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do you find it weird that none of the seniors killed are in the senior class picture? do you think that they were all on the right side and thats why its cropped like that?

It might be. Not really sure why they did that, to be completely honest, but good speculation.

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If Eric and Dylan killed the people who actually bullied them how different do you think people would have reacted? Do you think Eric and Dylan would have gotten more sympathy? Would people be less interested in them because the reasoning would be evident? I would just like to hear your thoughts..

I believe people would have reacted in basically the same exact way, no matter who was killed. Though, there are people out there who believe for some reason that the people they did kill were their bullies.
I would still be just as interested, but some might not be as much. 

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I'm a junior and I'm taking the SAT's in four weeks. It's the second time I'm taking it, and I'm so close to my goal, but I'm just afraid I won't improve... What are some study routines or tips that can help me improve my score?

Take a TONNNNNNNN of practice tests. (I worked through at least 3 books, and when I was prepping for math, I did 6+ sections of math a week. You can find practice questions everywhere, and even more books if you ask around people who’ve finished taking it!) 

DO VOCAB CARDS. (I got Barron’s. Worked through them soooo many times to make sure I knew them enough.)

Have a good breakfast. 

Don’t freak out. 

Also helpful: having a TI-89. I think it was more helpful on the SAT Math II but if you know how to use one, a TI-89 is a lifesaver, and will last you probably till the end of college. (imo, it’s better than an NSpire)

Ummm. Well, I think getting a good SAT score just comes with lots and lots and lots of practice. There are no shortcuts. :/ You can get a decent score not-studying, but if you do want a 750+, then you just gotta practice a lot. That’s how it was for me, anyways! (: 

- Cindy

Everyone feel free to contribute any tips??

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Do you think race/ethnicity matters when applying to college / being accepted? Do you, and should you, write your ethnicity on your college application?

It could! 

So, there’s something called Affirmative Action. Basically, without going into too much detail, it allows more chances for minority groups to get into elite schools. (AA does not set up quotas, it just gives preference to minority groups). If you happen to be Native American, African American, or Hispanic, that means that colleges might give preferences to you when you apply. If you happen to be, say, white, male, or Asian (Asian because we are an overrepresented minority -.-), then you can kind of say that affirmative action works a bit against you. (NOTE! I’m not an Affirmative Action expert, this is just what I’ve read of it.)

Despite the fact that a lot of colleges say race/ethnicity doesn’t matter, I think it does. However, there’s no way of getting out of it. You *have* to put your ethnicity on your college application. It is not an option. (Usually, anyways. Through the Common App AND the Universal App, you DO have to put it) Lying about it could mean they take away your admission decision later on. 

Personally? I wouldn’t worry about it. That’s just how the application process works, and there’s nothing you or I can personally do to change that. Just do your best throughout high school and apply to the best of your ability… as my parents tell me, if you are meant to go to a certain school, & you work hard, it will happen. 

- Cindy