misery is my name


As a fair warning to everyone listening to this song
I advise you to not hide your feelings
Don’t pretend to be okay when you’re not okay
Don’t pretend to be happy when you’re sad
It’ll only lead to your misery

Dont you fucking hate it when you hear my name?
I feel the same and when you hear this you gon feel the pain
And all these niggas that you fuckin with get away
But girl I know you think about it almost everyday
And I’ll be honest I be jealous of these niggas, true
How you feelin with these niggas that you talk to?
Captivated by your mind and your walk too
Can’t replace you with these bitches that I talk to
They say “lust is love” we had trust, what’s good?
I should’ve held you close
Should’ve kept you warm
And when the rain is fallin, wonder who you call
Dont pray to god, you rather drive your car
Dont talk
Pretend it don’t hurt
Repent, I won’t stomp, my feet in a rage
My nigga I’m no chump
This issue is I crave you, hate you
You think I rip the wings off of my fuckin angel
It don’t hurt, damn

I’ll forever be the, i’ll forever be the elephant in the room
I’ll always love you, i’m sorry

taken from the book  ‘ the gay science ’  by friedrich nietzsche

❛ their whole nature fails to persuade ❜
❛ they have never remained silence about any of their good deeds ❜
❛ he always carries a biscuit for cerberus ❜
❛ either we have no dreams or our dreams are interesting ❜
❛ let those who have ears, hear ❜
❛ before the effect one believes in different causes than one does afterward ❜
❛ anyone with a very loud voice is almost incapable of thinking subtleties ❜
❛ the purpose of punishment is to improve those who punish ❜
❛ the sacrificial animal does not share the spectators’ ideas about sacrifice ❜
❛ our eyes are also intended for hearing ❜
❛ the mistrustful speak empathetically ❜
❛ how can one constantly admire without constantly feeling contempt? ❜
❛ is that not a blasphemy against your ideal? ❜
❛ in applause there is always a kind of noise ❜
❛ they are running away from people ❜
❛ one hears only those questions for which one is able to find answers ❜
❛ they know how to make things simpler than they are ❜
❛ this is by all means a matter of taste, nothing more ❜
❛ i’d sooner have people steal from me than be surrounded by scarecrows & hungry looks ❜
❛ thoughts are the shadows of our feelings ❜
❛ all voices sound different in solitude ❜
❛ who has had the most convincing eloquence so far? ❜
❛ i spoil the taste of their party for everyone ❜
❛ some people need open enemies ❜
❛ they are in a bad way ❜
❛ we are always only in our own company ❜
❛ in a moment they will be ready with a lie ❜
❛ in the end one finds more than one might have wished ❜
❛ why not be defeated some time too? ❜
❛ all is lost if we fall ❜
❛ you have no idea what you are living through ❜
❛ to have a virtue one must really wish to have it in its most brutal form ❜
❛ happiness is not nearly so contagious a disease ❜
❛ even one’s thoughts cannot reproduce entirely in words ❜
❛ there is no selflessness in my soul ❜
❛ you are beyond all embarrassment ❜
❛ i do not want to have people imitate my example ❜
❛ no victor believes in chance ❜
❛ what we do is never understood ❜
❛ those who have greatness are cruel to their virtues ❜
❛ with a great goal one is superior even to justice ❜
❛ you shall become the person you are ❜
❛ what do you love in others? ❜
❛ i still live, i still think ❜
❛ we were friends and have become estranged ❜
❛ few people have faith in themselves ❜
❛ there is yet another world to be discovered — and more than one ❜
❛ at the very bottom of my soul i feel grateful to all my misery ❜
❛ i have given a name to my pain ❜
❛ one must learn to love ❜

As a fair warning to everyone listening to this song
I advise you to not hide your feelings
Don’t pretend to be okay when you’re not okay
Don’t pretend to be happy when you’re sad
It’ll only lead to your misery

Don’t you fucking hate it when you hear my name?
I feel the same and when you hear this you gon’ feel the pain
And all these niggas that you fuckin with to get away
But girl I know you think about it almost everyday
And I’ll be honest I be jealous of these niggas, true
How you feelin with these niggas that you talk to?
Captivated by your mind and your walk too
Can’t replace you with these bitches that I talk to
They say “lust is love” we had trust, what’s good?
I should’ve held you close
Should’ve kept you warm
And when the rain is fallin’, wonder who you call
Don’t pray to god, you rather drive your car
Don’t talk
Pretend it don’t hurt
Repent, I won’t stomp, my feet in a rage
My nigga I’m no chump
This issue when I crave you, hate you
You think I’d rip the wings off of my fuckin angel
It don’t hurt, damn

[it’ll be alright soon]
I’ll forever be the, I’ll forever be the elephant in the room
I’ll always love you, i’m sorry
m!as that seem good at this time...
  • ~Four m!a lists taken from various m!a lists, all are not created by the mun, all duplicates are not on the list~
  • !One!
  • Hear No Evil: Muse is deaf. (Anon states how long)
  • See No Evil: Muse is blind. (Anon states how long)
  • Speak No Evil: Muse is mute. (Anon states how long)
  • Ghost: Muse is found 'dead' and they must watch their loved ones mourn. Lasts for (anon decides) until muse comes back.
  • Remember: Muse will suffer Memory Loss for 2 Days
  • Switch: Muse has to switch gender for (Anon decides how long)
  • Hallucination: Muse sees things for (Anon decides)
  • !Two!
  • SCP-006 — Fountain of Youth: Muse becomes a child.
  • SCP-070 — Iron Wings: Muse has the ability to fly for short periods of time
  • SCP-077 — Rot Skull: Muse becomes ill! (Anon specifies out of these symptoms: nausea, cramps, headache, dizziness, incontinence, fever, skin rashes, or nosebleeds)
  • !Three!
  • Cardiac: Your character starts showing the signs of a heart attack.
  • Shrapnel: Your character has been shot in the (anon specified). (Someone can come forward as the shooter, otherwise attack is case of mistaken identity.)
  • Bitten: Your character has been bitten by an animal.
  • Snap: Your character has broken their limb. (Anon specify limb broken.)
  • Flesh Wound: Your character is bleeding from the (anon specified).
  • Scrambled: Your character has a bit of head trauma and is confused.
  • Fever: Your character is suffering from a high fever.
  • Scars: Any old scars your character has have started to burn.
  • Chill: Icy to the touch, your character cannot seem to get warm.
  • Wheeze: Your character gradually feels unable to breathe.
  • !Four!
  • Gift: What's this! Muse found something strange on their doorstep and must keep it with them for at least six hours. Anon decides what it is they find.
  • Wings: You can fly! Muse sprouts wings for up to a maximum of two weeks. Anon gets to choose how big they are( chicken wings anyone?)
  • Glass: I knew those mime classes would pay off someday! Muse is stuck in an invisible 'glass box' for any duration the anon chooses.
  • Chaos: It's a mad house! A mad house I say! Muse's personality gets flipped backwards for three days. The timid turn mighty, the charismatic turn into downers, and straight characters get to kiss a girl/boy and like it.
  • Sin: Put this and one of the seven sins in muse's ask box, and they'll be consumed by it for five days. Gluttony, lust, pride, envy, greed, sloth, and wrath. Pick your poison~
  • Mirror: Muse turns into a narcissist for 24 hours. If they see another muse of the same character they have to flirt with them at least once.
  • Skin: Take it off! Muse's clothes have gone missing for any duration of the anon's choosing up to one week!
  • Child: Do you know where my Mommy is? Muse turns into a toddler for a week.
  • Lie: Oh no, Pinocchio! Muse can't lie for however long anon decides.
  • Master: Muse must be submissive and give into any demands they're given for 5 hours. I'll do anything to please you...Master.
  • Mask: Costume party? Muse is stuck wearing a costume of the anons choice for a up to a week.
  • Secret: Muse cannot speak the truth for 24 hours, thinking they'll let slip an important secret! Hide the documents!
  • Cold: I'm covered in purple spots! Muse is sick for the next week. Anon decides how severe the illness is and what symptoms.
  • Twisted: Muse is turned into an evil version of themselves, or if bad, they turn good. Through the looking glass.
  • Fall: Oh no, a cliff hanger! Muse if trapped on the side of a cliff or somewhere high up with no way of escaping. Lasts for 3 days.
  • Pale: Muse becomes a vampire (and not the sparkly variety) for 3 days. Anon gets to decide if they are the regular blood sucking variety, or if they crave something different. Well this sucks.
  • Joy: I have cancer?Hurray! Muse is extremely peppy/hyperactive and reacts to everything in an inappropriately happy way.
  • Pain: Muse is in an extremely large amount of pain for no apparent or fixable reason. Put me out of my misery.
  • Fear: Anon gets to name something, and muse will have an extremely debilitating phobia of it for one week. Bonus points if it's something ridiculous.

strange magic sentence starters 

– “ So that’s how you react to a near death experience? “
– “ Well, so much for being king. ” 
– “ You’re saying I need a love potion? ”
– “ I wish there was some way to make her love me again! ”
– “  He loves the crown. And his hair. And not in that order. ”
– “  You’ll be a stronger ruler with a king at your side. ”
– “  I promise, if I meet a guy out there who takes my hand, and looks me in the eyes, and I don’t wanna hit him, I’ll consider it.” 
– “  I’m not in a “ha-ha” frame of mind. I’m in an “ah!” frame of mind. ”
– “ If you don’t keep your mouth shut, I’m gonna rip your wings off, my pretty little fairy princess.”
– “  Oh, no. What did she fall in love with? ”
– “  Oh, no! Not another princess! Well, at least you don’t sing… ”
– “  I wanted a wedding. Now I’m getting’ a funeral! ”
– “  Sugar pie, honey bunch! You know that I love you… ”
– “ You’re going like that? Good luck being asked to dance. ”
– “  I think I love you. “
– “  My middle name is misery. ”
– “ My hair is doing that thing we both love. “
– ”  What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. ”


Levi x Reader – Post-Cleaning Tea

It felt like you had been cleaning the same spot on the floor for hours. No matter how hard you tried, your incessant scrubbing seemed to make no difference – the thing looked pristine to you. Your back ached, your stomach growled and your arms burned, but you knew better than to complain about it. After all, all of these things were preferable to incurring the wrath of Corporal Levi. No one had ever outright disobeyed him when they were told to redo an area, no matter how good of a job they thought they’d done. Everyone had simply learned to trust that Levi could see things that the rest of you couldn’t. You didn’t know what he would do if they didn’t listen to him.

And to be quite honest, you didn’t want to know.

Still, things weren’t so bad. It was pretty funny to see Olou and Petra bickering as usual as he tried to imitate Levi’s “badass” nature; even though the thought of him pulling it off made you a little sick to your stomach. And the talk of a new kid joining the squad who could turn into a titan – it brought a fresh buzz of excitement to the atmosphere that all of you were in desperate need of.

“We’re done for now, come downstairs so we can discuss plans,” said a familiar flat voice.

Multiple heads turned at once to face the small, stoic man, and several sighs of relief could be heard from all around. It was finally time to discuss what was on everyone’s mind: the case of Eren Jaegar. The proud veterans themselves poured into a large room with stone walls. Each of you took a seat surrounding a long wooden table and waited patiently for the corporal to lead the discussion.

“Alright, we need to figure out what we’re gonna do with this Jaegar kid,” he spoke. “That is, if we even get him here anytime soon. By the looks of it, Erwin and I will have our hands full trying to convince the head of the court to allow it.”

A slightly dejected atmosphere fell among everyone at the table. Surely the head of the court must allow him to join; it’s too dangerous to send him anywhere else. The only other option would be to kill him, which even the cowardly government must realise would be a huge loss to humanity. Everyone took turns explaining their thoughts towards the subject, and how they thought they would deal with the issue of him not being able to control his power. Well, the rest of them took turns. They presented so much conflicting information that instead of contributing you decided to sit back and consider the options.

After about thirty minutes of discussion, Hanji burst in the door frantically. An audible groan could be heard from the table and they leaped forward, demanding to be filled in on everything that you talked about.

“I don’t like repeating myself,” said Levi. “[Name], you give a recap. I’ll stay and make sure you get the details right. Everyone else is dismissed.”

The other members left the table and scattered, while you were left to deal with Hanji’s incessant questions. It only took about ten minutes to explain the issues at hand, but the time would’ve doubled if not for Levi dryly shutting down their extra comments. Finally, Hanji decided that they had to go pour over Eren’s reports, and they sprinted towards the door.

With no one left to fill the room with conversation, you were left to sit in the slightly uncomfortable silence with Levi. You pretended to be lost in thought as you sat with your head in your hands, the only sound being Levi sipping from his cup every few seconds. As interesting as Levi seemed to be, it was hard to make conversation with him. His presence is so potent; it could be almost stifling at times.

“What are you looking at?” Levi said over the rim of his cup.

“S-sorry, I was just…thinking,” you replied quickly.

You felt a small twinge of embarrassment rising in your stomach. How did you not realise how obvious it was that you were looking right at him? You kicked yourself internally for being so stupid.

“Tell me, [Name], do you have a plan?” he said, cutting off your thoughts.

“A plan?” you asked.

“If we managed to defeat the titans and go beyond the walls, what would you do?” he replied.

You looked at him in confusion for a moment. Why would he be asking you this? That kind of speculative talk was usually reserved for the naïve trainees, not Levi himself.

“I don’t know…” you replied. “Honestly having the ability to go out and explore the outside world without living with the fear that I could be ripped apart by titans at any second; it’s something most citizens have dreamt of for years. To think that it could be a reality…I haven’t thought any further than that.”

Both of you paused for a moment, and you thought about what you said. You figured your answer was pretty generic, but it really was what you thought about the situation. There was no point in wishful thinking if you couldn’t even guarantee you’d make it to next year.

Levi took another sip from his cup and placed it on the table.

“I don’t have anyone to go back to,” he said bluntly.

You furrowed your brow as he continued to speak.

“I’m inclined to agree with you, [Name]. My life has been misery after misery. I’ve lost everything and rebuilt myself multiple times now. The world is ruthless; it’ll take everything away from you in the blink of an eye.”

“Yeah…” you replied, lowering your head. “I can’t pretend to understand what you went through. My relatives are scattered around Wall Rosé, and who knows what’s happened to them.” You grit your teeth. “It’s not like I can return to them anyway, I made my decision coming here and I’m going to stick it out to the end.”

“I said I was inclined to agree with you, not that I did,” Levi spoke again.

You raised your head slightly and gave him a confused look. He continued,

“Losing everything and rebuilding myself didn’t make me want to avoid ever trying again. I’m sure you’ve noticed with how I interact with the squad that I’m quite fond of all of you. I’ve decided that as humans, we always need a reason to continue working. A goal. A target. A person. In other words…”

Slowly, Levi lifted his cup and held it at chin level.

“I could give you something to come home to.”

He took a sip.

You stared at him incredulously.

“W-what do you mean–” you began, only to be cut off by him placing his arms on your shoulders. He looked into your eyes and smirked, saying:

“Let’s do this again sometime.”

Copied straight from Discord, rambling about Strange Magic

*wakes up with sudden realization* through the song lyrics referenced, during the scene where the bog king and Marianne are making fun of people in love, they’re both making fun of their past selves in a way that’s really subtle because that whole scene makes it seem like they’re mainly making fun of other people (which they definitely are, but the scene is now surprisingly about subtly venting to someone about their pain involving love and getting validation from someone that they’re allowed to be in pain, that’s the subtle reason for why their romantic music number is immediately after this scene: they’re the only people in the world that have found their pained responses to their hurt about love *valid* whereas everyone else has basically told them both to get over it, you’re being weird Marianne/Bog).

Marianne is making fun of herself by referencing Can’t Help Falling In Love with You, which is the first music number we see her sing at the very beginning of the movie where she’s hopelessly in love with Roland. For her, that song and lyrics now refers to her own weakness, blindness, and pain hence why later in the jail she starts wincing and putting her hands over her ears when the love dusted critters are singing it loudly. This is reinforced later, when Marianne switches songs at the end to Wild thing to confess to Bog, who himself starts with Can’t Help Falling In Love with You because he’s mirroring everything else since he’s not secure enough to try his own thing.

What made me realize that they were making fun of themselves was Bog’s reference in that scene where they’re making fun of love: one of Bog’s signature music numbers is a heavily modified version of Elvis Presley’s Trouble. It’s the one where he goes “Because I’m evil, my middle name is misery” the one where he overcompensates because his rep is that he’s the evil king of the dark forest, but every instance we see he’s not actually that bad. During the scene where they’re making fun of love, they reference Can’t Help Falling In Love but then Bog makes a weird transition while plucking petals out of a flower: “it’s like their middle names are misery”. That sat funny with me on my last watch of Strange Magic, but it’s what clicked that that scene is entirely them venting about how they feel about love and their past selves when they were in love. This makes the sudden transition after the Sugar Plum Fairy tells the story about how Bog messed up with the love potion, where Marianne offers up a vague history of her time with Roland, less surprising: rather than just comforting someone who is obviously hurt by having his scars thrown open and poured salt in the wounds, Marriane is also offering comfort to the one person in the entirety of the world who has ever approved of her choices.

*bats movie over the head* stop! Making me! Feel! Things!

I’m really upset that I can’t find a video of that scene because *it’s such a good scene!!!!*

Hey guys!

I’m opening a few slots for video commissions. If you always wanted to see a video for a certain fandom/pairing/character/song - here’s your chance to get it and in the process you will help me out immensely!

I’m charging ~ 20$ for every 30 seconds of a video. The price is negotiable, depending on what kind of video/fandom you want (e.g.a Supernatural video would cost more than a video for a movie, because I would have to go through 12 seasons of footage rather than just a two hour movie, you get the idea). That way a 2:30 video (i.e. a full length trailer) would cost approximately 100$ and a video for a full length song around 140-160$

So far I’ve made videos for Supernatural, Captain America/Marvel, Sherlock BBC, Doctor Who, Merlin, Elementary, White Collar, Daredevil, other tv shows and a bunch of different movies. I’m willing to try a lot of new things, though it might take me some time to watch a tv show/movie if I’m not familiar with it. I’ve made general videos, character studies, trailers for fics (fun times!), a couple of crack videos (though let’s face it: blood and tears and general misery is my jam), promo videos, you name it.

Paying is via paypal only.

If you have any questions please contact me here on tumblr, on youtube or via e-mail: loki-toki at hotmail dot com

I will love you forever for reblogging this ♥

Thank you in advance!


anonymous asked:

This fandom definitely influenced me. I was enjoying a Kiss concert with my Dad on TV today and I was constantly imagining Megamind in those outfits. That’s absolutely something he would wear. So you can go crazy with his outfits on the Rock star AU. Also, did you came up with the AU, because the creators designed him after Alice Cooper and thought: “If villains were Rock stars…” ?


I actually didn’t know he was designed after Alice Cooper until I’d already, re-watching the movie, had the thought “His aesthetic is very 80s rock star, isn’t it?”

And then I found out about the Alice Cooper thing and was pleased! :D

It’s not just the clothes, it’s also the whole presentation thing–the smoke and lights and the entrance music…

And it’s…Megamind’s whole “I’m bad, I’m so bad, the baddest boy of them all, I’m so dangerous, so evil–”

Classic rock is all about that. 

(–bad to the bone; I’m evil, my middle name is misery; I’m a bad boy for breaking her heart; I’m wanted dead or alive; I’m dirty, mean and mighty unclean, I’m a wanted man, public enemy number one; bad company ‘till the day I die; don’t give a damn about my bad reputation; sympathy for the devil–)


There was also a post going around a while back about how a lot of people headcanon Megamind as very musically gifted, and I thought–

In a universe where Wayne never became Metro Man, Megamind wouldn’t need to be a supervillain

But Megamind clearly loves performing, loves the spectacle of the lights and the smoke and the screaming guitars in the background. Music, specifically, is very important to him; he plans his entrances around it.

The part at the beginning of the movie where his face comes up on the giant screens, and the part on the courthouse steps, and the megamind head made out of brainbots all look like something from an AC/DC concert I went to.

(and Megamind and Metro Man’s rivalry would be nicely echoed in the musical rivalry of Megamind and Music Man!)


Originally posted by oh-prankster

**credit to original owner of gif  ヽ(^◇^*)/

pairing: xiumin x reader

word count: 1.6k
request: can you do a guardian angel xuimin scenario where he falls in love with you please? thanks!
a/n: writing about my bias is so fun man… I should do it more  I know it’s a bit short but I didn’t wanna drag on ++ he doesn’t go out like bro I’m an angel it’s just small hints :)))

Do you ever get that feeling that someone is watching you over your shoulder? Not as in, reading your texts or creeping on your books that you read, but watching you. Looking out for you and caring for you in a way that isn’t defensive, but instead more protective.

When you wake up in the middle of the night after having a bad dream or one of those god-awful feelings that someone’s watching you from the dark spot in the corner of your room, do you begin to feel comforted by the cool breeze around you? Even though nothing is there, something is there behind the lack of experiences you get from your senses.

Do you ever get those feelings that tell you not to do something or not to go somewhere, and then those feelings end up saving your life? They’re strange. The strangest of them all, really. Because there’s no explanation to why you didn’t want to go into that corner shop you go to every morning on that particular day when a man went inside with that gun. Final Destination-esque? No, you didn’t have a premonition.

But there’s nothing else in this world other than us, you finished your text, so I must be following my intuition quite well.

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As requested by Anonymous.

Based on this imagine found at @imaginexhobbit

Kili x Reader

Warnings: Game playing and a bunch of Dwarven buttheads.

Word count: 1,937

Chances are, had you known what he was saying to you, you would have come up with a fitting retort in a blink, but as it was, there was no way in creation that you could divine the meaning of word he used when referring to you. For weeks now, he has been calling you… well… you aren’t particularly sure, but you know it can’t be good if any combination of the Company chuckles every time he uses the word.

“But what does that mean?” you had implored of Fili not two days ago when you finally caved to the burning curiosity within you.

“What does what mean?” he had asked, though you were certain he had heard you perfectly.


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*at the Curtis household*

(Y/N): Hey Darry?

Darry: Yeah?

(Y/N): Would you mind it if I put on a record?

Darry: (Y/N), I don’t care what you do.

(Y/N): Thanks!

While sitting on the floor beside the record player, you begin searching through the records Darry has.

Dally: Say hot stuff, whatcha gonna play?

(Y/N): I don’t k- whoa Darry! You have an Elvis Presley record?! Since when! you leap to your feet with the record in your hands

Ponyboy: Actually, it’s mine. Sodapop got it for me for my birthday.

Sodapop: He’s played that thing so many times, it’s bound break if you take it out of its holder; well actually, it’s usually Two-Bit who plays that thing nonstop.

Johnny: Every single time we’re here, he plays that same fucking record…

(Y/N): I don’t care, I’m putting it on.

You put on the record and it starts to play Elvis Presley’s song Trouble. You start to dance like a fool when you hear a voice louder than the music start to sing to the song. The voice gets closer with every line.

Two-Bit: “My Daddy was a green-eyed mountain jack! Because I’m evil, my middle name is misery. Well I’m evil, so don’t you mess around with me!

(Y/N): Two-Bit?! Is that you?

Two-Bit: Nah baby, it’s the king!

You whirl around to see that you are now face to face with Two-Bit. He grabs your hand and you two start to dance.

Steve: Well look what we have here… Elvis and his new Priscilla…

(Y/N): as you and Two-Bit are dancing… hey, you can shut your trap Randle because you’re just jealous.

Steve: Jealous?! Are you out of your mind? I’m not jealous!

(Y/N): Well, I can make ya jealous…

Steve: Oh yeah? How?

(Y/N): Like this…

You cup Two-Bit’s face in your hands and give him a long passionate kiss on his face which causes him to stop singing and kiss you back. You get into it and fall onto the couch where Ponyboy and Johnny beat it out of there.

Johnny: Now that’s just gross…

Darry: Get a room. I don’t care where you do it, just not on my couch!

You quit sucking each others faces off and continue to dance to Elvis all throughout the Curtis household while the other boys laughed and watched in amusement.

Two-Bit: I never knew you like The King…

(Y/N): I never knew you could kiss or sing like that.

Two-Bit: Well… ya wanna know another thing I like besides Elvis?

(Y/N): What?

Two-Bit: You.

(Y/N): Hmmm… I don’t know if I feel the same way.

Two-Bit: What?!

(Y/N): I don’t just like you Two-Bit, I love you.

Two-Bit: Ya know what? You’re right. You see… I don’t really know my adjective’s and verbs and all that fun stuff very well and the only good sentence I properly know how to say without any grammar mistakes is…

He twirls you around and dips you closely to the ground. He looks you straight in you (Y/E/C) and says to you with a slight grin.

Two-Bit: Will you be my girl?

(Y/N): Absolutely…

Catching Up

This ficlet is part of the Jamie Through the Stones AU which starts with Third Time’s the Charm.

This ficlet is a direct continuation from Acquaintances Renewed

My Fanfiction Master List

Available on AO3 as Written in the Stones

This Outlander canon divergence AU ficlet alludes to information/events that appear in Voyager.

Let me know what you think.

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I am the haunted

I am the Haunted
Dead and Unwanted
Yet they follow me
Into the sea
Calling my name
Sweet Misery

They follow me
Seeking the answers
Secretly killing the masters
Behind their lies

They follow me
Into the sea
Calling my name
Sweet misery

Killing the answers killing the masters
In a sea of dishonesty

The light is fading
Shrouded in deceit

I am the haunted
Dead and unwanted
Still they follow me
Into the sea
Calling my name
Sweet misery

I am the hunted
Dead and unwanted
And that is shall ever be
Hiding the truth inside my soul

They follow me
Into the sea
Calling my name
Sweet misery

So I let them follow
Leading them to the watery hollow
Where they now realize
That their treacherous duplicity
Has solemnly sealed their fate
They shall dwell here with me
In this their watery grave
For all of eternity

They follow me into the sea
Calling my name
Sweet Misery

Boys Will Be Boys
Ezio Auditore; Vieri de' Pazzi
Boys Will Be Boys

Ezio: Insieme per la vittoria! (We stand together!)

Insieme! (Together!)

Ezio: Silenzio (Silence), my friends. Silenzio! (Silence!)

Grazie.(Thank you.)

Do you know what brings us here tonight? HONOR! Vieri de’ Pazzi slanders my family’s name and forces his own miseries upon us. If w–

Vieri: Enough of your nonsense, grullo! (idiot!)

Ezio: Buona sera, Vieri! We were just talking about you. I’m surprised to see you here. I thought the Pazzi hired others to do their dirty work.

Vieri: It’s your family that cries for guards when there’s trouble, codardo! (coward!) Afraid to handle things yourself?

Ezio: Your sister seemed quite satisfied with the ‘handling’ I gave her earlier.

Vieri: Uccidetelo! (Kill him!)

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