mischievous seeker

transformars  asked:

I'm getting the feeling that on occasion Megatron would specifically order a meeting with both of them at the same time?


Soundwave was starting to feel like his Lord is doing this on purpose.

His s/o is a seeker, one of the most delicate and hard-to-understand type of cybertronian out there. Seeker tendancies were still very much a mystery to grounder and other flight-types alike, almost offputting in how difficult they were to understand. But every single bot in this goddamn faction knows personally;

A radiation-high seeker is never easy to escape.

His s/o has found it entertaining to start bringing uranium and other radiation-rich minerals on this planet to meetings, purposely using them to humiliate Soundwave as he was speaking. He still has been unable to get an answer to why they were doing this, but to the happiness of every other bot within the base, they still have not stopped. It’s become one of the most entertaining spectacles within the base, and part of the reason why so many more Decepticons have begun attending meetings.

Even Lord Megatron himself seems to have gotten in on it, because every meeting he has scheduled for the past 10 solar cycles has included both himself and his s/o on the attendance list. And every single time, he has been flomped to the ground and aggressively nuzzled by the purring seeker, always just unable to predict where they’d be coming from next. 

And every. single. time. His Lord has burst into hysterical laughter, entertained by the suffering of his loyal decepticon intelligence officier; who decided he’d fall in love with a mischievous seeker like the dumb bot he really was.