misery designs


So I guess since it was mentioned in the last reblog, it might be the appropriate time to post these! These where for my Drawing in Motion/Figure Drawing final, an anatomical study of an original design. I chose Happy and Merry’s human form because I thought Siamese twins would be fun to try to figure out? Hope you guys like <33

thelandofberk  asked:

Hiccstrid 24, because we all need more daddy!hiccup and mommy!astrid.

My child

Hiccup drummed charcoal smudged fingers across the blueprints so that soft dots outlined the project like flower petals.  His tongue twisted in his mouth as he stared and thought. The new dragon Berk recently acquired was a misery to design saddles for, but the vision was clear in his head. He just had to work out the kinks and it would be possible. Finding a rider to test it out would prove more difficult.

He might have already completed the basic outline if he were in his room at the forge.  But Garik had an ear infection and Astrid put her foot down on late nights out.  She was right, of course.  The saddle wasn’t even a priority to the village, simply a priority to him. Something he had to get out of his head before the working concept slipped away.

He had so many other things to plan and do and think about. His mind never slept.  Crap, he nearly forgot—

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