misery christmas

What the heck

What the heeeeeeck

I booted up Cave Story and got Christmas.

She’ll put coal in your stocking.


Alright, that’s just creepy clown levels of freaky.

He won’t save his sister, but he’ll make sure to keep warm.

And you wonder why you can’t catch any fish.

Took me forever to realize he was supposed to be Rudolph.

Marking signs with presents creates the opposite effect of a danger sign, Doc.

I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa 2/2

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You guys have been so good to me with the first part to this little sequel ‘I saw Mommy kissing Santa”. I hope you guys enjoy this one.

Summary: It’s Christmas day and nobody is prepared for what’s gonna happen.  Reader x Sebastian

Warning: Fluff and some smut oh boy.

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symmrat christmas headcanon

Junkrat does all the Christmas shopping.  Malls are unpleasant at the best of times for Satya but malls at Christmas are nothing short of nightmarish; she does as much Christmas shopping as she can much earlier in the year, but there’s always a gift here or a present there that wasn’t accounted for, or perishable items like food or chocolates (or the galleons of eggnong that Junkrat drinks) that need to be bought.

Junkrat however has no issues with crowded, noisy places, far from it (though the longer he’s in there the more likely he is to start shoving and yelling at people, but that’s part of the festive spirit as far as he’s concerned)  So, he always diligently takes the lists Satya gives him and trots off to find whatever he can.  It’s a pretty normal sight to see him wandering around the stores with his ear glued to his phone as Satya helps him shop from the quiet sanctity of their apartment.

fic: satan in a santa suit

Based off a prompt from a Christmas Themed AU prompt circling round Tumblr: “I’m working as an elf in the mall and you’re santa claus and you’re really hot and it feels wrong to have dirty fantasies about sitting on your lap, if you catch my drift” AU. Wintershock, of course, because that’s where the muse lives nowadays. Rated T for some naughty language and ogling of hot men.

Satan in a Santa Suit

That wasn’t Santa standing before Darcy, though it should have been. Her shift as resident helper elf for the Pine Point Santa started in fifteen minutes, but that wasn’t Santa standing before her.

No, that was Satan.

Only Satan tempted souls the way hers was being tempted now. The man stood half-naked in the break room by the coffee table, her destination in this most desperate hour, his hands on his hips and his eyes on the fuzzy red hell that comprised the Santa suit. He’d shed his shirt and coat, but still wore his jeans, and the fluorescent lights above captured both his growing despair as well as the broad expanse of his back. He wasn’t quite as big as Steve, her usual companion in capitalist Christmas misery, but he came close, close enough that Darcy knew he’d have no trouble filling out the Santa suit, though it had been ordered special for Steve.

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I hope you’ve all seen the best Christmas video on YouTube.


These are the outtakes from ‘Misery Christmas’. I’ve written some context in the description too, if that should take your interest.