This project is a summation of three of my favorite things in the world: Breaking Bad, color theory, and minimalist design.

Color theory has always fascinated me, mainly because of the hidden symbolism behind colors we’re exposed to every day (which I’ve touched onpreviously in regards to well-known brands & logos). The subliminal nature of color is so underlying, most times we don’t even think twice about why we do or don’t feel a certain way when certain colors are present. This is why you’ll find that a lot of restaurants incorporate red into their branding or physical environments - red is proven to inspire hunger.

Color theory is also an integral part of film & television production. In Breaking Bad, creator & executive producer Vince Gilligan made sure close attention was paid to the colors used in the show. He sites this in an interview with Vulture, saying, "Color is important on Breaking Bad; we always try to think in terms of it. We always try to think of the color that a character is dressed in, in the sense that it represents on some level their state of mind.“ In regards to Marie’s affinity for the color purple, Gilligan adds that she "would say purple is the color of royalty.”

While constructing these designs, I chose color based on this theory directly, and created minimalist icons to represent each character, which can be seen above. The original chart that inspired this project is shown above as well (SPOILERS).

Can you tell which design represents which character? Higher resolution photos can be found on our Facebook page.

Have you caught on to Misfit Genius’ color theory? Our brand’s five Values directly correspond with our five main colors: Passionate Red, Loyal Blue, Intelligent Grey, Confident Black, and Humble White.

In two weeks, we’ll be leading a scavenger hunt at Bonnaroo 2013. But before then, we want to hear from YOU! Let us know in the comments section if you or your friends are going to be be heading to #bonnaroo this year and we’ll make sure you know everything there is to know about the #misfitgenius Scavenger Hunt!


We’ve premiered the first interview as part of our ‘Think | Lead | Influence’ series.

Our first episode features Moon Taxi, an indie-progressive rock quintet from Nashville. Their vision for originality is undeniably present in their wide catalog of music. Huge thanks to Trevor, Spencer, Wes, Tyler & Tommy for the experience, and for helping us spread a positive message!

Their new album, 'Mountains Beaches Cities’ is available now!

Embrace the Misfit // Become the Genius

Our pals, Young Heirlooms, just released their first full-length album at Motr Pub in Cincinnati this past Friday, along with this exclusive print designed by yours truly! It was a huge day for them, and we’re thrilled to have gotten to share visions.

If you chase what you love, great things will happen. Promise.