vampires and performing for the masses.

Armand knew very well what they did was dangerous and it was, at this moment, what kept him sane.

“Hurry now lest he slip into the night and vanish off with the shadows before morning light.”