misery loves family


favorite once upon a time moments | 17/??

2.06, emma swan and snow white.

Nobody knows that side of you
your 3AM side
the self-loathing, suicidal side
when you’re on your bed
facing your wall
crying silently
because you just know you’re not good enough
because the boy you loved with all your heart chose someone else
or because your father is an abusive man and you hear your mom crying everyday about it
because your ‘best friend’ isn’t the best after all
because not only that
but your depressing thoughts as well are included
and then it all ends with a cold smile
and a mere whisper that says,
“what’s there to like in me anyway”
and you drift away to sleep
wishing you’d never wake up.
—  Alaa Almansouri

m o d e r n  r o y a l s  a u : for taylor

“I’m sorry I–” The princess turns at the sound of the opening door and meets his gaze. “Oh, it’s you.”

Her voice went from genteel to snobbish in a matter of seconds. Her coral lips are pursed and there’s that frown again on her face, the one reserved only for him.

“What are you doing here?” Caroline demands. She’s changed from the ceremonial dress she has on earlier to a more casual one and yet looking no less than the blue blood that she is.

She looks piqued. She looks beautiful.

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JUST A SAD SONG (with nothing to say)
|| a harry osborn mix ||

A mix for a sad, trashy, rich kid driven by desperation and fear. For a good person driven bad by terrible circumstances. For a boy who was afraid to die, but unafraid to fight to stay alive. This one’s for you. { listen }

Disloyal Order of Water Buffaloes – Fall Out Boy“ detox just to retox and i’d promise you anything for another shot at life ” // Kill All Your Friends – My Chemical Romance“ so tell me all about your problems, i was killin before killin was cool ” // The Politics of Holy Shit I Just Cut My Hand On A Bottle – Johnny Hobo“ i’m here beating up on you, cause i’m just drunk enough to be sure that i’m ready to die ” // One Song Glory – Rent (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)“ find the one song before the virus takes hold, glory, like a sunset ” // Far Too Young To Die – Panic! at the Disco“ give me one last kiss while we’re far too young to die, we’re far too young to die ” // 27 – Fall Out Boy“ my mind is a safe, and if i keep it in we all get rich. my body is an orphanage, we take everyone in ” // Runs In The Family – Amanda Palmer“ if wellness is this what in hell’s name is sickness? but business is business and business runs in the family ” // Misery Loves Company – Emilie Autumn“ pray for me you fucker if you fucking dare” // Nails For Breakfast, Tacks For Snacks – Panic! at the Disco“ prescribed pills to offset the shakes to offset the pills you know you should take it a day at a time ” // Give Me Novacaine – American Idiot Broadway Cast“ drain the pressure from the swelling, this sensation’s overwhelming ” // Disenchanted [Live] – My Chemical Romance“ you’re just a sad song with nothing to say about a lifelong wait for a hospital stay ” // Searching For A Former Clarity – Against Me! “ despite everyone you ever meet or love, in the end will you be all alone? ” // Spotlight (Oh, Nostalgia) – Patrick Stump“ they might try to tell you how you can live your life, but don’t forget it’s your right to do whatever you like ”

See this face? This is my immediate reaction when I came out to my aunt as a lesbian and found out she was totally supportive and loves me. And that most of the family just kinda had a feeling I was and has my back the entire time. How could you not pick a persons joy over misery?! I love my family and I’ve never felt more loved.