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We’re young. We’re supposed to drink too much. We’re supposed to have bad attitudes and shag each other’s brains out. We are designed to party. This is it. Yeah, so a few of us will overdose or go mental. But Charles Darwin said you can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs. And that’s what it’s all about breaking eggs! And by eggs, I do mean, getting twatted on a cocktail of Class As. If you could just see yourselves! It breaks my heart. You’re wearing cardigans! We had it all. We fucked up bigger and better than any generation that came before us. We were so beautiful! We’re screw-ups. I’m a screw-up and I plan to be a screw-up until my late 20s, maybe even my early 30s.
—  Nathan Young (Misfits)
A Breakfast Club Stuckony AU

Okay do I have this idea. Imagine this. No really just picture this shit avengers style. Imagine how fun this would be! There could be three likely versions of it too.

Version One: They’re Tropily Delicious

Bad Boy Misfit: Bucky who has the life from hell with his effed up ass of a step-father Pierce. He just doesn’t give a shit anymore, a total lone wolf at school, who smokes cigarettes, has 20 tattoo’s, has a bionic metal arm and booby trapped his locker with a guillotine. He’d had a wonderful life until his mother died of pneumonia and all her children had been put in to foster care, because they had no living relatives. Now his life’s a shit storm, he spends his days working a dead end job and skipping classes to go see his three sisters, Rebbecca, Jackie(short for Jacklyn after their dad) and Winnie (short for Winfred after their mom.)

Popular Jock: Steve.The Golden boy who has ridiculous expectations piled onto him by teachers and peers and his own father. His shoulders heavy with the weight of his studies and the captain of sports teams, he sort of wants nothing to do with.  He doesn’t remember how it all got this complicated and he’s wondering if suddenly he’s become the bully, he’d always stood up to when he’d been small.

Shy Geek: Clint who is quiet and studious and likes to keep his head down and his grades up. Doesn’t want anyone to notice he can’t hear well. Doesn’t want anyone to notice he comes to school with bruises he hadn’t had the night before. He likes learning and he likes people, but people don’t seem to like him and he always seems to find himself in detention or in the school dumpster.

Popular Princess: Natasha who has been shoved into this cheerleader/ballerina (she used to love ballet too) shell by her tyrant of a step-mother when all she wants to do is ride motorcycles and do krav maga. She hates the red room squad. She’s forced to wear fake smiles and even faker appearances to keep her socialite “friends” from reporting back to her mother.

Weird Outcast: Tony the schools resident genius that puts pixie stix on his sandwich and red bull in his coffee. That no one talks to. The guy who talks to robots, AI’s and gets into trouble exploding this in the lab. Going between extremes of wild attention getter and strange recluse. He makes up wild stories (only some of them are actually true) and generally steers clear of people. Home isn’t pretty ever (fuck you Howard) since his mom died and it’s best if no one gets close.

Version Two: We’re Not in Kansas Anymore Toto: The Remix

Bad Boy Misfit: Bucky a bad attitude tattooed punk, whose job it is to feed his three sisters and make sure his dumb fuck of father doesn’t kill them and their mother. He gets in fights and rides motorcycles and generally has a bad reputation around school. He’s got scars up and down his arm from cigarette burns and long dagger marks from fights with father, but he covers them with tattoos that remind him of his sisters and his mother.

Popular Jock: Clint with an abrasive older brother figure who expects him to live up to the Barton name. Class clown, king of the archery team and general ladies man always getting into to mischief and looking for trouble. Does his best to hide that he’s hard of hearing cause he knows what happens to people who are different.

Shy Nerd: Stevie our wonder boy over here, would be skinny-steve in this one. Quite artist and picked on geek who gets shoved into lockers and picks fights with people three times his size. He’s got stand up for whats right. With a single loving mother and a hard highschool life, Steve struggles to be himself, keep his grades, up and his hope, but fuck if he ain’t trying.

Popular Princess: Tony rich unwilling socialite who is expected to rub elbows with all the right people when really he’s just an nerd who loves science and mechanics. He could give fuck all about these high straight society types. He’s bisexual and bitter about being forced into the closet, but if doesn’t Howard will beat his ass (has in the past) if he doesn’t dance to the right tune. 

Weird Outcast: Natasha an orphan, quiet and frightening girl, that twirls knives and scares the living shit out of the cheerleaders for kicks. Nobody knows where she came from or when she got there, but she has one helluva don’t fuck with me reputation.  She starts some of the crazier rumors herself, but the fear mongering and isolation can get a little lonely. Not that a damned soul is every gonna figure out she thinks that.

Version Three: Wait…. What?

Bad Boy Misfit: Steve a straight up trouble making punk. Major troll. Fighting for social justice and generally let his freak flag fly. Unrepentant bisexual and loud about. Mouths off to teachers, bully’s and anybody that stands in his way. An orphan, but he doesn’t let that bother him. Ain’t nothing and nobody that’s gonna get him down.

Popular Jock: Bucky cock-sure captain of the football and track team. Major flirt and ladies man. Well actually he’s more of a mans man, but his father has certain expectations. His mom just wants him to be happy and his three sisters sneer at their father for his homophobia, but Bucky heard his father tell his friends, that no son of his “was a fucking nancy-boy.” So Bucky has to be the tough guy in school, but he doesn’t really have the stomach for it.

Shy Nerd: Tony beaten up a lot for his love of books and all things space, science and robotics. Quiet and withdrawn, and getting close to losing his cool. Berated and hurt at home if his grades aren’t high enough (which they would all be if some of his teachers didn’t flunk him just because they hated that he was smarter than him.) Low self esteem and doesn’t have much to look forward too.

Popular Princess: Natasha cold calculating socialite that trades gossip the same way she trades knives. Schooling to be a lawyer means hard studies and sharp smiles. Friends aren’t necessary, but social networks that can be manipulated and used as easy trade are. She’s not really sure she wants to be a lawyer, but that what her parents expect and that’s really all she knows. So she’s good at what she does, a pretty shark in bloody waters.

Weird Outcast: Clint brings his dog lucky to school, hangs out with strange types and spends most of his days in the gymnasium rafters reading comic and playing game boys. He likes archery and track, but he’s sort of aloof about the whole socializing thing and somehow he always manages to end up in detention. Aww Coulson come on that was one time!

Now throw this lot all into Saturday detention together and watch the sparks fly. Romantic and probably just general sparks come to think of it. Nick is the one who supervises them.

They learn a helluva a lot from each other and form some crazy bonds, but this isn’t the last time they all meet.

Bonus Round: Other Possible Characters.

Principal: Fury cause come on, he’d be the one to care about these kind, but also kind of pigeon hole them into unrealistic expectations too.

Vice Principal: Coulson

School Counselor: Maria

Science Nerds: Jane, Rhodey, Peter and Bruce.

Jocks: Thor, Sif, Luke, Johnny Storm, Peggy, Brock, and Logan.

Misfits: Sam, Charles, Jessica Jones, Pepper, Gambit and Darcy.

Outcasts: Wade, Erik, Raven, Matt and Loki.

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intothegreatoasis  asked:

What are your thoughts on Robert Crumb and his comics?

complicated. you can’t negate or undermine his influence on & role within the underground comics scene and he’s made a lot of work i love & admire (+ he has astounding taste in music complete w/ a record collection one can only dream of.) but his body of work is rife with unavoidable themes of racism, misogyny, violence towards women, fetishization of WOC, rape fantasies, the “nice guy/ misfit” entitlement attitude..

unfortunately in my experience his fans & comic history nerds alike give him a shrug and pass. i kinda blame the crumb doc for giving him an untouchable “cool guy card” and portraying serious character flaws as.. quirky traits we can gloss over when discussing his work as a whole (like the part where they paint his objectification when drawing women as some kind of pseudo empowerment bullshit just because he depicts them as “larger” …. like please his personal fetishes have fuck all to do with respecting women)