GRANTAIRE: Investigate ==>

Everyone’s been going on and on about these so-called HUMANS that you don’t give a shit about. Still, you can’t help but be curious, and you aren’t exactly on a tight schedule these days, so why not investigate?

You pick a human at random - everyone seems to be picking one. It’s like they’re playing lusii with tiny barely-hatched grubs. This ENJOLRAS one seems as good as any…



Oh sweet incestuous slurry what do you do now.

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(Based on this amazing idea)


Oh god oh god oh god oh god.

This is no easy feat. Thankfully, you’re pretty sure nobody else has noticed the newest horrific twist the game has thrown your way. And that’s how it’s going to stay, if you have anything to do with it.

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Work Song
Homestucks on Broadway
Work Song

Lyrics || Homestucks on Broadway

We’d like to introduce our opening song for our production of Les Miserables!  This is a full cast piece and was quite an accomplishment.

Our story starts in the jails of Alternia, where violet-blooded Eridan has been slaving away for twenty sweeps under the charges of killing multiple lusii, He is finally released under temporary terms, under the watchful and bitter eye of the trollcop Sollux.  

Lesmistuck Godtiers - Bossuet/Lesgle as Prince of Light!

This came out so much better than I thought it would oh my goodness I’m so happy. Except for the feet how do you draw feet idek but ignore that it’s Bossuet!! I chose hoodie-down to show off his baldness but I wasn’t sure what to do with the crown part, and I gave him spearkind strife specibus ‘cause it was the first weapon I could think of that wouldn’t be affected by his bad luck.

azelmathenardier  asked:

I don't think Legles would be a prince of light. I think he would be a bard of light because he'd be unlucky enough to get stuck with the codpiece. It still sort of makes sense too. He destroys stuff with his shitty luck. But mostly for the codpiece. ;)

I totally meant to respond to this forever ago by the way

actually what I really wanted to do was fanart art this - bard of light!Boussuet surrounded by weirded out other godtier!Amis

but alas I apparently have neither the skill nor the time so can someone fanart this pls bc bard of light!Lesgles is something I need

Can You Hear The Lowbloods Sing


Can you hear the lowbloods sing

Singing the song of angry trolls?

It is the song of my people 

Who ain’t takin’ shit no more!

When rust, and mud, and gold, and green,

Unite their rage, and roar as one,  

“Gog wreck the fucking queen,

Before next sweep comes!”


Will you join in our crusade?

Who will be STRONG and stand with me?

Spend your life a peasant slave,

Or’s there a world you long to see?

LITTLE LOWBLOOD (probs gonna be lil’ troll Callie):

Then join in the fight

That will give you the right to be free!


Can you hear the lowbloods sing

Singing the song of enraged trolls?

It is the music of my people 

Who ain’t takin’ shit no more!

When rust, and mud, and gold, and green,

Unite with a motive so serene,  

We’ll wreck their shit in victory,

Before come next sweep!

just a note -

so far this blog has primarily been quotes from Les Miserables set to Homestuck characters, or Homestuck characters cast in the opera or Homestuck’d versions of Les Mis song, et cetra

I’m going to try making a few posts the other way around, primarily Homestuck quotes with Les Miserables characters. I’m going to make some of those personally a la the ‘texts from last night’ blogs - IE, I’ll take a Les Mis screenshot and add text on top, with the number in the parenthesis being the MSPA page number. Hope that doesn’t throw anybody off too much? I kind of want to find other ways to play with this crossover.

If anyone wants to contribute to that, you can submit a Homestuck quote and maybe the Les Mis characters you think it relates to or a scene you think I should use. The submit box is also open for anything else - fan art, fan casts, fan lyrics or songs or anything!

Another reminder - the 2012 Les Miserables movie DVD/BD comes out this Friday!