mischievous boys

Look at this lovely little stack of books. It would be a shame if someone came and… knocked them over…

glitch pokemon ratings

h POKé

a very very tall boy and a good friend!!! likes to sing a lot! they have many different songs! has crashed my game trying to sing before but THATS OK IM PROUD OF THEM ANYWAY!!!! 10/10

ゥL ゥM 4

ANOTHER GREAT AND VERY TALENTED SINGER!! only has one song but seems very excited to share it with you!! keeps singing for u even when u close the menu! i love them. 10/10


I Feel Like They Are Threatening Me. they are VERY bright red they look angry. I think they have a superglitch move. Still a great pal tho im sure they are doing their best. 8/10

♀ .

a great and talented friend! her favorite color is dark purple so she covers ur whole screen with it! she wants to sing for u but sometimes she sings infinitely and u cant do anything about it. i am still proud of her. 10/10

ゥ .4

very small? what are u doing all the way up there. please come down. 8/10


a very special and VERY hard to obtain friend! looks like a magnemite! can evolve into 6 different pokemon!!! i would love to meet one someday!! 10/10


they do not want to see u they dont like battles. i would appreciate if they just asked me to leave instead of crashing the game. 7/10

’M (FF variant)

a mischievous and cool boy! they look like a charizard! likes to pretend to be ur cancel button and HATES pokemon centers. 10/10

4 4

YELLS. very LOUD. gets too excited for ur battle they bring too many friends and fill ur screen with them and crash ur game. i have never had a successful battle with them. sometimes makes pikachu noises? 9/10


the classic! a wonderful friend!! always so happy to see u that they give u items as a thanks!! 10/10

because we love our hogwarts boys.

give me hufflepuff boys; big hands and soft lips and ready to encase you with warmth and love whenever you’re in need. hufflepuff boys, strong and cheerful, but most of all kind and understanding, full of ideas and loveliness! hufflepuff boys with envious long lashes, fluttering as they send you a wink. give me hufflepuff boys who are fair and loyal, boys who aren’t afraid to love the weak and make a claim against all odds. hufflepuff boys who watch you sail away with your kite, apple-red cheeks and a soft curve to their lips. hufflepuff boys who are hardworking and dedicated, stopping at nothing to earn what they deserve. because hufflepuff boys deserve everything.

give me slytherin boys with blazing eyes; full of desire and the need for control. slytherin boys with mischievous grins, looking back at you in the dark while dragging you forward; your hand in theirs and you’re feeling fire. because slytherin boys are mysterious and beautiful and full of something you want to know better. because they are the children your parents warned you about. give me slytherin boys who are persistent and stubborn; constantly trying to prove a point, because they are compassionate and fighters. give me slytherin boys who want no more than a love to ground them to earth, to make them realize that they are wonderful, that they are not their parents. because beneath those plates of silver armor, there lies a battered, stitched heart. and all it takes is a single heart-beat to revive it.

give me gryffindor boys with darling, crooked smiles. gryffindor boys who run in the rain, laughing and shouting. give me gryffindor boys, making friends for life; trusting them in a second because all they want is another companion, another person to grow with. gryffindor boys who take strides in big lengths, trying to intimidate little ones but failing miserably as they trip over someone else’s steps. gryffindor boys with loud voices that fill up an empty room, storing memories that will never be forgotten. give me gryffindor boys with crushes left-and-right, falling faster than a raindrop from the sky. gryffindor boys who give their everything to feel happy. because gryffindors love with a love that was so much more than love.

give me ravenclaw boys with wide grins. ravenclaw boys who bite their lips so intently as they concentrate, it turns into a luscious red, ravenclaw boys with a million thoughts racing through their head, not a single second to spare before writing them down. because ravenclaw boys want to know everything, everything before it’s snatched away in an instant. give me ravenclaw boys who are shy and quiet, but are incredibly thunderous and competitive once their hearts are in play. incredible. ravenclaw boys who would rather spend their nights learning how to hatch a dragon than studying because it’s fascinating. ravenclaw boys who are wise and will give advice, without you asking. because ravenclaws are everything there is to being phenomenal.

[translation] SMTOWN JAPAN OFFICIAL UPDATE 2017.08.18 - NCT

Johnny -> Chicago’s long legs. Chicago’s representative physicals!!
Taeyong -> A girl ♡ Dainty and must be treated with a lot of care ♡
Doyoung -> Broad shoulders! Cute guy with broad shoulders and he speaks well~
Jaehyun -> White! He does everything diligently. A cute boy with a fair skin~ ♡
Mark -> Hard-worker. No matter when he’s at full force!
Ten -> Happy. Even if he’s far away I get his happy energy. A cute boy whose smile is his charm
Jeno -> Very polite, good mannered, cool Jeno. Manliest of men ♡
Jisung -> Dancing Machine! The ever so free and my pace NCT’s maknae.
Chenle -> Mischievous kid. He’s mischievous no matter where he is.
Renjun -> Renjun who sings and dances well~ ^^
Haechan -> ☀︎ He’s not afraid of anything. A mood maker who listens well.
Winwin -> A fearless 9 year old. Cute ~~^^
Yuta -> YUTA. I love your comedy

Johnny’s ???????? please infer them yourselves..

Johnny -> Gentleman
Taeil -> An adult Crayon Shinchan
Doyoung -> My bro
Jaehyun -> My bro
Mark -> NCT’s swagger MARK!
Ten -> Dancing Machine
Jeno -> Our serious Jeno
Jisung -> Our maknae
Chenle -> Cute CHENLE!
Renjun -> Refreshing!
Haechan -> HAECHAN the Moodmaker who has become mature.
Winwin -> Innocent number 1
Yuta -> Friend from Osaka~

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Bygones of the Sun | 04 (M)

Originally posted by hobismole

Genre: Angst/fluff/(future)smut || dance captain!hoseok, bad boy!au, uni!au

Pairing: Reader x Hoseok

Length: 4.8k

Summary: Jung Hoseok was once the sweetheart of the school, the dance captain whom every girl, including you, can’t help but fall head over heels for. But like the force of the ever-glowing sun, everything that rises must also set. A year of inactivity later and he’s now the school’s resident bad boy. You’re a firm believer of allowing the past be the past, and yet you can’t help but wonder where the risen sun has gone into hiding—because perhaps its shadows have out-shined its own radiance.

01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05

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                                                                                              October 4, 1981

My dearest Minnie,

I wish you a claw-some birthday and hope we’ll see each other soon… I cannot live without you. 

Jokes aside Professor, I hope everyone is fine and everyone is being careful out there. It’s very frustrating to stay inside knowing that I’m needed out there. I know you are a big girl and you can take care of yourself but please keep an eye on the boys for me, especially Remus. I don’t know what he is up to but I know it won’t end well for him. 

I really hope this war ends soon, I would love for Harry to spend some time with you since you are his deputy grandma. Lily sends her best wishes as well and as the Potters we are hoping to throw you a birthday party as soon as this is over.

I’m sorry for ruining your birthday letter with war talk Minnie-kins but we worry a lot.

I hope at least today, you have a good day. If Sirius forgets your birthday (I doubt he will, he is head over heels in love with you) give him a smack on the head and tell him it’s from me for forgetting the birthday of our Queen.

Sincerely your favourite,

James Potter

Minerva put the letter down on her desk. She had read the letter over and over again, tracing over the words of hopefulness that was so James Potter. She looked at the other letter that was on her desk, it was scribbled down with urgency to notify Minerva of the end of the war or as she saw it, the death of Lily and James Potter. She carefully folded James’ letter and hid it in her drawer as a precious memory of James. She then apparated to Privet Drive,4 to see who will be taking care of Harry Potter, the boy who lived.

Soon, Minerva would find herself reading the letter almost everyday. She would remember James Potter as the hopeful, mischievous, caring and funny boy that he is; she would cherish his memory and the memory of the red haired girl with fire in her heart and tears in her eyes. 

Paper Hearts (Part 14)

Originally posted by tbhobi

Genre: Angst/fluff

♡ Pairing: Reader x Jungkook // Reader x Jimin

♡ Length: 5.1k

♡ Summary: It has been nearly a year since you started writing anonymous letters to Jungkook, giving him words of encouragement behind the thin mask of a paper. He never considered you as a possible suspect behind these letters, because you were nothing more than a best friend. And you couldn’t put all the blame on him either, after all, you were too afraid to confess in fear of tarnishing your precious friendship.

1  ♡2  ♡3  4  5  6  7  8  9  ♡10  ♡11 ♡12 ♡13 ♡14 ♡15  

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Prompt 94, “Don’t kiss me if I’m sleeping; I will punch you.”

Character: Peter Pan OUaT.

Thank you for the request and for your patience, anon! This is fairly short and sweet, and I did change the line a bit to make it fit. I hope you enjoy it!

A cool breeze blew through the room, and Y/n snuggled deeper into her blankets. It was mid-winter, and absolutely freezing in her small, second-floor bedroom. Y/n slept with her bed underneath her window, which was only a nice decision on warmer nights.

She was having a very nice dream about a certain mischievous boy king of Neverland when she felt her covers slipping off of her. She grumbled sleepily and tugged them back towards her and felt the most terror she had ever felt in her life when she realized that someone else was holding the covers away from her.

A face loomed over her, but it was too dark to make out any of the features. She felt someone else’s warm breath on her cheeks and did the only sensible thing in this situation: she punched her would-be attacker directly in the nose.

Her attacker stumbled back, cursing. Y/n sat up in bed, ready to grab a makeshift weapon if needed, but paused. Something about this attacker seemed incredibly familiar. It was the voice which finally made her realize her mistake.

“Y/n, love, what the hell was that for?” a disgruntled Pan asked as he turned on the lights in her bedroom.

“Peter!” she blinked, eyes adjusting to the light. “Oh my God, I’m so sorry! Are you okay?”

He nodded, making his way back across the room to her bed and sitting down next to her. She touched his face, lightly, making sure he was actually okay. After a moment, she tilted her head at him.

“Wait… What exactly are you doing here?” she asked.

“I was trying to kiss you.” he answered ruefully.

Y/n couldn’t help it; she burst out laughing. Pan made joking sad puppy-dog eyes but eventually had to start laughing too. The two of them sat on her bed, giggling, for a solid two minutes before calming down. On an impulse, Y/n leaned in and kissed Pan gently on the lips. She pulled back, smiling.

“And what did we learn?” she quipped.

Don’t kiss Y/n while she’s sleeping; she will punch you,” Pan responded, leaning in. “Now, about that kiss I’m owed…”

“Didn’t I just kiss you?” Y/n asked, leaning in herself. Pan hummed thoughtfully.

“Yeah, but that was you kissing me. I came here to kiss you, so it’s my turn.” They both smiled, inches away from their lips meeting. Y/n sighed happily and closed her eyes.

“Then what are you waiting for?” she whispered.

Feyre introducing the court of dreams to Lucien

Feyre: This is my mate and the strongest high Lord in history, Rhysand.
These are our kids Mor, Cassian and Azriel. Cassian’s our mischievous and troublemaking boy. Mor is the one who would not hesitate to help him create trouble. Azriel is our only well-behaved child and is very polite and nice. I taught him well.
And amren here is our kids cranky old aunt. Though me and Ryhsand consider her to be more than just our sister. *ends by smiling broadly*


Cassian: I am NOT your kid. It’s just that a child lives inside me!!!

Mor: when will I get that beautiful tiara I asked for that day, daddy??!!*baby talking and whining at feysand*

Azriel: *blushes at the compliment but grumbles half heartedly* I am not their brother! *Sticking his thumb in Cassian and Mor’s direction*

Amren: You are all kids but I AM NOT THEIR AUNT!!!!

Rhys: Are you Feyre darling, trying to take the whole credit of Azriel to yourself???!!!!!*mocking pain*

Meanwhile Lucien….

What the hell is going on here??!!!!!! Aren’t these people supposed to be high skilled trained killers??!!!!!! Was I better off at the tool’s court??!!!!!!??OMG!!!!!


request: “hey, could you please write fred weasley x slytherin reader on number 26?” — by anon

a/n: loved this imagine tbh even though it is sorta rushed hehe x

 26. “Stop the sarcasm.”  

Masterlist + Request here! 

      “With all due respect, Professor McGonagall,” you began, your breathing slow and your tone quite annoyed, “I do not want to do anything with that — that — boy.”

    Fred, who was still in the same room, crossed his arms. “You know, that boy is still here and can hear everything you’re saying.”

    “Oh, I’m aware that he is, Weasley.” you scowled at his direction, right at the back where he was still sat on his desk while you tried to reason with Professor McGonagall. “Please, professor. Pick anyone else. Anyone but me.”

    The Transfiguration teacher’s lips twitched, as if she was fighting a smile, before sighing. “Unfortunately, Miss Y/L/N, you are the best in this class and the perfect one to tutor Mr. Weasley. If only I can do it myself but I have other duties to fulfill besides teaching and I simply do not have the time.” she looked down at you with her spectacles sliding down her nose. “Can I count on you to help a classmate to pass this subject?”

    You straightened your posture, pursing your lips in deep thought, closing your eyes afterwards. “Yes, professor. You can.”

   "Excellent!“ she cheered. “Now, move along, you two. And please, Fred, don’t try and scare her away.”

    Fred beamed at her. “To be honest, she’ll be the one scaring me, professor.”

    “Shut it.” you murmured at him, grabbing his wrist to drag him out of the classroom and to the library where you can get started.

    Of course, it was no mystery that the two houses — Gryffindor and Slytherin — had been rivals since the old days in Hogwarts. It wasn’t just the founders that had bad blood boil between them, but the students who were put into those houses as well. And you, as a Slytherin, and Fred, as a Gryffindor, it seemed too obvious that the both of you weren’t exactly considered as friends.

  You were muttering several curses under your breath as you take a seat across the red haired Weasley, who was frankly amused by the situation he was in. You set down your textbook on the table and raised your head up to look at him.

    “Transfiguration is an easy class. Why are you failing?” you genuinely asked him, but your face still masked the annoyance you were feeling at the moment.

    Fred smirked. “Oh, I don’t know, maybe because I have better things to do other than study?”

    “You clearly have the wrong priorities then.”

    He raised his eyebrows, placing a hand on his chest dramatically. “Of course, I do. Why didn’t I think of that? I should be helping my parents in raising my siblings, follow Percy’s footsteps, I should apply for a job in the Ministry —”

    “Okay, okay, stop the sarcasm.” you rolled your eyes, turning back to your book, a smile already making its way to your mouth because of the nonsense he was speaking of.

    Fred found himself grinning at your state. “So, what are we going to study?”

    You stopped at a page that you were quickly scanning and slid the book in front of him. “This one. You are familiar with the vanishing spell, right?”

    He nodded. “If I do this correctly, will I successfully make Mrs Norris vanish?” Fred questioned with interest.

    “Weasley, can’t you take anything seriously?” you were trying to hide a laugh. “But yes, you could. If you do it right. So, I suggest you read this first before we use our wands, alright?”

    Once you let go of the book, you started studying a different lesson for another subject. Fred was glancing at you from time to time as you scribbled something down on your parchment before he awkwardly coughed, your eyes flickering towards his.


    He smiled sheepishly. “Thanks for doing this. I know you’re not doing it because you want to but still, thank you.”

    You instantly felt all warm and fuzzy inside because of what he said. “You can thank me after you pass the test McGonagall is going to give you.” you returned the gesture, slowly bringing your attention to your assignment again.

    “And if I do pass the test?” he spoke again. “Can I take you out on a date?”

    “Yeah, of course you can.” you laughed, thinking that was he said was a joke. “Only a mad man would.”

    Fred’s face started to turn pink. “Yeah, I must be.” he whispered.

    You glanced at him and realized that he was being serious. “You do know that I am a Slytherin, right?”

    “So?” the smirk was back yet again. “I don’t know about you but I’ll be willing to pull a Romeo and Juliet.”

    “How do you even know that, you’re a pure-blood.”

    “So are you.”

    You concluded that there was no point in arguing with the stubborn and mischievous boy, causing you to focus your attention yet again on your homework, much to Fred’s annoyance.

    “Hey, you didn’t answer my question properly.”

    You huffed a breath. “Okay, sure, you can take me out on a date if you pass. Only if you pass, alright?”

    Fred grinned. “That’s enough motivation for me to study.”

    And with that, he started to read the Transfiguration textbook you gave him, making you snort and inevitably blush at the same time.

Black and White - Chapter 9 (M)

Characters: Baekhyun x Reader

Genre: Bad Boy AU // University AU // Fluff // Smut

Word Count: 6.2k words

Plot: Baekhyun is the typical heartthrob that always gets what he wants.. until you came along.

Black and White: Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9 (M), Chapter 10 (M), Chapter 11

“My friends and I have really bad history with them,” Baekhyun told you. “It’s always been like that, for years even. Sehun got into a fight with one of them recently and there were a few bruises on both of them, yet none of their gang of twats did anything after that.”

“That’s a good thing, isn’t it?” you quizzed. “That they didn’t hurt Sehun or anything.”

Baekhyun chuckled.

“Nope,” he answered. “It’s strange.”


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Distraction (M)

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2 requests combined

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 2845

The atmosphere was thick and heavy as you impatiently tapped your pen on your notebook, watching the seconds tick by on the clock displayed on the wall above the whiteboard. It was the only place you could look to stop your skin from heating up, and it was all because of him.

To say he was a distraction was an understatement. The way his muscles would flex underneath the fabric of his well-fitted dress shirt, the way he would bite his plump lips in concentration, even the sound of his smooth voice was enough to make your heart hammer against your ribcage.

You made the mistake of glancing down, which led to you catching his eye. Time seemed to stop for a second as your gazes locked. He stopped mid-sentence and his mouth hung open as he returned your wide-eyed stare. You instantly felt the temperature rise, and you swear that your cheeks were probably flushed a bright red. You were the first to look away and time resumed its normal speed as you chastised yourself for letting your mind wander towards more intimate thoughts. “Stop it,” you inwardly scolded yourself. “He’s your professor for God’s sake.”

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