miserabella  asked:

hiii quick questionn how do you structure your page by page notes ( like the ones you posted for macbeth/king lear )? thankss

oops forgot to mention, those were actually two books i got at a charity shop for €1 each! it doesn’t really make a difference although the notes i have are for othello and the handmaid’s tale :)

i don’t really have a specific structure per se, as we read in class or our teacher is describing something i write down what i consider important (usually in short-sentences, point form or both); i vary between green & pink pens for extra-important details, and i use blue for quotes. in the margin i write down the page number once we begin a new one so like that i have notes piled up chronologically :D 

(edit: what i also do when there’s a detail i specifically want to memorise is place a highlighted exclamation mark in the margin and outline it with a normal pen)

my only tip for using this method is to go into the lesson with dedication and readiness to work, because there’s a good chance you’ll always be writing something down. even if i don’t consider all the notes to be super important / valuable in an essay, it’s a very good method i find for internalising details and the book plot in general!

Just got back from seeing Swim Deep in Nottingham.

The supports were Park Bench Society, and Best Friends. Both of these bands were amazing, and I got PBS’s setlist so that’s pretty cool.

And then Swim Deep came on and damn. They were SO good, and at one point Austin stage-dived right into the crowd, and after a while they literally threw him back to the stage.

Also, there were a fair few really cool drunk people that Chloe and I made friends with, so that’s a bonus.