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Grantaire trying so hard to be a hipster artist but he accidentally becomes popular when someone names him ‘up and coming’ and he keeps trying new and more ridiculous things to put people off but it only gets him more praise. This culminates in him artfully arranging trash in a pile that spells out 'art is dead’. He wins an award for that one.

to be honest, i am never going to not love fury road. and i am never going to not love fury road for the exact same reason that i am never going to not love pacific rim: because they are movies that focus uncompromisingly on women and on the stories of women and do not pick at them or highlight their flaws or put them in conflict with other women so that the dudebros in the corner can yell “catfight!” and whistle.

pacific rim doesn’t pass the bechdel test of course, but it is still a movie where i can very readily believe that guillermo del toro asked somebody “do we really need a mildly attractive white boy who isn’t portayed as a sack of shit for the majority of the movie as a protagonist?” and some stuffy hollywood exec informed him that he had to have at least one so he sighed and picked charlie hunnam out of a lineup and informed him that his job was to stand there and look pretty with his shirt off and smile adoringly at rinko kikuchi whenever she was onscreen, which he did fantastically. also idris elba and a narrative centered around a found family featuring a black father and a japanese daughter that culminates in the kind of love so profound that the last words she says to him don’t even need to be translated for a non-japanese-speaking audience.

fury road is a movie that was edited by a woman because george miller literally did not fucking trust a man to do it justice, and even our beloved sad puppy protaganist still has his moment where we all yell at him to just let furiosa and the girls in the truck you miserable bastard you all want the same thing and then they turn an MRA into a feminist willing to die for the cause, and they put naked women on the screen without making me want to curl up inside and die, and killed women to show us how that made other women feel, and brought literal fucking hellfire down on the patriarchy to grind them into rubble. also, ALSO, the only reason this ridiculous fucking plan even worked in the end was because LITERAL CHILDREN and enslaved women lowered the platform and opened the floodgates to water, which is essentially the same as salvation when you live in a post-nuclear desert hellscape run by god-kings who waste thousands of gallons of gasoline just to track down their escaped sex slaves. also actual polynesian actresses in a movie set in australia. also a complete lack of rape scene or discussion of sex, crude or otherwise. also the person who everybody knows is the protag of fury road in the same way everyone knows mako is the protag of pacific rim even though the trailers will do their best to convince the MRAs otherwise is an amputee driven by the same immense boiler of screaming fury that i, as an abuse victim and as a feminist and as someone who has had friends go through way worse shit than i did, feel on a regular basis, and we don’t need to know the full story of what happened; we know that she was kidnapped, we know her mother is dead, we know that it’s probably been twenty years of literal hell for her, and we know that she is not above dying to save four girls who yell at her when she tries to kill someone that has been sent to bring them back to immortan joe.

this is not the wink wink nudge nudge feminism of joss “i quit twitter bc feminists were harassing me” whedon. these are movies that make me feel like they are opening floodgates to stories where megan fox can show up onscreen and be taken seriously instead of objectified, and lucy liu can play any damn character she wants in reboots of stories that used to just be about arrogant white boys, and laverne cox doesn’t have to be asked what her fucking crotch looks like before people can hold a conversation with her.

pacific rim and fury road, as colorful (literally, there is an entire post on this site about modern hollywood and it’s shitty, drained-of-color-to-feel-”gritty” movies) narratives about hope and love, actually make me, a decrepit, sarcastic husk of a human being, 1) cry about two people nodding at each other and touching foreheads, and 2) actually believe that our cinema will one day stop being such a white sausagefest.

movies that can do that are a big deal.

“stop drawing damien in a binder it’s fetishistic” im sorry janet we just get literally no trans characters in any media ever that aren’t painted as a miserable depressed bastard with that being the only element of their character so we’d like to celebrate finally having good trans rep thanks

les amis went to see the live action beauty and the beast together and, needless to say, they loved it. some loved it…a little too much. the next time they got drunk, joly, bossuet, grantaire, fee, and baz whipped out a candelabra and began shouting at it loudly, red faced from screaming. “what are they doing??” enjolras asks, having arrived later. musichetta sighs. “they’re trying to communicate with ewan mcgregor”

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I am so scared to meet Levi again and see the man he has become after 4 years. I do not want him to go on well with the recruits, they do not deserve his time, not after the way they treated him. :( I hope he has turned into a darker character.

I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to having similar thoughts Anon.  I’m really apprehensive about the next chapters.  I mean obviously I’m desperate to see Levi again, to find out what he’s been doing for the last four years, but still…. I can’t say I’m too thrilled by this subproduct of titan science business, that has all sorts of potential to go horribly wrong.

I’m trying to hold out hope though.  Yams plot and pacing may leave us shaking our heads, or yelling incoherently at our screens but, Ymir aside, he’s been relatively consistent when it comes to characterization.  So I’m hoping that when we see Levi again, he’ll be the same miserable bastard that we’ve grown to know and love.

As far as getting on with the remnants of the 104th goes, I think that if Levi is still a captain of the Survey Corps and they are still his soldiers, then he will continue to treat them as subordinates.   Whether they respond as such and respect the chain of command is anyone’s guess. I don’t expect Levi to treat them with kid gloves, and we’ve already seen that.

But at the same time, Levi is not a cruel man.

One of the things that has always fascinated me about Levi is that he is such a mess of contradictions.  He has an innate capacity for violence and will not hesitate to use it, but at the same time, he is defined by his loyal and compassion. Levi has consistently been one of the most selfless characters in the series.  He isn’t motivated by a personal dream or goal, but by his relationship to other people.  Perhaps it’s all part of the Ackerman thing, but if so, it manifests very differently in the three Ackermans we’ve seen.  The loyalty is always there for sure, but much as I love Kenny, compassion and selflessness were hardly his thing. For the sake of avoiding drama, I’d rather not comment on the other Ackerman.  

So I think the darkness has always been there in Levi’s character, but it’s been tempered by his compassion and selflessness, and to be honest I’m not sure if I expect that to change, unless someone or something prevents him from fulfilling his vow to Erwin.  If that does happen then all bets are off.

Of course having said all that, if Levi appears in the next chapter with his hair tied back and “Erwin Smith – Flame of Hope” tattooed across his chest, I’ll forgive Yams everything :P

Secrets (Mitch Rapp x Reader)

A/N: Hey people! It’s been a long time (like a week) since I posted and because I’m still busy with all the WIPs I told you about, I’m posting this!! It was actually my entry for @writing-obrien ‘s competition back in like June or July (???) but I figured you guys would like it. Also, I am finally gonna post a masterlist…….sometime…in the near future…..I don’t know when…

Fandom: American Assassin (2017)

Pairing: Mitch Rapp x Reader (Chloe)

Warnings: Smut, choking violence, rough sex, that kinda stuff


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Me, two days ago: I need to catch up with star wars rebels. Whatever happened with evil guy and furry dude?
Me, right now: If Kallus and Zeb don’t make it out of season 4 and confess their undying love for each other, I’m throwing my diploma at Steve Blum’s face.

I’m sorry but the description of JJ’s new “diss track” was so fucking arrogant and cocky.
He straight up said “I’m still going to upload because I still own part of it. It’ll be awkward. I’ll meet my fans”
Like fucking hell shut up and stop being a miserable bastard. Stop acting like you’re the fucking sidemen lifeline, they’re fine without you.
Literally, Simon, Tobi, Josh and Vik have done nothing wrong, yet he’s acting like they’ve all fucked him over.

okay no but have you considered

trans boy!Gavroche who was kicked out/ran away because his mother only wanted girls. 

trans boy Gavroche loving les amis because he’s never been anything but gav to them, and they would never think of him otherwise. He freaks out one day because one of them hears the Thenardier’s calling him his birth name when they see him on the street, because now they’ll know and everything would be ruined, but instead they calmly step in and correct them and take Gavroche out of the situation, because they always knew.

trans boy Gavroche being terrified of puberty but he can’t afford hormone blockers.

okay, so in honor of my 127th time rewatching fucking Les Miserables, I’m gonna make a post telling y’all a story about the first time I watched it alone

so i was going strong, halfway into the movie, cried only two times so far, whatever

and then comes the Red and Black song

and then comes



(i had to put both gifs there bc the first one doesn’t show the long, meaningful goddamn look on Grantaire’s dumb face)

my dudes

i’m not a perceptive person

i’m also pretty dense to all things romance bc i’m dead inside 

but i literally just paused the movie and went: ‘god damn there was some eye fucking going on there’ out loud 

now i’m snorting exr fluff off of my washing machine and my sketchbook’s full of George Blagden’s face

my life is ruined

thanks hugo, you damn bastard

Sunny Days- chapter 13

Sunny Days Masterlist

Summary- The aftermath of Sunny’s stunt takes an unexpected turn.  

Word Count- 3k

Author’s Note- is at the end

Warnings- Language and Smut

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“What were the rules I gave you? The rules you asked for?” Negan stood, glaring down at his young bride still on her knees before him.

“Um…no cussing,” Sunny said batting her lashes at him innocently.

“Don’t fucking go all doe-eyed on me. That shit won’t work. What are the other fucking rules, Sunny?” He swung Lucille over his shoulder, his other hand resting on his hip.

“No, lying. Wear what you tell me. No touching myself….”

“Damnit, Sunny. You fucking know which rule I am talking about,” he growled pinching the bridge of his nose.

She sighed and averted her eyes to the gravel between his black leather boots. “Do what you say, no questions asked.”

“That’s fucking right.” He paced in front of her. “And does starting a blowjob and running out the god damn door sound like something I would tell you to do? Because I sure as shit know I would never fucking tell you to stop sucking my dick. And I know I fucking told you to stay in that room. What the actual fuck, doll?” He stop in front of her once more. “Look at me.”

Sunny raised her eyes. Negan was as mad as she had ever seen him. Furious even. Lips pressed together. The corners of his mouth turned down. She knew she probably deserved some of it, but not all of it.

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