wildernessbound-deactivated2013 asked:

Who do you work for? My goal is to work with sustainable building.. or anything in the field!

I work for a former politician, best selling published author, columnist, proff and public speaker. 

A great ambition!  I have a personal interest in green building.

Its always great to connect with other young people passionate about the environment and sustainability.

What’s your backgroudn / skill set?  A good way to get started (beside education, research, etc) is to start being active in the sustainability community.  Seek out groups and networks of like minded individuals.

You could try investigating some groups on meetup.com or linked in..

I also have a job list published on twitter which I’m working on expanding.


Are you local to Toronto?

wildernessbound-deactivated2013 asked:

Did they go step by step with the scheduling and stuff??

Well, they sit you down with other people in your major and your department adviser talks you through what classes they recommend you take. Then you go to a sort of computer lab to set up your schedule on Oasis, there’s people walking around the whole time who will help you pick out the right classes. :3