Episode 9 of LoK is titled "Out of the Past"

MAYBE being imprisoned gives Korra a chance to meditate on her visions like Tenzin said she needed to do! And maybe we’ll get to see a long, less confusing version of the flashback! (Because that would make sense with the title.) Or maybe she’ll meditate enough to where she can actually talk to Aang’s spirit, or hear Aang’s spirit talking directly to her.

I’m excited.

I’m sorry, but some of the LoK fandom seem very shallow.

Such as the people who say they only liked the finale because of getting to see General Iroh or Makorra or less Masami or whatever.

Or those who say they didn’t like the finale because of not getting to see enough of something or something very specific and meaningless.

They don’t even try to think about what actually went on.

I mean shipping and attractive characters and relationships and humor are a great part of the show, but it’s definitely not the only things that make the show.

I just wish people would actually really look into the deeper meaning of things before they’re like, “I didn’t like the finale because Meelo didn’t make any jokes. The only reason I liked it at all was because OMG IROHS VOICE DROOOL.”

Good lord.