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More casual reminders [Cosette Edition]:

  • Cosette spent almost five of her most formative years surviving really horrendous abuse (physical, mental, and emotional) and wondering if she even had a mother…
  • …but she grew up into the most loving character in the entire story because she loved Valjean like mad (and saved him from misery and despair).
  • Cosette is probably the most feminine character you will ever meet; she loves soft, pretty things like flowers and butterflies and small animals and thinks she’s the queen of her garden (she is).
  • She’s a total fashionista and went on a crusade to become the best-dressed woman in Paris (and succeeded)…
  • …but she’s also charitable and kind and almost never selfish [and even if she was a little selfish, who could blame her?] She probably spends way more time giving alms than shopping.
  • Since her father won’t take care of himself, she just spends so much time with him that he’s forced to stay warm and eat good bread.
  • For months, she spends hours making bandages for Marius (and crying) every day until her hands are raw even though they won’t let her see him.
  • She goes after what she wants and takes it, and refuses to feel guilty about being happy and in love.
  • But she still ends up heartbroken and lonely because, after Valjean dies, she has no one in the world besides Marius. She doesn’t get a “happily ever after,” either.