misfits creative

I find myself far
from something

Anywhere In The World

and I ask my soul:
what is solitude?
in absence of a landscape
that could only stay silent.

And it’s something else o'clock
that sits to my right,
hands clasped to compliant caesura
before continuing on
with steps I can’t complete.

Next time, the cold could call
as a new companion
for darkness to take us
Anywhere Else.

How full this world is
of things that don’t belong
why, it’s teeming with misfits
we are everywhere
spilling out of boxes
we’d been so neatly tucked inside
we have begun to climb
up into the limbs of trees
becoming giants ourselves
huge, beautiful, glorious
bigger than the rest of the world can crush
we are rising
we will start wars
we will wage them
we will end them
everything waits for us
to grasp it for ourselves
we cannot be stopped
cannot be silenced
we are mountains
and oceans
and burning stars
we sing rebellion
breathe it
bleed it
live it
—  A.O.A.M. || New Kids

saturdayfox  asked:

3, 17, 22

3. Would you have an owl, cat, or toad?
As cool as it would be to have an owl, I just really want a fluffy kitten.
17. Who would be your best friend at Hogwarts?
I would have to say anyone from the Silver Trio - mostly because they’re wacky, creative misfits that stand up for their friends. I would garden with Neville, look after magical creatures with Luna, and make out with Ginny. But if we’re going back to the Marauder’s Era, I would definitely be best friends with Remus and Lily.
22. What is your patronus?
An elephant. They’re gentle and loyal and compassionate, all of which I value and aspire to be.



Today marks a year of living in Nashville.

Today marks a year since I had my Kickstarter fully funded.

Today I announce that I am releasing Present Tense, my favorite EP I’ve ever been fortunate enough to work on, on 09/09/2016.

Today I am proud, humbled, and excited. Oh what a year can hold!

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