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gayspaceyisus  asked:

HI THERE!:D i just followed you and I saw some of your artworks, they are so beautiful and also show a lot of emotions cause you draw the characters with a lot of expression. And your OC Douru is adorable! if it isn't a problem, can you tell me more about him? like why can he transforms into a kangaroo rat, why does he have scars? in fact his story, well, only if you want of course n.n (excuse my not so good english ó///ò)

(sorry that this reply is so late- i was held up with commission work.  your english is great, really~!)

Douru’s story is a bit complicated but the gist of it is this:

-Terrorist group unleashes chemical warfare upon areas of high GSRM (gender/sex/romance minorities) because their religious affiliation deems it unholy. The idea was to show and kill those affected for what they believe them to be: animalistic monsters. Ergo, they expected a bunch of mutated corpses.

-While the chemical did kill a lot of those people, a majority of them are alive but just mutated. They get called ‘chimeras’. Douru is one of those. Some can revert back to a more human form, but at least one trait is permanent (for douru- it’s his tail). 

-After the initial onslaught, there is a steep rise in chimera violence. They were already on shaky ground to begin with, but the added violence solidifies the mindset that ‘Chimeras are no longer human and will give into animal urges. They are dangerous and need to be locked up or killed.’ It doesn’t help that his world has vicious creatures in the first place, so it seems all the more important to do so.

-So, they decide to act upon that mindset. They kill/lock up the chimeras into special facilities. Those facilities are designed to either help them ‘resist urges’, to experiment on them in the hope that they’ll change them back to humans, or to put down those who they believe are beyond hope.

-Douru feels this harmful idea has little basis, and wants to prove the humanity of chimeras. Unfortunately, he’s not in a position to ‘talk’ the general populace into it. So he tries to prove it in his actions. Ergo, protecting people, fighting crime, and taking down monsters. The more he’s seen in control of himself and doing good, the more it increases his chances, and the chimera’s chances, to actually be treated as a rational beings. The scars he gets are a result of the job. Still, he’s just a homeless, stubborn teenager; he’s got a looong way to go.

As for the transformation, he controls it- but’s really painful. Think of it like a looot of cells mutating/regenrating/dying off at a great speed, and the reaction causes friction and heat, so it feels kinda like boiling. When steam rolls off him during the switch, it’s literally because he’s loosing all those cells into the air. And once he’s started transforming, he can’t call it off. He can try to delay it for a short while, but the reaction does charge ahead. Once fully changed he can go back but if he does it too much, he can overheat and make himself sick.