’ oi, ep! look what i managed t’grab  from  th’market
           while the tender weren’t lookin’! they were  chargin’
           a lot for a single flower, ‘ow ridiculous.’

“miseraudax is a literal angel and is largely a reason why i am willing to actually get through most days. she makes the roleplaying community a brighter and more enjoyable place to spend time and genuinely helps people to feel better about themselves as well as having an over-the-top amount of talent.”


(  sms; doctor doctor  ) : oh christ.
(  sms; doctor doctor  ) : you’re not serious, are you??

[ text; Eponine ] Of course I’m serious.
[ text; Eponine ] They’ll love you.

i have a few blogs that i follow on all three of my rp blogs ( this blog, bxttleofthebands, and mxnkees )

here are said blogs

- aking-withoutacrown
- filius-rex
- boysinthebackroom
- alexcarmichael
- miseraudax
- schxzophrenicangel

idk. i guess this is a promo? i just really like these blogs and wanted to show my appreciation? granted i’ve only truly rped with filius-rex and alexcarmichael, both on my oc account, but i’d very much like to somehow rp with the others, whether it’s with ocs or the monkees or hg. 

i try not to follow too many of the same blogs on my accounts, only because it gets insanely confusing when jumping from blog to blog and the things on the dashboard are the same.

but yeah. i’m pretty sure i follow all of these blogs on all three of my rp accounts?