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How come they don't have any survallince of Dylan and Eric in the halls? Wouldn't a school have cameras in the hall?

Prepare for a long post. This question is just another question a lot of people who research Columbine have because they believe that there is footage that hasn’t been released from April 20th. I believe, from what I’ve read, there was a camera in the library, but it was turned off. The “official” statement says that there is no other footage other than what we have already seen. There was a camera in rebel corner (store) facing the steps and the foreign language hall, this camera was supposed to be “unplugged or turned off” but “wasnt working that day”. We referred to it as camera 5 because if it were on the rollover system like the rest it may have been in sequence to 3 other cameras or more. The statement from Keating to Battan was brought up as was camera 5 when Randy Brown posed the questions from the families to Jeffco, here was the response.
=A Request for:

#10) Copies of tapes from camera 5 from Columbine.

JCSO RESPONSE: There is no “camera 5” as referenced by Mr. Brown. On April 20, 1999 there were four surveillance cameras on the outside portion of Columbine high school. The jefferson county sheriff’s office collected seven tapes (2468 and 2469) from these cameras on April 21, 1999. These seven tapes are daily surveillance tapes of after hour activities in the days prior to April 20,1999. The cameras are timed to record every day between 3:00 PM and 5:00 AM the next day. They show the exterior of the library, the exterior of the south entrance and patio, and the exterior of the east entrance. These four views are recorded on a quad recorder that shows the quad (four) images and then cycles through each image, returning to the quad and continuing through the cycle. The videotapes were removed by a law enforcement officer who indicated that Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold are not shown on these video tapes. 

Camera 5 exists, Camera 5 is displayed on the unreleased F.B.I. maps of the school. Is there any evidence of reference to camera 5 being in non-working condition on Apr. 20, 1999? Information on camera 5 is missing from the investigative files that have been released,, except for its identification in the fBI prepared map that has never been released to the public. Please provide information on camera 5. In addition we would ask that you provide the above-mentioned tapes (Evidence items 2468 and 2469)for review as soon as possible. It is quite irrelevant to us that these tapes do not, per your comments, show Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. The actions of law enforcement, paramedics and other personnel are very important for review and the establishment of a time-line. Please prepare unedited versions of these tapes for immediate release.
A Request for:

#11) Channel 5 tapes (reference p. 9740)

JCSO RESPONSE: Investigative File page number JC-001-009740 is a one-page report generated by Investigator Kate Battan on April 26,1999. In the last paragraph of that report Investigator Battan describes cameras that record specific exterior (outside) areas of the Columbine High School. There is no mention of Channel 5. Please refer to the answer in question 10 for additional information.

BROWN RESPONSE: “Channel 5 tapes” refer to a radio channel in use on April 20, 1999. Please release a copy of these tapes. (please disregard the page # reference. (My error.)
A Request for:

#12) Copies of tapes from the library hall as referenced by Kate Batten (sic) p. 9740 of released pages.

JCSO RESPONSE: Investigative File page number JC-001-009740 does not mention any tape from the library hall. There was no camera in the interior library hall on April 20, 1999. Please refer to questions 10 and 11 for further information.

BROWN RESPONSE: Please note: in your response to quesion 10 on this page, you reference these tapes and acknowledge their existence. “Exterior tapes of the library” can be interpreted in differenct ways. The page number is correct. Please provide a copy for review. Perhaps they will show the LA SWAT team members on their tour of the school.
I have heard that there were also cameras fixed on the West Entrance, but those too, only recorded from 3pm-5am.
 I was watching some of their videos and saw what may be cameras.

And then there is this, but I think it is actually a fire alarm.

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I'm a junior and I'm taking the SAT's in four weeks. It's the second time I'm taking it, and I'm so close to my goal, but I'm just afraid I won't improve... What are some study routines or tips that can help me improve my score?

Take a TONNNNNNNN of practice tests. (I worked through at least 3 books, and when I was prepping for math, I did 6+ sections of math a week. You can find practice questions everywhere, and even more books if you ask around people who’ve finished taking it!) 

DO VOCAB CARDS. (I got Barron’s. Worked through them soooo many times to make sure I knew them enough.)

Have a good breakfast. 

Don’t freak out. 

Also helpful: having a TI-89. I think it was more helpful on the SAT Math II but if you know how to use one, a TI-89 is a lifesaver, and will last you probably till the end of college. (imo, it’s better than an NSpire)

Ummm. Well, I think getting a good SAT score just comes with lots and lots and lots of practice. There are no shortcuts. :/ You can get a decent score not-studying, but if you do want a 750+, then you just gotta practice a lot. That’s how it was for me, anyways! (: 

- Cindy

Everyone feel free to contribute any tips??

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i can change scroll-bar on Theme #28 - “Lazarus”?

You can change whatever you like. Simply throw the appropriate CSS before </style>. 

::-webkit-scrollbar-thumb:vertical {
background-color: SCROLLBAR FACE COLOR;
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::-webkit-scrollbar {
height: 30px;
width: 6px;

You can find other customization options through a google search. Although I recently have not been adding scrollbar options because things have been messing up with Chrome. 

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Who was Brenda Parker?

She made up lies such as the ones below. In the 11k, it mentions that she stated she made them all up because she “had no life” but the media never picked up that it was all false.
- She stated that she met Eric in late Jan. 1998, his junior year, at the mall when “she was sure a group of guys had been following them.” When Brenda was 23, Eric would have been 16.
- Eric road in her car
- They bowled together
- Eric taught her how to download Doom and how to use the internet
- She watched E&D shoot crickets with a BB gun in Eric’s basement
-  Eric visited her apartment because she lived alone
- Her, E&D drove to the mountains and drank. “They decided to spend the night in her Mustang because they were worried about drinking and driving. "Eric was a little tipsy and we went for a walk and it was really dark. He was holding on to me and he tripped and he took me with him," Brenda said.”
- Eric left Rammstein CDs at her house
These are some of the things she did:

-  E-mailed to various Gun shops in Denver asking around to buy a Tec-9
-  She claimed to be the third shooter but ‘supposedly’ backed out right before the shooting.
- She spent alot of times on Columbine’s school ground at night, trying to peak into the library windows by climbing on the boards. She even planned on her Yahoo group to break into CHS and be in the exact spot where Eric died. 
- There was a Brenda who worked briefly with them at Blackjack Pizza, and Brenda Parker tried to confuse data…to make it look like SHE was working there with them.
- When she was first questioned by police(as an associate of E/D) she claimed to have a voicerecording and picture of Eric…Police checked it and didnt believe it was Eric. 

She was just an impostor, not even a student at Columbine ever. But she ultimately screwed herself when she was questioned by police. First by giving them a voicerecording and picture of Eric, which they determined to be both fake. And then after getting arrested for saying she was in on the plan. She had no choice to tell the truth by then.

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A long time ago I remember someone asking about the basement tapes and you mentioned a 30 second or so leaked clip of them talking. What exactly were you referring to?

That there is a 30 second leak of the basement tapes.
Listen here; Part 1, Part 2

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Do you know if there's a full transcript of the 911 call? Or maybe like a full audio version clear enough to hear what Eric & Dylan said during the shooting? In the DC Documentary, Brooks Brown is talking about it, I was curious to know what they said!

Sure, check out [this] page. It gives transcripts of the 911 call and other calls made that day.

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I think I remember Dave Cullen commented Brook's book, but did Brook's comment on his?

“A great deal of misinformation - I responded to the top post in length, but the short version is that Cullen claims I didn’t experience what I (and tons of other students at that school) experienced. He’s going against medical records, police reports, FBI findings and more. So…take it with a grain of salt?”

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who's brandon larson?

Brandon Larson was a sophmore at the time of the shooting and was a football player. I believe he was on both Eric and Dylan’s shit lists. Larson’s old address was found in Eric’s room. JC-001-000952
From the basement tapes transcripts:
“They then talk about Brandon Larson and how "you will find his body”. The boys talk about the large propane bombs they plan to use on the unsuspecting students in the school cafeteria. They discuss bombs and two bags of “propane and napalm”, and mention Mr. Stevens and the shotgun.“
"He doesn’t deserve the jaw evolution gave him.” - Klebold, on wanting to kill a sophomore boy, after telling investigators to “look for his jaw. It won’t be on his body.”
And TIME Magazines quote: 
“He (Dylan) mentions “Brandon Larson” [Brandon E Larson Grade 10] & his head being on his knife”

His statement can be found on pages0950-0952 of the 11k.
This might also interest you; [This] is an excerpt from class notes passed between Eric and Kristi Epling (most likely during German class, which they had together in 1998) who was friends with Eric since his freshman year. (And Dylan since he was in kindergarten). Epling and Harris wrote notes to each other during 98, but Epling stated she destroyed all the notes she had left in her room.
..did I make your hit list yet?
nope, yer on my “semper fi” list, but (Redacted) still is in the top 5, along with this asshole named (Redacted) or (Redacted) or something.
That’s fine, he knows that. He wants off, or rather, he doesn’t want to die anytime soon.
He will always be under the gun and in the sights since he hit me in the face, even though it didn’t hurt at all. Until I get to hit him back I will always be pissed at him and his dick head friend too. If they want “off” then tell them to show some fuckin’ respect to their elders(me and Dylan) and never make another smart ass remark about (illegible) to us. 
If you’re going to be pissed at me for being with (Redacted), then that is your thing, but I think that it’s stupid. I’m still the same person, I didn’t change just because I’m with him, but you are going to do what you will. 
Exactly. But I didn’t think you would go out with someone like him. But oh fuckin well es ist mir scheiss egal. Does he still want me to be nice to him? 
I’m sorry I let you down, but I’m happy (illegible) for now, he never wanted you to be nice to him, he just didn’t want you to kill him(he’s definitely scared of you) 
Well if he will let me punch him in face… His friend is another story though. I’ll kill him… 

Kristi Epling stated in the 11k that the person Eric mentioned who hit him in the face was Dan Lab, and that Brandon Larson was good friends with him. She also stated that Eric “would often get angry when other students made fun of him, usually due to his small size or the way he dressed.” “Eric would never react violently during these incidents, but would mention them later. She got the impression that once he talked about it, these taunts wouldn’t bother him anymore.” She stated that Lab punched Eric in the face in 1998, but did not find out until Nov/Dec ‘98 when she was dating Lab.
Other relations:
4624 of the 11k:
Marc Tieri stated that in the previous school week, he observed a confrontation between 2 males in the art hallway. Tieri describede one as a tough jock named Brandon Larson. He stated Brandon was arguing with a guy that was wearing black, who was smaller than Brnadon. Tieri stated the smaller student wearing black told Brnadon that he would “get his gang after him” Brandon replied “I’ll just kill them all”
-The confrontation with Dan Lab may/may not have been when Eric was being made fun of and he replied with something to the matter of, “Why do you always have to pick on me or the music I listen to?”

Little tidbits: -Brandon Larson: 951: he was a jock and had no problems with TCMMs. Patricia Larson (Brandon Larson’s mother): 952: no knowledge of problems between jocks and TCM
-Kristi Epling: Stated that around approx. 11:15 AM on 4/20, she was driving  out of the parking lot, just as she saw Eric’s Honda pulling in, and he was alone. She honked and waved to him, and he waved back at her and smiled.

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What kind of information do you think Eric and Dylan's parents' depositions will include?

I think it’s mainly just a bunch of statements made by both the Harris’ and Klebolds’. It’s possible it will include a number of events that took place in either Eric or Dylan’s childhood, specifically anything that might have predisposed to violence. Babcock (the chief judge of the U.S. District Court of Denver at the time) eventually decided they should be kept secret for 20 instead of 25 years to allay concerns that releasing the documents would encourage copycat shootings. The depositions were originally to be destroyed.
“I am mindful that there is a legitimate public interest in these materials so that similar tragedies may hopefully be prevented in the future,” Babcock wrote in his order. “I conclude, however, that the balance of interests still strikes in favor of maintaining strict confidentiality.” 
The Columbine victim’s families disagreed and believed the documents should be released as they may be able to gain insight on preventing school shootings from occurring in the future.
“There is no rational reason to lock them up,” Brian Rohrbough, the father of a slain student, told The Denver Post. “It’s just the idea that it would be OK in 20 years, and can’t be OK today.”
“I don’t understand why they have to remain sealed,” Judy Brown said. “The copycat reasoning doesn’t apply to the depositions.”

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what was the story behind that choking thing haha

It’s a video called, “Harris Kidnapping”.

Veik stated this production was never filmed because they lost interest in the idea. A portion of this video was in fact filmed, but it was never a completed project.

You can watch it here.

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do you find it weird that none of the seniors killed are in the senior class picture? do you think that they were all on the right side and thats why its cropped like that?

It might be. Not really sure why they did that, to be completely honest, but good speculation.

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I've seen the picture of Daniel on the side walk and I've never seen the ones you posted before an they seriously gave me the chills, why? I hav no idea but do you have any other pictures of the victims beside daniel, Eric and dylan

[This] video shows some of the bodies being taken out.

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If Eric and Dylan killed the people who actually bullied them how different do you think people would have reacted? Do you think Eric and Dylan would have gotten more sympathy? Would people be less interested in them because the reasoning would be evident? I would just like to hear your thoughts..

I believe people would have reacted in basically the same exact way, no matter who was killed. Though, there are people out there who believe for some reason that the people they did kill were their bullies.
I would still be just as interested, but some might not be as much. 

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What was Walshbuttrape?

To my understanding, it was a collection of pages from Eric’s documents and someone had named it Walshbuttrape.txt and had uploaded it to a site for people to see. Those who saw it figured that was the original file name, but was just a nickname used to name the file. It includes a diagram of what the arrest looked like in January of 98.

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I was only a toddler when columbine occurred and would like to know when they decided to release the journals, videos, etc to the public? and did they release them all at the same time or was it gradual?

I believe this is as accurate as I could get:

Sheriff’s Office Final Report on the Columbine High School shootings (Released May 15, 2000)

Littleton Fire Department video and raw helicopter footage by Channel 4 (Released April 26, 2000).

Cafeteria surveillance  (Released June 7, 2000).

“Rampart Range” footage (Released October 21, 2003). The footage contains graphic language.

“Crowd” footage (Released February 26, 2004). Approximately 38 minutes of crowd footage filmed by JCSO Crime Lab outside Columbine High School after 1 p.m. on April 20, 1999

Klebold/Harris footage  (Released February 26, 2004). Miscellaneous footage of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold.

Jefferson County 911 and dispatch audio (Released August 7, 2000)

Denver dispatch cassette tapes containing 7 ½ hours of communication (Released March 6, 2003)

11,000 pages of investigative files (11k) (Released November 21, 2000).  Main release of reports.

Additional investigative files (Released August 8, 2001) 

Printout of evidence log (Released April 2001). This is only 200 pages long and duplicative of the evidence books released later.

Evidence books (Released May 11, 2001)

Crime Scene Processing Team reports and sketches
(Released June 19, 2001)

FBI Crime Scene Processing Team reports and sketches
(Released September 5, 2001)

Colorado Bureau of Investigation laboratory report, 5 pages (Released May 31, 2000).  Note: This report is included in the 11,000 pages of investigative files that were released later.

CBI laboratory report (Released February 6, 2002)

Misc. items on CD containing the following:
-  Draft search affidavit (Released April 10, 2001) 
-  CD (audio) of the shoot team interviews (Released April 10, 2001)
-  Written transcript of an interview with Columbine High School Community Resource Officer Neil Gardner, and the executive summary of the library investigative team (Released April 10, 2001)

Warrants book (Released June 9, 2003).

Tracking sheets, investigative index and other Columbine documents
(Released January 8, 2003)

Fifty-seven pages of documents that show slight differences from previously-released originals, and documents that were inadvertently unreleased (Released 2003)

FBI report of interview with Randy, Judy and Brooks Brown (Released May 22, 2001)

Additional pages/Harris Web site: 1997 memo and Web pages (Released October 30, 2003)

936 pages of documents seized from Harris and Klebold residences/vehicles (Released July 6, 2006)

Autopsy summaries (Released February 6, 2001)

Klebold autopsy reports (Released February 23, 2001)

El Paso County Sheriff’s Report (Released April 10, 2002)

Juvenile-diversion-program documents (Harris);  (Released November 4, 2002)

Juvenile-diversion-program documents (Klebold);  (Released November 22, 2002)

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Recommended books on Columbine? I heard Dave Cullen's book is distorted. Is that true?

Check out my faq page for an accurate description of Cullen’s book.
Books I would recommend would be “No Easy Answers” by Brooks Brown and Rob Merritt, “Columbine: A True Crime Story” by Jeff Kass, and if you can speak Dutch, I have heard the book, “We are but we aren’t psycho” by Tim Krabbe is also very good.