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me describing the person i secretly love to other people is like victor hugo describing enjolras in les misérables. he tries so hard to do it nonchalantly, like he’s describing just another character he knows things about, but fails miserably at hiding that he’s awfully in love with him and that he’s the best thing that ever happened to his life.

Guys, g u y s…

I need a Night Vale AU for Les Amis. Mysterious and gorgeous new scientist Combeferre instantly charms eccentric immortal radio host Courfeyrac. Meanwhile, resident cynic Grantaire claims that the angels spoke to him, Mayor Enjolras holds yET ANOTHER emergency press conference to rant about the rise of capitalism (He will later single-handedly take down every single Strex Corp employee in a blind rage), and escaped convict/ literal five-headed dragon Jean Valjean is on the run with his adopted daughter Cosette, though the Sherriff’s Secret Police- lead by Javert- insist that they /totally/ have the situation under control, like, for sure.

I totally believe Jean Valjean is one of those dads who’s completely clueless about modern technology. He still thinks clap phones are cool and refuses to call the hotline because he thinks its a sex phone service or something.

He’s also the dad who spent three weeks texting.like.this. because he couldn’t find the space bar on his phone and who always ends his perfectly spelled texts with a period, unknowingly making them sound passive-aggressive.

And then he does embarrassing stuff like innocently sending wink emojis and asking why the eggplant emoji exists, bless his heart. At some point he starts calling Cosette “bae” and that’s when she draws the line.

“ ‘Bae’ doesn’t mean what you think it means, dad.”

“Doesn’t it mean Before Anyone Else?”

“It…. does, actually. I-Just don’t call me that. I know where you’re coming from but out of context it’s just weird.”

10 Abusive Men’s conversational tactics every woman should be aware of:

1. Domination of conversation - at any cost

It simply doesn’t matter what it takes - making up a story, repeating the same issue over and over again, increasing the volume of his voice, calling you out on unrelated-unreal issues, taking on a threatening pose to get your attention, getting angry if you don’t carefully listen to what he has to say, throwing a tantrum, accusing you of talking too much, beating down your words, I have even seen abusive men cause fights because they wanted to dominate a conversation with a woman. Last time I tried to talk to a woman, while abusive man was standing next to her, he actually physically dragged her away, just so she wouldn’t be able to get my attention, because I refused to give it to him instead. In their minds, this is reasonable, because they feel we owe them that much, and if we refuse to make them the center of attention, it’s aggression on our part, and any action to beat us down to submission is acceptable and “nothing else should be expected of him”.

2. “What I have to say is important at the moment - every moment.”

You were trying to tell a story? He immediately comes up with a vaguely related story that happened to someone he knew that is somehow suddenly more relevant than what you wanted to say. You were trying to prove a point? He’s going to prove a different point. You have a problem that bothers you? His much smaller problem is bothering him much more, to the point where you have to feel bad for bringing your problem up in the first place. You have an achivement you’re proud of? Wait until you hear what he has done at some point in time that right now feels more relevant to him. In his mind, what you have to say simply doesn’t matter and it’s on him to figure out how to slowly bring that down to you, so you’d finally shut up and accept that his confidence is to be worshipped, yours beaten down.

3. Personal attack

Focus will be on you only if it makes you look bad. If you dared to insist that you’re heard and given a basic bit of attention, or, heavens forbid, said something that goes against his opinions and actions, you will immediately find yourself under a personal attack. You’ll be called out on things that have nothing to do with the subject. You will be deemed unfit to even speak about issues that matter to you. Suddenly, even the issues that you have personal experience and endless statistical data and proof, are not yours to speak of because “he knows better”. You’ll be called slurs, humiliated, discredited, all your knowledge of the subject will be perceived as “silly” and “wrong”, not to mention you’re a horrible person for daring to speak your mind on the subject. The point of personal attack is to make you look bad, but you’re not supposed to notice how it makes him look way worse, you’re supposed to feel rightfully called out and humbled, and fail to notice how your basic human right of speech is being trampled on, how you’re being silenced and hurt by emotional and psychological abuse by a man who found himself threatened by truth you pointed out.

4. Double Standards

“I’m a man” is an excuse not to listen, not to sympathize, not to offer compassion, not to take responsibility for his actions, not to bother with “woman logic”, not to question the consequences of his actions, not to feel guilty for indulging in primarily male behaviour that harms women but is excusable because “all men do it”. “You’re a woman” is an excuse to hold you responsible for men’s actions, and obliged to please men, to maintain your social value and appearance up to certain standards, to fulfill all male expectations and fantasies and ideas about what you should be, otherwise what good you are for? And even if you do all that, you’ll end up reduced to a slur and disposed of whenever it pleases a man to do just that. And don’t be surprised, what did you expect? They’re men.

5. Social Truth

Logic, statistics, experiences, facts, consequences and practical knowledge all have zero value before men’s social perception of what’s going on. Men have already decided that it’s them who’s suffering the worst. They’ve already decided they’re the one who need better treatment and more privileges and liberation from oppression. Men have affirmed this with each other, they’ve agreed amongst themselves that women are oppressive, bother them too much, ask for too much, don’t give them enough, don’t do enough for them. How could women expect for their issues to be taken seriously when men don’t feel like they’ve done enough for them? Men will offer you countless examples where he was expecting something from a woman and she didn’t fulfil it, so how dare she imply she could be the one who’s oppressed? How dare any woman claim anything about her life, her body, her experiences, her problems? Men have already agreed they know better, they feel confident about it because his friends and male relatives and co-workers and bosses and acquaintances will all confirm to him he’s exactly right, he’s telling the truth, how could some miser woman now claim differently? She must be stupid. Truth commonly accepted among men will ignore all evidence, all male privilege, all objective truth, all statistics, all proof. They don’t examine it critically more than “is this going in our favour” and that’s all they need to yell it from rooftops, to violently shut down every woman’s voice claiming differently, speaking from different perspective. They have support. They have backup. Countless men will agree with them. It’s all they need. Truth doesn’t matter.

6. What they don’t consider lying

Nothing is lying. If a lie needs to be told in order for a man to get something out of a woman he otherwise wouldn’t get - it’s considered fair play, in his mind. How could you blame him? After all, if he didn’t lie, he wouldn’t get what he wanted? Isn’t this how all people do things? Isn’t it a way of life? How could you expect him to tell the truth when it wasn’t going in his favour? He won’t even feel guilty. But instead, if you don’t react to his lie the way you should have - in his mind - then you are the bad one. How could you not believe his word, give him your full trust and obedience and perfect reactions he so deeply deserves? How could you even consider that he would lie to you? You don’t know what’s real, you can’t act like he’s lying when you don’t even know if he is. He is excused in saying any lie at all, but you aren’t allowed to doubt it, otherwise how will he get what he wanted and feel completely free of guilt while doing it? You should enable that much to a man, to lie and get away with it, get all he wants, and to feel like a genius for tricking everyone in such a cunning way. Oh, and you shouldn’t feel cheated and lied to because, you know, it wasn’t personal, it was just so he could get what he wants, you weren’t a person to him in this entire scheme, just a prop, you should feel stupid for falling for it, but you know, it’s his win.

7. “I’m reasonable” voice tone

All your passion and emotions that get out of you while you speak that would normally be a proof of how important and valuable talking about this issue is to you, yet he decides to perceive as you obviously spouting nonsense from being too emotional. Does he know you’re telling the truth? Of course he does. Does he know how being invalidated and accused of being “too emotional” and “hysterical” hurts you? Of course he does. Does he care? No. All he wants from you in that moment is to adapt to perspective that benefits him, rather than the one you’re presenting - you know, the one that actually expresses what’s going on and leads to acknowledgment and resolving of your problems. He isn’t interested in you being in less pain or you speaking out the truth, or you struggling less or you bringing to light how much you’re struggling with. Be reasonable. Adapt male perspective. See yourself how men see you. Quit having your own perspective, you know that’s not reasonable. Quit showing emotions about an issue that is of a big personal value to you. Look at me. I’m reasonable. You mean nothing to me. Your struggles mean nothing to me. Be like that. Don’t mean anything to yourself. Be only a benefit to me. Then you too can pretend all your issues are made up. After all your pain means nothing in comparison to benefits we get from it. It’s easy to speak with “I’m reasonable” voice and straight, emotionless face while talking about an issue that doesn’t affect you whatsoever, and you don’t care about the one who is affected, and benefit from what they’re suffering from.

8. “How can you call me out when there’s worse men”

You should be grateful he isn’t worse. He could do worse. He knows he could. He saw other men doing much worse, and thought to himself “damn, I’m nice, this is how things are done when women don’t listen” instead of, you know, intervening and saving someone from abuse like a decent person would do. He saw how cruel men are in other parts of the world. He made sure to remember it and inform women what they could expect from worse men, to remind them to be grateful that he, a nice man, isn’t like that. Now, if you’re going to call anyone out, you should first make sure to call out every guy who is worse, otherwise how is this fair towards him? If a guy who did worse isn’t called out, but he, the “nice” guy is, that is the greatest injustice ever done to mankind, and he will feel hurt and things will be unfair for him. What about you, you ask? What about him hurting you that caused you to call him out in the first place? Oh what’s fair to you doesn’t matter, you are the one who needs to make the world fair for him, or, you know, he might get worse, and it will be entirely your fault, since you didn’t arrange the world to be absolutely and completely fair towards him.

9. “I decide how you should react/your reaction is a provocation.”

Your behaviour is decided by his rules, and every single emotion, thought and action you make should only be made in his convenience. It lies on the premise that only he gets to be a human being and show his emotions freely and react the way he wants, you unfortunately, do not get the human privileges, if you react the humane way - get upset when you’re hurt, get angry when things are unfair and infuriating, point out double standards, argue and demand that your word matters too, want to have your feeling acknowledged or even argue that you have a say in how you should be treated - you’ve overstepped, and suddenly you are all wrong and whatever he does to you in return is what you deserved by provoking him. That’s, right, you being a human being is a provocation, it’s a dangerous straying from the object you’re supposed to be - that you are in his eyes, and you have to be “shown your place”, because after all, his convenience is more important than your life, and you’re only there to obey him and make him feel good about himself. Even while he’s hurting you. Even while he’s using you. Even while you’re reduced to a less than a human being.  

10. “You haven’t considered this issue from my perspective enough”

After all, you should look at things from his perspective. But you do. There’s never been a moment you didn’t consider his perspective. Just as there’s never been a moment he has considered yours. And the mere idea of taking a moment to consider your perspective - if he’s even aware that you can have one, and that your words aren’t just there to be crushed until he gets his way - is offensive and crazy to him. Instead, you get called out for not seeing things his way enough. As if you’re the one who is inconsiderate and refusing to acknowledge that he is just a human and that you can’t expect that much from him. But you’ve never forgotten that he’s a human. And you never expected that much, just to not be continually hurt and used by him, and to be treated like a valued human being. But suddenly this is too much? Too much to expect from a fellow human being? Isn’t it a lot like he’s forgotten you’re a human being, and calling you out on something that he actually did? Cruel hypocrisy that he doesn’t even seem to notice because it’s so natural and normal to him to call you out for his own wrongdoings, and to attack you if you’re not willing to obediently take blame.

@women: If a man is talking in this fashion he will get worse, not better. Ditch him at any cost.

@men: this was a list of abusive behaviour, if you don’t do any of these, there’s no reason for you to feel called out, if you do feel called out, I have bad news for you.



  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Me watching les mis and rolling my eyes at Marius:</b> mate seriously you can't fall in love with a woman just by seeing her, honestly<p/><b>Me, watching wonder woman for the first time and staring with a slack jaw at Diana Princess of Themyscira who is doing nothing in particular aside from existing:</b> Marius honey i was so wrong, i take it all back, I'm sorry, i<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>

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Can you write an imagine where you and Justin Foley have a movie night?

A/N: I’m so excited, this is my first ask! The beginning is quite angsty but within the course of the story it ends up being fluffy, hope you don’t mind.

It’d be nice if you let me know if you liked it :) 

Nothing else, enjoy!! 

“Mom please! I love you. I’m just trying to make you realise-”

“Shut the fuck up, you nasty bastard! Don’t you see you’re the one unwanted here? Even your mother despises you. C’mon babe, tell him”

Justin clenched his fists, trying to avoid the appetising temptation of leaving purple marks all over the hideous surface of the man’s face, as a reminder of how much he hated him. If he hadn’t beaten him already it was because he had the weak hope his mother would realise the piece of shit he really was, and if that meant ending up beaten up he would go through it all without any remorse.

Ignoring his teasing, he faced the miserable woman in front of him, eyes in the verge of tears and hopes lit up she would stand for him.


“You have school tomorrow, you should go to bed…”

That was all she said.

It was sad. It was sad deep in Justin’s heart it didn’t surprise him the fact that the woman who had given him life and was supposed to be always by his side, chose a stranger over him.

The first time she proved him how important he actually was to her, he buried himself into the covers and cried to sleep, refusing to believe the person who used to be his guardian angel, gradually changed her mind and gave it all to a man she had only known for a few months.

Eventually that sadness grew into a bitterness that was only calmed down with alcohol and visits to Bryce’s house, where hours of oblivion awaited him.

However, that wasn’t enough. The aftermath was even worse: he would always wake up to the realisation he was alone, not only physically at that moment but also during the whole course of his life. And not even all the alcohol in the world could fix that.

No one loved him.

That was until you came into his life.

The first thing he did the moment he left the hopeless scenario was searching for his phone. He needed to hear the voice of his only source of happiness and optimism towards the future. Whenever everything went wrong, spending time with you or even just sharing ‘I love you’s, through your late night telephonic conversations made him believe everything would be alright.

Following four tones without answer he understood you were already sleeping, after all, it was late. He was about to hang up when your voice filtered through the speaker.

“Justin?” He regretted having called immediately, interpreting the surprise in your voice as drowsiness. “Babe, did I wake you up? Sorry I was… I just… I just wanted to wish you a good night” he said, failing in his attempt of concealing the sadness in his voice.

You knew without any doubt that wasn’t the sole purpose of his call. After almost a year of going with him through thick and thin, you realised his alleged senseless calls were very far from being that. Tears and a cracking voice weren’t necessary anymore. Sometimes he just wanted to forget everything and fall deep in the sweet refugee you always offered him.

This was one of those times.

After a silence that felt like ages to him, you asked “Baby, do you wanna come over and stay for the night?”

He let out a silent sigh and a few tears rolled down his face through the curvature of his cheekbones. Sometimes the situation was greater than him, and he couldn’t cope with it alone. You knew him as much or even more than he knew himself and always managed to help him get over it.

“Really?” “Of course, my love. My parents are away for a week. We could cuddle and have a movie night. Whatever helps you the most” As your soft voice pronounced those words he asked the world what had he done to deserve such a kind soul.

“Thank you, thank you so much”


Justin didn’t take long to get to your house. You found his downcast figure at the other side of the threshold, beginn madly, without the use of words, any display of affection.

“Hi…” You couldn’t bare the sight in front of your eyes. You tugged his arm towards you and captured him in a tight embrace, his face landing on the crook of your neck. The long sigh that went out of his nostrils invaded the room, saying nothing and everything at the same time.

“I love you so much Y/N” He said, pulling away to cup the sides of you face and bring his lips into contact with yours, moving in a slow and gentle manner. “I love you too baby. Do you want to talk about it?” “No, just… let’s pretend nothing’s happened. I just want to forget about it and have a nice night with you” You nodded looking straight at his ocean blue eyes. In a swift motion he managed to fuse your bodies again in a tight hug.


You were already sat on your bed, laptop settled on your lap, searching for ‘Toy Story’, Justin’s favourite movie. Deep in that smug outside he showed around his jock friends, there was a really sweet and pure creature.

He stood right beside you, taking off his clothes and ending up just in a piece of black boxers. Believing he wasn’t looking, you took a peek of the nice sight of his naked torso.

 You felt your cheeks burn when he said “Like what you see, huh?” With a smirk he moved the laptop aside and hovered you, tickling your sides. “Just- Justin stop!” 

Your loud giggles combined with his made the situation one of those worth keeping dearly in memory. “I’ll stop when you tell me what had you paying so much attention to my stunning body” You squirmed under his touch “Okay, you want me to tell you?” “Yeah” he breathed out. Teasingly you travelled your hand from the tattoo settled on his collarbone all the way down to the hem of the unique piece of clothing covering him. The volume of his laughs lowered when you reached that spot. “This had me paying so much attention” 

He wasn’t expecting your next movement, and let out a high pitched “Ouch!” when you tugged at the trail of little hairs that disappeared right where the piece of fabric began. You burst out in laughter when he immediately pulled away and landed beside you “You’re naughty!” He pouted, trying to stop his chuckles from joining yours “That hurted” “That’s what happens when you try to play with me, baby boy” You patted at his bum for him to lift it up so you could unfold the sheets and cover with them “C’mon let me make it up to you cuddling, is that okay?” He gave you a fake reluctant look, before giving in and breaking the tiny space that separated your bodies, legs tangled and his head resting on your chest.

“Shit, I forgot to get some snacks. I’ll be right back” He said, motioning to get out of the bed. You were fast to stop him “It isn’t necessary. I’ve got some sweets in the drawer”

As he searched for them he found two movie tickets with the title of the movie you both watched at the Crestmont on your very first date. He brushed carefully its surface and smiled to himself.

“Baby, do you really keep candies in your nightstand?”

“That’s the drawer where I keep my dearest things” you said with a wink. That only made the joyful feeling at his chest increase. 

“What are you grinning at?”

“Nothing, I just love you so much”


Damage (Jay Park)

Requested by anon

Prompt: “After all this… you still want me?”, angst

Originally posted by aomgwithkids

     Jay’s brow creased as he saw the name on the screen of his phone. It was your mother’s. She hadn’t called him maybe ever, and it was late on a Thursday night, a very strange time for her to be calling in the first place. He picked up, pressing the phone to his ear. “Hi!”

    “Jay,” her voice said shakily and instantly he knew something was very, very wrong. “You need to come to the hospital right now. She… she was in an accident and she’s in surgery now. I just…” she took a deep, ragged breath, “You should come.”

    “Holy shit, is she going to be okay?” Jay asked, his chest tight with sudden anxiety.

    “They don’t know. We’ll tell you everything when you get here.”

    He sped to the hospital, his heart pounding, trying to push back the rising panic in the back of his head, and when he arrived, he found your parents sitting in the lobby of the hospital with cups of coffee clutched in their shaking hands, their faces haggard and pale as they explained that you’d been in an accident and you were currently in surgery for extensive damage to your facial bones and on top of that you had several broken ribs, an injured leg, and possibly a bad concussion.

    The three of them sat in the lobby in awful, heavy silence for hour after hour, as the monitor which indicated the status of all the surgeries going on got emptier and emptier until just one was still ongoing- yours. Your parents sat close but Jay stuck to the end of the couch until your mom said, “Come here, Jaebum,” and pulled him in as he shifted over, wrapping a tight arm around his shoulders. He lost track of how many times he silently prayed as the minutes ticked by and he couldn’t have distracted himself even if he wanted to.

    It was just past 4:00 in the morning when the screen showed you had moved to recovery and just minutes later, the doctor emerged from the hall.

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Blue Ain’t Your Color

Pairing: Dean x Reader
Words: 749

-Based off of “Blue Ain’t Your Color” by Keith Urban-

A/N: if you want to be tagged in anything, let me know. :)

Dean’s Point Of View

           I was sitting at the bar with my drink, not really there to get drunk. Just there to spend some time and think. I looked over and saw the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. But I could tell she was miserable. And that was not something I was going to put up with. A beautiful woman was supposed to be smiling and happy. And that was going to be my goal for the evening.

           “Your ice is gonna melt and make your drink watery,” I said, walking to her table, “Can I get you another one?”

           She shook her head, “No thanks.”

           “This is probably way beyond my boundaries, but if he’s the reason you’re sitting here alone like this, he’s not worth it,” I said.

           She looked up at me, “How did you know …?”

           I offered her a smile, “I’ve seen that look before. And if I can be a little more bold, blue ain’t your color.”


           “A beautiful woman like you should not be sitting here sad. Blue looks good on the sky. It looks good on that neon on buzzing on the wall. But, Darlin’, it don’t match your eyes,” I told her.

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Bechloe Week

I’m SO psyched for Bechloe Week.

My one-shots will be:

Monday - Coincidence - The Bella’s play a Fat Amy version of ‘Spin the Bottle’ called 'Spin the Dingo’ which they discover is essentially just the 'dare’ part of truth or dare.

Tuesday - Summer Camp - The Bella’s have a sleepover in the tent in the back garden of their Sorority house. Beca is highly reluctant, but Chloe eventually changes her mind.

Wednesday - Blurred Lines - Chloe gets glasses…

Thursday - Flowers - A chapter taken from my fic 'Two Years On’ - Chloe gets ready to attend the opening night of her little theatre company’s new show that she’s choreographed for. Beca arrives at the apartment as her 'plus one’.

Friday - Harry Potter - Chloe drives Beca from her Dad’s back to Barden. On the way they listen to a Harry Potter audio book. Beca states she hates Harry Potter but by the time they arrive at their college home she’s dying to know what happens next.

Saturday - Sleepover - Also taken from my fic 'Two Years On’ - Beca is visiting Chloe and her family at The Beale family lake house. Chloe’s nephews and niece beg Beca to read them a bedtime story.

Sunday - Pride - The Bella’s attend a Pride Parade in Atlanta. They don’t know that Chloe and Beca have started secretly seeing each other…

Monday - A.U. - Beca (a Hollywood actress-turned director-turned music artist) meets Chloe (a Hollywood actress) on the set of a movie. Their fast friendship blossoms into a romantic relationship, kept secret from the public eye. Beca reluctantly breaks up with Chloe following a threat from Chloe’s grandmother. This angsty one-shot charts their interactions over the years that they have known and deeply loved each other, even when Beca marries and has children with one of Hollywood’s leading actors. To the public and media Beca has it all, but on the inside she’s miserably pining for the woman she loves and the life they could have shared together.

Roll on next week!!