mischievous boys

k but this looks like a legit family photo with jin and namjoon as the parents and hobi as the uncle who can’t afford his own home yet so he mooches off of his bro

spearow sprite rating


an ugly little thing, i am not sure i appreciate the giant beak and the smarmy look on his face. i understand graphical limitations but this is. something. 2/10


an improvement. the influence from the anime is clear, as with most things in yellow, & it’s a much stronger sprite than RB. 5/10


an even better improvement! much cuter, with a nicer color palette & a cuter pose. still looks angry and ready to fight. a mischievous boy. 8/10


similar to gold, but he is even angrier now. face somehow reminds me of club penguin, but still good. 7/10


same as gold again, but higher contrast. a good, bright boy. 7.5/10


an angry little boy again, ready to fight. what is he fighting for? why is he so angry? 8/10


VERy angry boy, now with screaming. 8.5/10 because it makes me laugh


a personal favorite, similar to the other gen 3 sprites but with minor tweaks. for some reason makes me think of an angry chicken nugget. very good. a nasty, ugly little boy. 10/10


a good sprite, really captures the essence of the Modern Spearow on the DS for the first time. very nice, very colorful, if not a bit static. 7/10


similar to dppt, but flipped and with some tweaks. its beak is now slightly parted, as if preparing to scream but unsure. a hesitant boy. 6/10

black/white/black 2/white 2

another personal favorite! a bouncy, twitchy little boy. definitely looks like a bird. 10/10


well. it’s definitely a bird. static and desaturated compared to past sprites; one of many early-gen pokemon that didn’t translate as well into 3D. nevertheless, a good boy. 6/10



the two mischievous boys goofing around

having fun like best mates do…

what happened?

why did everything suddenly change?

remember he was your best mate once.. remember you love him as a brother.. a best friend.. family…your partner in crime

you bought a van together, scooby doo van? Mystery machine?


i’d always save you

since you’re my bro and i love you

we fight

but its only for a while.. eventually we make up

and everything is ok again

cause all bros fight…. right?


A boarding school AU for NCT Dream where they’re a squad of the schools most mischievous boys. They pull little pranks and they’re on all the teacher’s good sides, except the one who knows that they’re behind all those “accidents” and “mishaps.” He’s dead set on getting them expelled, but only if he can catch them.

Mark = The Leader. He keeps them from doing something stupid or dangerous.

Haechan = The Enabler. He always has a stock of prank supplies on hand. Don’t ask how he got them, it’s best you don’t know.

Jeno & Jaemin = The Twin Terrors. They’re the ones who pull off all the pranks. Poor Mr. Lee had potato powder in his hair for weeks…

Chenle = The Brains. He comes up with the ways to prank, and tells Haechan what to get. No one knows how he thinks this stuff up.

Renjun = The Charms. He’s a model student and always vouches for his friends when suspicion arises. He helps keep the teachers trust, allowing the mischief to continue.

Jisung = The Innocent. He really just gets dragged along in all of this but finds it fun anyway.

A band of young brothers trying to have fun while still remaining good in the eye of the headmaster….

I wonder how that will go.

bts positivity

- golden maknae on top
- drinks banana milk over alcohol
- sweetest vocals 100/10
- soft mischievous bunny boy
- deserves all the love in the world

- a fluffy ball of happiness
- loves to make his members laugh
- vocals are heaven sent
- brightest smile ever
- loves fans so much

- literally a walking angel
- has the voice of an angel
- thinks of his members first like an angel
- pure angel
- did i mention he’s an angel?

rap monster
- great composer/lyricist
- brain mon
- can’t cut onions
- his dimples are everything

- your hope, your angel
- actual ray of sunshine
- mood maker
- has the most amazing personality 
- talented as hell

- his lyrics are deep
- so is his voice
- he swears but it’s kind of hot
- loves to sleep
- pulls off every hair color

- mom of the group
- loves to eat lots
- great cook
- has a heart of gold
- sings beautifully
- gives his 100% to all