Misfit Appreciation Day 2017

Tomorrow is Misfit Appreciation day. A fun little day, created by my favorite Happy Sorceress where we have some fun and draw up fanart and the like for the DC character Charlie Gage-Radcliff, AKA Misfit, the fun and happy teleporting girl created by Gail Simone. Every year, I’ve been posting era-themed covers for it, starting in the 1940s and working my way up to modern day.

It’s kinda funny really. I’ve drawn Misfit so much these last few years that I feel I should have done a comic with her or something. LIke a fan comic thing or something.

I mentioned this last year, but I think I’ll just repeat it here. The idea here is that when the Flashpoint happened, and the DC Universe was shifting into it’s current incarnation, Misfit was teleporting (or bouncing) at the exact same time, and ended up getting hurtled through space and time, as seen in Cover #1. So she’s been attempting to bounce her way back home, decade by decade.

But for now, here’s the previous six covers I did for it.

The kickoff with MIsfit in Time


The Golden Age of the 1940s


The EC Comics era of the 1950s


A Jim Steranko inspired cover from the 1960s


Returning to a darker era with the Bronze Age of the 1970s


And lastly, the surreal of the 1980s British Invasion of the 1980s


For this year, we’re at the 1990s, which is pretty important to me, because it’s the year where I started drawing comics and decided that this comic book thing is what I wanted to do with my life. So I themed the cover based on the most influential comic series ever on my art.

More on that tomorrow.

*cue Shirley Walker music*