if-i-do-saysomyself  asked:

Hello! Love your blog! Do you have any recommendations for good planners, notebooks, pens, and other school supplies??

hey there, thank you so much! here are some recommendations for you:

    • The Kikki K planners are lovely - look at how bright and pretty they look! They’re functional too. These things aren’t cheap but I hear that they are amazing quality and they last for more than a year, as you can buy refills.
    • Passion Planner - this is a printable planner, and it’s free! Get a cute binder and print out some passion planner pages to fill it. This is a really practical planner, I’m thinking about using it myself.
    • I’m a fan of the Busy B planner pads - these are great for weekly planning and any followers of my blog will know how obsessed I am with weekly planners!
    • I love the Oxford Campus Notebooks. The quality of paper is amazing and they’re a pleasure to write in - I’ve used nothing other than these ones for about five years now.
    • If you’re looking for a proper bounded/hard back notebook then the Moleskine ones are popular. These aren’t cheap but they’re very good quality. A similar alternative are the Silvine ones, which are similar but less expensive.
    • I am a fan of composition notebooks! These are cheap and cheerful but they’re the perfect size for essay plans or just general note taking. 
    • Paperchase have an amazing range of notebooks. They’re really cute but they also have some nice square notebooks and ‘multiple subject’ style ones.
  • PENS
  • MISC
    • I am a huge fan of the Zebra Mildliner highlighters! They’re great quality and very pretty.
    • I like to use Post-It notes for making to-do lists or just jotting stuff down quickly! These pages of post-it notes are amazing to keep in binders and they’re have lots of variety!

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