I Give Up - part 26 (A Baekhyun Series) the

The bedroom door closed with a click and you were halfway out of the bed scrambling in much of the same way as Baekhyun had before he vanished through the bedroom door.

You tried to move as silently as possible and you found your clothes from yesterday on the bathroom floor. Hygiene be damned, this was an emergency.

You heard his voice through the door, much too close to where you sat with your heart in your throat on the edge of the bed.

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Futurama Comics #58

I love this panel because it surmises Fry and Bender’s relationship neatly and precise. I wasn’t expecting much from the comics, but I found that they had very significant character moments that sometimes felt missed in the last run of the show. 

Like its interesting to see that Bender does possess self awareness about himself and his behavior, and more importantly, insecurity about himself, despite the fact he’s very honest about the pride he takes in his misdoings. And I do mean interesting, but it certainly isn’t surprising if you pay careful attention to his character.

I mean after all, when Fry first met Bender the guy was trying to kill himself, out of guilt. And there is that surprise that Fry, upon meeting him, would want to be his friend. (Specifically a robot for a friend, but that’s a different post entirely.) However I think it would be easy for Fry to befriend someone who didn’t hesitate to save him from someone pursuing him. 

Fry many times in canon even acknowledges that Bender is evil, but he still cares about Bender unapologeticaly, and willingly. Bender does the same for Fry, despite the fact that he “hates” humans but lives with one, and can’t stand when Fry is away for too long. He even runs to hug Fry as an ugly mutated sack of flesh in canon. Fry is also his oldest friends and first genuine friend (which is pretty significant considering that Bender was like what? Two? Or something when they first met lol?) meaning that they both care about each other wholly and that its very important for Bender to know someone that does. 

I’m getting a little bit off track, what I’m trying to say is the Futurama comics were great and also significantly less subtle with the way Bender is clearly in love with Fry. 


gilt complex

@gaeadene suggested Geneva (McDonough’s secretary) for a vignette. 

Geneva has 68 voiced lines in the game, including variations for Sole’s gender and the various dialogue options. so… that’s pretty much a free reign. to me, she fits into the ‘threatening woman’ trope of noir ladies: she’s not a good woman because she accepts bribes, she’s not a femme fatale because she doesn’t know what McDonough’s up to and does seem to have the city’s best interests at heart, but people mistrust her anyway because of how she presents herself.

(also in those noir terms I see McDonough and her as a sort of parallel to Valentine and Ellie; the good-guy cop and his good-woman secretary versus the corrupt politician and his secretary who turns a blind eye to his misdoings as long as the city keeps on running. that’s mostly irrelevant but kind of an insight into why this came out the way it did)

song is Sons and Daughters, Gilt Complex.

content warning for hostage situation (obvs) and standard-issue Bad Commonwealth Upbringing. plus minor spoilers.

I know what they say about me. down in the city, up in the stands, they say exactly the same thing. I’m only here because of what I do for the Mayor. what I do, you understand, that very particular definition of the word.

what I do is work every hour God sends. what I do is keep this city from falling apart. what I do is make sure they don’t have to worry about a damn thing beyond where they’re going to sit in order to spread their nasty little rumors.

they worry so much about me but what do they do? they did nothing to earn their places. they had their cushy lifestyles handed to them on a plate. they had parents that were worth something, that thought about more of a future than the next bottle of moonshine. some of us had to work to get where we are today.

and just look at me now.

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pick at the scabs around your fingers before they go bad: forget the words healthy and calm if you know what’s good for you. plans built on stepping stones but they’re twelve feet up. slip off your dancing shoes and step out into the rain. stare up at the clouds as if you’re going to make it. the stars on the other side shine bright but the star inside you wishes it could be above the ground. balance luck with skill and maybe you’ll make it halfway. it’s just how the game is played, and you’re an unlucky contestant.

last nights destruction brought on truths you didn’t want to hear. tear at your heart for them all, you aren’t worth much otherwise. hold them in the palm of your hand then stick them on the wall like notes. don’t forget what you did wrong. you aren’t allowed to forget. you’ll hold the strings of misdoings until yours lips part, hips part, soul parts and fades away. pick up the glass and chuck it out the window, the liquor only held you down, made you drowsy. leave it in the dust.

broken strings and bitter things. give yourself time to recap. blame yourself until you’ve scratched at your skin enough to cry. you’re holding yourself together by staples, sweetie, it’s time to pull them out and sew yourself apart. together will never get you anywhere. choke against the wall as you drip down the hallways and forget for a moment what you’re going for. blinding you is all you’re worth. jump across the roofs until you get the hang of it, with your blood dripping down like trophies. it’s not winning yet, only participation.

hold your life close against your chest or it’s going to be lost to the waves again. sit in the grass and watch the lightning strike against the world. don’t hope it’ll strike you, you’re better than that now. strum until your fingers bleed and scream your heart out. they won’t hear you yet but maybe if it echoes they’ll hear you at your best. trade your sleep for memories but it’s an investment in truth. maybe you’ll live that long this time, hmm?

they’ll scream your name and you’ll remember exactly how desperate you are again. strike you down with a match until you’re on fire like you craved. maybe it’ll reach someone, or maybe you’ll be stuck with the drip drip dripping of those dusty days you spent reaching for someone that wasn’t there. they’ll never be there. you work alone from now on. don’t forget.


“welcome back,”
and i say,
thank you.

“this is home.”
i say,
i know.

“don’t you ever look a gift horse in the mouth again.”

I got a spilled salt tattoo to commemorate my own bad luck, its weight on my bones but also the spontaneity and experience it’s lent me through unconscious misgivings, misdoings, misthinkings, misaction; and it’s perfectly visible, for all to see, for all to ask, 


“[lol], Are you salty?”

And I guess that works, too.

{1} The War of July 4th (Hamilton X Reader)

Concept: Fourth of July party with the whole shibang + some. As much fluff as possible without making it cringy.

Reader Gender: Female-ish? I used they/them pronouns, sorry to anyone who has been waiting for something other than a female reader ;u;

Notes: This is my thank you for 500 followers!! Sorry I’ve been busy lately, so here’s a little something as I work on the requests :D Also, reader lives in an apartment building with the assassins, because im AC trash. Everyone is single, just maybe a little close with each other for the sake of this fic?? Idk?? theo and burr are siblings?? ALSO I use the terms honey, sweetie, girl (like GURRL), dude, man, and of the like with no gender in mind. I pretty much call everyone girl (super sassy-like) to anyone; just a heads up. I based George’s place on my friend’s house, which I have been lost in before and owns a tennis court and orange grove in her backyard. Enjoy!!

Warnings: cursing, fluff, gay moments, and reader in a blushing and clumsy mess.

Edit: Well, since I have been holding this off for so long, I guess this is also a pre-thanks for 600 followers?? Holy moley thank you everyone??

Edit 2.0: okay so we are almost at 700 FOLLOWERS HOKY SHIT Y’ALL

Edit 3.0: im the worst. Thanks for 700.

Edit 4.0: hahaha im making this two parts dont worry the party is only getting started

You sighed as you turned off your T.V., nothing interesting popping out at your tastes. Today was the Fourth of July, and you had nothing to do. You were grateful for the day off of work, but also bummed because you have done nothing over the course of your morning. Everyone on Snapchat had pictures of them at a hotel somewhere on the coastline, enjoying an extravagant long-weekend vacation, or with their family, cooking food for a patriotic dinner. You were simply moping in your apartment building, dying in the heat of the summer and wishing for some sort of adventure.

It seemed like destiny was on your side, because your phone started ringing a familiar song. You recognized the caller to be Maria, a very close friend to you and part of a large group of other companions. You were curious at why she was calling you, and accepted the call.

“Hey Maria, what’s up?”

“Are you doing anything today? Anything at all?” her smooth voice spoke out. Taken aback by her sudden question, you thought for a moment. You remembered faintly that your twin neighbors invited you to a fireworks sighting with some others who inhabited the building a while ago, but you politely declined. You were quite curious why they were even celebrating the holiday, since they were both from England. You assumed that they didn’t want to go at all, and only asked you to make up for their annoyance from the American tradition.

“Not really. Just planning to by some red, white, and blue cookies on sale and hide from the fireworks. Why you ask?”

“Well, sweetie, Peggy convinced Georgie to host an Independence Day party at his mansion, and literally, everyone is invited. Are you available from right now to maybe, three in the morning?” You made an amused grunt and got up from your couch, already moving to your room so you could get ready. Looks like you were going to have a shitty time at work the next morning.

“Yeah, count me in. But when you say everyone is invited, how many people are we talking about?” Maria made a humming noise as she quickly noted how many party-goers were going to show up.

“Including you and me, honey, there are like, roughly twenty people coming. If you’re planning to bring food, please tell me, because the Washingtons are willing to do the barbecuing.” You felt your stomach go giddy as you pulled out one of your favorite shirts. Finally, something to do that day.

“Okay, so you’re inviting literally every single person you know. Awesome.” Maria let out a creamy laugh that made you smile. Why do all of your friends have to be cute? Like, literally, every single person you considered a friend was mildly to overly attractive. What was wrong with you?

“Basically. Okay, so, Dolly and I are gonna pick you up in like, twenty minutes? The Schuyler girls are currently decorating the house while George is contacting his friends for support, since we’re gonna Americanize the shit out of his place. Everyone else has pretty much said yes to coming, so look pretty and get ready to make bad decisions late at night.” It was your turn to laugh, and Maria had to admit, your voice was sweeter than hers.

“Alright. I’ll see you two in a few.” You both said your goodbyes and you threw your phone on your bed. You didn’t know what to expect at the party, and having it in an extremely large house made it more exciting. Hopefully nothing bad would happen later in the night.



You waltzed down the stairs of your apartment, giving a charming smile at the bellboy, who watched your form go out the door a tad longer than needed. Maria was leaning on the car door by the curb, Dolly at the driver’s seat and staring at her phone. Both looked up and broke out into huge smiles, Maria running up to you for a hug. You giggled as the both of you swayed in a circle, responding in frantic greetings, as it has been awhile since you have gone out with her.

“Finally! Do you have a swimsuit under?” Maria asked, leading you to the vehicle. You nodded and pulled your strap underneath, making it hit your skin.

“I think I’m going to stay in the jacuzzi. I don’t want my hair to get wet, and I want to horde all of the water guns.” Maria gasped at your plan happily and squealed.

“YES! Hold on, we all planned this with the main squeeze. We pre-planned our strategy for the party-war, and it includes numerous nerf guns, forts, and spying.” You gave an excited giggle as you entered the back of the car, Dolly reaching her arm back to hold your hand in greeting.

“(Name)! Honey, it’s been so long since I last saw you? We need to get our main squeeze back together!” You agreed, and clipped your seat belt. The “main squeeze” consisted of you, Maria, Theodosia, and Dolly. Your group was basically a replica of Alexander and his friends, which was quite amusing. Your two groups usually hung out with each other (along with the rich Schuyler’s for money support), your friends always messing with you and saying that the other group of men and Schuyler’s were totally into you. Well, you weren’t exactly complaining, but you ignored their teases, as they usually make your face go red. You loved all of your friends equally, and you never thought that they would have feelings for you.

Yeah, you were kind of naive.

The drive to George’s manor was filled with horrible sing-alongs to Beyonce, checking out strangers in the cars nearby, and constant teasing with you and your multiple ‘admirers.’

“I’m completely sure that the Schuyler’s have the hots for you, (Name). Like no joke, I’ve seen Eliza creep on your Instagram more times than necessary.” Dolly said over the music. Your face waved into a warm feeling as you looked down at your hands.

“R-really? Golly, like, honestly, I’m not that interesting…” you got more quiet as you started rambling, Maria watching your adorable reaction through the rear-view mirror. Your friends joked on how innocent you were with relationships, as you were too shy to actually confess who your crush was. You appealed to all of your friends, who never ceased to make you fumble at the smallest of interactions.

“Honey, you are the life of the party. Never think of yourself as something lower than what you are, because it’s a lie. You know how to make anyone smile, and your whole personality is absolutely beautiful.” Your face heated up more at Maria’s kind words. Dolly nodded in agreement, and you felt like melting. What did you ever do to deserve such amazing and attractive friends?


After a humorous problem with Dolly’s GPS, which included missing your exit five times and lurking around a rich neighborhood long enough for an elderly lady to question the three of you for youthful misdoings, George’s large abode caught your sight. Dolly entered the pin code to open the gates guarding the house, and cruised around the fountain in the middle of the wide outer yard. You smiled as you spotted Peggy hanging a large American flag over the balcony that overlooked the front yard and everything beyond the perimeter of the house. Once the car was parked, you stepped out and waved at Peggy, who gasped and leaned over the stone railing of the overlook.

“(Nick Name)! Come inside, we’re planning everything!” You laughed and nodded, lifting a thumbs up at the ecstatic younger Schuyler. Hearing the beep of the car locking behind you, the three of you went towards the large front door and opened it. You couldn’t help but look up at the amazing house, two pillars making an entrance towards the main halls and living room. The piano area and extra dining table rooms connected on the right and left of the main entrance hall were covered with red, white, and blue decor, any sort of patriotic pride always in your eye sight.

Angelica heard the front door open and walked up to meet you three, you taking off your shoes and touching the white tile and marble floor. The eldest Schuylar hugged the three of you, giving you a slightly longer hug, not that you noticed.

“I’m so glad you can make it, (Name)! Help us decorate the whole dang place before the guys come over.” You nodded politely and made your way into the tall-roofed open kitchen, only to have Angelica stop you.

“Come over to Peggy’s temporary room later, we have debriefing to do.” she said quietly in a semi-serious tone. You let out a short and excited giggle, and winked at Angelica.

“I brought an extra Nerf gun, if that helps.” you told the Schuyler. Dolly, who was listening in, patted you on the back and walked with you towards the kitchen.

“That’s my girl! C’mon, we got a whole bunch of decorations to put up.”

You padded after Dolly and took in the semi-mess. The extravagant couches that served as the living room away from the kitchen area were littered with piles of decorations, waiting to be held up, and the T.V. they faced was currently on a random music channel. George was sitting in the middle of all of the decorations, looking quite glum. He noticed your entrance and made his way towards you, his face in relief.

“(Name), honey, am I glad to see you! These girls have been tormenting my abode with the most atrocious decor, and I cannot handle to set my eyes upon another American flag. Are you here to relieve me of this burden?” You smiled at his familiar posh accent and threw a nearby patriotic table cloth in his face.

“Sorry, Georgie, but I’m here to make this place look more annoying.” You giggled as George playfully yelped like a girl when the decoration touched him. He was actually quite thankful that the cloth was covering his face, because the smallest but most prominent blush was shown on his cheeks from you using Maria’s nickname for him.

“Okay, Angelica, where do we begin?” Dolly asked, jumping up on the granite countertop of the kitchen. You stood by her, looking at the several platters covering the long middle island. There were hot dogs, hamburger patties, fruit, and every other thing imaginable sitting on the table, covered with plastic wrap. You couldn’t wait for the party to start, as Mr. Washington knew how to use the grill quite well.

“Well, Eliza is outside, currently tidying up the place and hiding a few ammo packs here and there,” Angelica announced, saying the last part a little quieter, “and Peggy is upstairs with Maria, drunk-proofing the whole house and making our base.” You tilted your head.

“Our base is upstairs this year? I wanted to go outside again, so we can push Thomas in the pool and watch his hair get messed up again.” Both Dolly and Angelica laughed at your comment, which made you chuckle along.

“Sadly, Alexander called the back lawn as their fort first. The neutral ground this year is the patio, since that is where all of the food is going to be.” You nodded at the new information. This was going to be quite the exciting clash.

Every year since your group got together and started throwing Fourth of July parties, there has been this small rivalry game that popped up. Alexander and his friends, along with Burr, Thomas, James, (and suspiciously Mr. Washington, but there is no evidence), started to shoot Nerf guns at your group of friends near the middle of the party one year. Of course, this has started a prank war, and it still goes on after the party. Little things like a puddle of mayonnaise at their doorstep (thanks Lafayette) or a fake coupon to the store (that’s what you get Lafayette) continue this playful war, but it was usually at the Fourth of July parties where things get really lit.

“We should get to decorating, and discuss battle plans when the whole team is here.” Dolly suggested, lifting up a sparkly, red, white and blue line of stars, along with a few board pins.

“The decoration goal is to have too many that it’ll be a pain in the ass for George and his followers to remove before and after the party is over.” Angelica said.

“I heard that!”


Once most of the decorations were finished, the regal doorbell sounded throughout the house. You were the first to open the door, and instantly smiled when you saw Aaron and Theodosia standing outside. Theodosia ran in for a hug, and you squeezed her waist. You let go of her and greeted Aaron the same way, him a teeny tiny bit more hesitant to return the touchy ‘hello.’

“Awesome to see you guys be the first ones to make it! We’re just about done putting up the decorations, so you can just chill out on the couch while everyone else comes over.” Theodosia nodded and grabbed her brother’s unsuspecting bicep, pulling him along.

“You’ve really outdone the place this year.” Aaron said, looking up and around the ceiling with a faint smile. Theodosia nodded and hummed in agreement.

“It was all Angelica’s idea. She’s the major mom in decoration parties.” Theodosia nudged your side playfully.

“Remember back in middle school when you asked her to decorate your Minecraft themed party?” You let out a loud groan and walked faster, leaving Theodosia and Aaron behind.

“I wanted a good time, but you just have to bully me!” you called over your shoulder, Theodosia laughing and giving breathy “W-wait!” You playfully stuck your tongue out at her and made your way to Peggy’s room. You were going to wait out in there before everyone got together to make battle plans.

You were surprised to actually see Peggy in her room, which is strange to say outloud. You deducted from the pairs of clothes on the large bed and Peggy being almost naked, she was choosing something to wear for the party.

So yeah, Peggy didn’t have a shirt or pants on. Only a simple tube top and spandex with her hair in a bun.

Was your face in a mess.

“Oh! Sorry! Um, I’ll go, and, um, the door, and…” Peggy noticed your absolutely flustered composition and smiled, not at all fazed by your accidental walk in.

“No, it’s alright! You can help me pick something to wear!” the younger Schuyler said excitedly. You nodded, your face still warmer than a Dell laptop, and sat down on her bed. Peggy lifted up a faded and sleeveless shirt that depicted the American flag.

“Should I look like I work at Hollister, Forever 21, or Wet Seal?” she asked, and you giggled.

“You’re not going to swim?” you asked innocently. Peggy shrugged and walked into her open closet, probably looking for a pair of shorts.

“Naw, I’m in charge of placing traps and watching our ammo during the party. Also, I’m too lazy to take a shower after swimming.” You giggled at your friend’s response, and sighed, laying back on the bed.

“What kind of shorts should I wear?” Peggy called from her closet. You thought for a moment, giving an audible groan.

“Um, I don’t know? It’s going to get cold at night so I guess be prepared for that?” Peggy walked out, wearing the shirt she picked out. You sat up and childishly clapped, praising her good choice.

“You know, I wouldn’t mind seeing one of the guys dress up like they work at Hollister.” Peggy giggled as she jumped on the bed next to you, picking out some jean shorts and wiggling them on. You ever-so slightly tilted your head to the side in confusion.

“What do you mean, like in a plaid shirt and jeans? I guess, but that’s what they already wear…” Peggy “tsked” and laid on her bed so she can put on the shorts more effectively.

“You’ve never seen one of the male models for Hollister? You know, the beach-tanned guys who have perfect abs and look like lifeguards and stand outside the store entrance?” You gave a quiet “no” and looked at your friend in more confusion, until you realized her intentions.

“Wha- PEGGY!” you yelped, grabbing the nearest pillow and playfully hitting your friend with it. Peggy finished pulling up her shorts and laughed, putting her hands up to defend herself.

“Oh, come one, (Name), I bet you have thought about it too. Imagine Alexander and his friends…” You felt like melting in a puddle, and you covered your face with your weapon.

“You are unbelieveable, Peggy! Honestly!” you squealed as Peggy shoved you side to side, and you fell on the bed in a fetal position, the pillow still in your grasp.

“C’mon, (Name)! We both know that all of our friends are ripped.” Your response was a loud groan into the pillow, holding it tighter to your form.

Saved by the bell, the rest of your group walked into Peggy’s room and closed the door, effectively locking it. Peggy estatically waved at the group, and you sat up, taking in at who has walked in.

“Just did a count, and I think we’re gonna have uneven teams. I guess it’s good for us, because we’re the team with the most people.” Maria confirmed. Theodosia was sitting with Dolly, who were both against the bed frame on the floor. Eliza and Angelica were standing near the door, Eliza on her phone. Maria sat next to you and crossed her arms, shrugging. “Eliza, can you check if the guys are okay with that?”

Eliza didn’t respond after a few moments, and she looked up from her phone.

“I’m texting them right now, and they are, um, okay with that.” Eliza said, looking back down on her phone, obviously sidetracked from it. Angelica tried looking over her shoulder, but Eliza quickly shrugged away, her phone to her chest.

“Ooooo, I think someone is texting their crush again!” Peggy exclaimed, bouncing on the bed. You giggled, along with everyone else in the room. Eliza looked absolutely confused, but her blush was eminent.

“Peggy, I’m not texting Alexander, if you’re wondering.” You laughed and taunted your friend.

“So you admit that you like Alex?” Eliza’s face grew more flustered and she shook her head.

“Honestly, don’t you remember when he hit on me?” Angelica told her sister, not all glad about the memory.

“Me too, until he found out that Aaron was my brother.” Theodosia spoke up. Everyone in the room laughed.

“We got into a short relationship, like in highschool.” Maria said next, but you hit her with your pillow.

“Liar! You were the one to hit him up first, all because you needed lunch money.” Maria laughed and rubbed your head in a rough manner, messing up all of your hair.

“Yeah, but do you remember when he hit on you during lunch? It was the cringiest thing ever.” You continued to hit your friend with your soft weapon, your teammates snickering. Eliza didn’t look offended or in denial from everyone’s experiences, which you were grateful for.

“I mean, I guess he’s nice, but I honestly think he doesn’t like me.” Eliza said, texting on her phone once more. Angelica waved her hand away, dismissing the topic.

“Okay, so now we’re gonna talk battle plans. I’ve gotten Thomas to join our team, because Alexander doesn’t want him on his.” Angelica stated. “Since we got upstairs as our base, I think we should have someone staying there at all times, just in case the guys decide they want to start early.” Dolly shot her hand up, a sudden eager air in her midst.

“I volunteer to stay upstairs and do everything, because I refuse to talk to everyone else.” Theodosia shoved her friend’s shoulder playfully, shaking her head.

“We will all take turns looking over our base.” Theodosia teasingly shot towards Dolly. “Now, I don’t assume that it’s going to be in Peggy’s room?” Peggy shook her head estatically, and started towards the door.

“We got a good place upstairs! The guys are never gonna find our flag!” You looked towards Angelica.

“It’s Capture the Flag? What does the losing team have to do?” Angelica shrugged at your question.

“Whatever the winning team wants. We should think of things we want Alexander’s team to do, since we’re going to obviously win.” The girls giggled, and all made their way up the stairs. You looked down the hallway and saw Thomas and James walk in, greeting Aaron and George. James was in the side shadow of Thomas, as usual, and he twisted his head towards the commotion.

“Mayday, mayday! Enemy-intruder-man has insight on our position, hurry the fuck up Theodosia!” you rapturously tittered. You lightly shoved Theodosia, who was ahead of you.

Once everyone got up the stairs, Angelica led the line through one of the two double doors in the middle, the sound of non-stop sniggering filling the giant, wide hallway that made the second floor. Once inside the room, you closed both doors, which gave a pitiful slam. Everyone was giggling their heads off, including you.

“Wait, isn’t Thomas on our team?” Eliza spoke up. You looked at your entrance and gave a quiet “oh shit” and opened it, sticking your head out as your teammates giggled their heads off once more. You looked down where everyone came from and saw the noticeable hairstyle of Thomas bounding up. When his head turned around you waved your hand, beckoning him in. Leaving one of the doors open and going inside the room more, you took in your surroundings.

It was a wide conference room, as it seemed. There was a giant, oval table that was made of dark oak wood, several wheeled and cushioned business chairs surrounding it. Under the table were many cardboard boxes, which held all of the Nerf guns, water balloons, and other fun stuff. Off to the right side of the room was a small group of chairs around a short table, and on the left side, two giant, empty book shelves. Across the room from the double doors was a line of giant glass sliding doors, which led to the front outside balcony. The balcony outlooked the front of the property, and you saw the twine holding up a familiar flag flutter in the evening wind.

“Okay, so what I have in mind is that on the balcony, we put the decoy flag, and hide our actual flag somewhere else.” Angelica stated, going under the table to retrieve the decoy. Each team was given a decoy flag and their actual flag, as they can use it for their own advantage. You noticed the door open slightly more as Thomas entered the room, him giving you a small wave and closing the door, in case the enemy tries to cheat.

“I hope I’m not too late? I think Alexander and his friends just came in, and their team is planning things.” Loud whooping coming from downstairs answered Thomas’s suspicions, and everyone gave a small giggle.

“I can go downstairs and check on them if you want, since we are here solely for a party.” Eliza spoke up, already heading out the door. You were surprised at her eagerness to greet the other guys, and you watched her go out the door. What was she up to?

Peggy snickered and nudged your shoulder. “I guess she’s pretty enthusiastic on seeing Alexander.” You shook your head with a small huff. You still had a small thought that Eliza was planning something, and you were hoping that it didn’t jeopardize the whole game.

It probably did.


The plan Angelica laid out was perfect. There was no downside to it, and you were eager to see the opposing team carry out your very commands when they lose their flag. (Not that your team knew what the punishment was going to be, though.) Nonetheless, it was completely fool proof.

You found out something very interesting about George’s large house. It was constructed by some French dude of his who was a close friend and went by the name Louis. Louis apparently added in some “features” that George did not request, like the large orange grove in his backyard or the creepy elevator that seemed to not work at the wrong times, just for kicks. As Maria explained this, she went towards the left bookshelf on the left side of the room, and curled her fingers around the right side of it. Slowly, but surely, Maria (and with the help of Angelica) swung the extremely heavy and stubborn bookshelf to the side like a door, and revealed a hidden space. Upon closer inspection, you could see the hinges on the bookshelf, and after two carpeted stairs down, there was another door. Opening the door, Maria revealed a hidden room, which only held a bed and a long window too high to see out of. The bed held almost every single Nerf gun imaginable, and you were tempted to choose the largest one.

“The flag is in the closet.” Angelica pipped up, and you took notice of yet another door on the far side of the room. “It is currently hidden behind a drawer and several boxes. Whoever will try to get the flag will certainly make a lot of noise.”  Thomas gave a quiet “My God” and raised his hands up.

“May the Lord be with Alexander, because he sure by hell ain’t getting our flag.” Thomas said as he walked out the secret room. You let out a laugh as you followed, ready to celebrate the Fourth of July with all of your friends.

Downstairs, a lot of things were going on. George’s friends recently arrived, whom you recognized to be Samuel Seabury and Charles Lee. Samuel was trying to get his shoes off, and he nearly fell on Charles. Charles simply looked down on his friend with no amusement, George slightly giggling. Looking up, Samuel met eyes with you, and waved as he tried to balance on one leg. Charles rolled his eyes and nodded towards you, before pushing Samuel over and making him ultimately fall on his butt. You giggled at their antics and walked through the living room, noticing James sitting alone on the couch. As everyone greeted each other, you sat next to James.

“Oh, hi (Name).” James spoke up, giving you a kind smile. You smiled back, already enjoying the company of your anxiety-filled friend. James was always laid back, only speaking up when it really mattered. Even being a sick kid, you knew he could care for himself. Well, most of the time.

“Sorry about running away from you earlier. Important team stuff.” James let a small chuckle, looking back towards the majority of his team.

“No, it’s alright. Our team had a little talk outside as well, so I guess it kind of works out.” James wiped his eyes, giving a small chuckle to ease the short silence between the two of you. “My apologies, George has some flowers out there that are really in bloom.” You patted James on the head for support, knowing how bad his allergies can get.

“It’s alright! I’ll go easy on you when the game starts.” You winked after saying this, and James chuckled softly once more, looking away for his face was quite warm.

“It’s alright! You don’t have to, since I’m probably going to get out anyways.”


“They made me part of the ‘front lines,’ and with all of these dang flowers and their pollinating I won’t be able to throw water balloons at anyone.” You were about to respond when suddenly someone jumped over the leather couch and rolled down to yours and James’ lap, which mostly surprised James more than you.

“(Name), delighted to see you here. Jemmy, hoping you aren’t giving away team secrets.” John acknowledged. He put his hands behind his head, which was partially in your lap. He gave a flirtatious wink as he looked up at you, his bright smile tugging one of your own out.

“Come here often?” he said, then blew a kiss as you giggled. You pushed him off of your lap (with the help of James) and stood up. John yelped and quickly turned over, catching you flipping him off.

“Only when I’m called, Jacky.” You responded, and you gave a small wave to James. You walked over to Maria in the kitchen, who was holding a dish towel and having an extensive conversation with Alexander and Hercules.

“No, you cannot have any cookies, because we have to wait for the Washingtons to get here.” She spoke out, swatting Hercules on the shoulder with her weapon when he tried to reach for the plate once more. You giggled and stood by her side, bringing an arm around her waist. Of course, she didn’t mind your gesture, but was a little taken back. You winked at Hercules, and he leaned back. It was a good idea to make amends with some of the other team, since you knew Hercules was the best at sneaking around.

“These cookies are for Team Pretty Petty Liars, and are open for the public when the party actually starts.” You announced to the two boys, grabbing a few cookies from under the plastic wrap with the arm around Maria. Thankfully, she didn’t notice, and you hid them behind your back. Hercules gave a small smirk, and Alexander crossed his arms. You took note of how his hair was in the dumb but adorable pig tails again, and how serious he looked with an American flag-themed snapback and dark sunglasses.

“Well, Team T.M.N.Triots demand some cookies before the party starts, because we have a very hungry team captain and lead spy captain.” Alexander responded, easing his lips into a sly smile and leaning on Hercules’ arm as if it was a wall. His douche level was at maximum, and you had to give props to how hard Alexander was trying. Of course, he was never like this in real life.

“Besides, who do you guys have as your team captain? They’ll have to go against moi.” Alexander flicked on of his pig tails in attempt to flip his hair, looking off in the distance. Hercules stepped aside, which made Alexander stumble for a quick second and cause you to laugh.

“We have Angelica as our team captain this year, and she is way tougher than you.” Maria taunted. You gave a quiet “Yeah!” in support to your friend’s statement, and took one cookie from your secret stash and placed it in your mouth. Maria noticed the sweet and how it magically made it in your hands. Before she could ask questions, you dashed back to the hallway and to the open piano room next to the front door. You found Lafayette with George and his crew, who were all on their phones.

“I was never here.” You quickly spoke up as you hid behind the piano. Samuel, who was sitting on the piano seat and leaning on the instrument, hid you with his legs as you heard Maria steam down the hallway, probably going to Peggy’s room to look for you.

“Oh, Maria, darling!” George spoke up. You shot him several glares and put a find to your lips, hoping he wouldn’t blow your cover. If he did, then you were going to make sure he wasn’t going to stray from your water balloons.

“What is it, Georgy.” Maria’s smooth voice spoke up, stopping slightly. You pressed your body against Samuel’s legs, eating the cookie that was still in your mouth. George shifted slightly so he could face Maria and gave a sweet smile.

“You look lovely today, sweetie.” Maria had dead eyes as George kept his stance, and Maria huffed.

“If you spammed my Snapchat again, George, I’m not accepting that apology.” Once your friend walked a well enough distance away, you got in a more comfortable position and faced the rest of the room.

“I swear to the Lord, if you had given my position away…” George simply laughed as he went back to his phone, scrolling aimlessly.

“I would never dream of it, darling.” You rolled your eyes, and ignored the fact that your stomach made a few flutters at the word ‘darling.’ Honestly, you had to get your emotions in check.

“Oooo, (Name), can I pretty please have a cookie?” Samuel asked sweetly, noticing the stash you were protecting on your lap. George spoke up again before you could move.

“Samuel, you promised me that we were both going to lay off the cookies this month. Just wait a  few more weeks before we can forget about our beach bodies.” Samuel seemed to deflate at his friend’s comment, but didn’t complain. You admired at how Samuel was best friends forever with George, even if he could be a bit nasty and stuck up at times. Out of pity, you secretly placed a cookie on the piano seat next to Samuel, whose face instantly lit up. He mouthed a silent ‘thank you’ before popping the whole cookie in his mouth, and you smiled widely. Standing up to walk back to the party, you quickly placed a cookie in Charles’ and Lafayette’s laps, making sure George didn’t see your dealing of the sweets. Charles was surprised by your generosity and gave a genuine smile in your direction, and you placed a finger to your lips once more. The cookie in Lafayette’s lap disappeared just as quickly it was placed there, and he looked up from his phone to give you a quick wink.

The doorbell rang through out the large house, and a few people in the living room cheered, as they all knew who it was. Lafayette was quicker on his feet than you and went to open the large door.

“Mr. and Mrs. Washington!” Time for a hell of barbecuing.

Syrian Sanctions

The US have placed sanctions on 271 individuals in Syria that work at the Syrian Scientific Studies and Research Centre (SSRC). This center is the where the US believes the nerve agent was produced that was used in the attack in Khan Sheikhoun earlier this month.  This attacked killed 80 people and the US had launched missile strikes on the Syrian Shayrat airbase where the planes came from.  The sanctions on the SSRC employees prevent any American citizens from having deals with them.  

These steps are something that seem needed right now.   Since the attack, Assad has not taken any claim of misdoing by Syria, and have stated that the attacks were made up.  The country never should have used chemical weapons, but the fabrications of stories saying the United States and others in the west have made up the use of chemical weapons, is unacceptable.  Setting up sanctions seemed like a natural next step.  Assad has no country to really have sanctions put on, so it makes sense to put it on the research center.