misery designs


So I guess since it was mentioned in the last reblog, it might be the appropriate time to post these! These where for my Drawing in Motion/Figure Drawing final, an anatomical study of an original design. I chose Happy and Merry’s human form because I thought Siamese twins would be fun to try to figure out? Hope you guys like <33

i had a really bad day at work but I came home and read some really nice tags on my art and like… im so happy….. you’re all so nice…..

Just something quick before school tomorrow! After re-listening to my old Animaniacs playlist, I really wanted to revamp Sick just a bit, just to refine him a bit more.

Just flat colors and simple inks. I got to mess around with the stabilizer in SAI a bit too, that was pretty neat I must say!

So here is Sick’s updated design!

“Thank you for having me – I wrote [my speech] down because I was afraid I would make eye contact with Beyonce and forget everything,” Williams joked, nodding to the fact that Queen B was among the music and industry luminaries in the audience. “This the greatest honor I could receive, because this is the legacy I want to leave. To be in a band with my two best friends and never do anything that was something we didn’t want to do. It’s an amazing and powerful thing to be celebrated for who you are. There are a lot of girls who never feel that way, and I want to spend my life making them seen and heard.” –Hayley Williams accepting the 2014 Billboard Women in Music honor for Trailblazer of the Year.