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Ouch. Great progress so far. “I didn’t want Trunks. Daddy told me that, because I want to bond with you, I will.” He smiled lightly, stepping to the side to fit in the space between Vegeta and the door.

“Kakarot said what-?” He stared at the boy in shock. He sighed in frustration and shut the door. His mate had some explaining to do the next time that he saw him. 

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The royal lifts a delicate brow at the people that had appeared before him. It wasn’t as if he had done anything bad, he had truly just finished going shopping for food and the bag of groceries were evident enough. In his other hand he was holding a hot cup of steaming cocoa that he had paused mid-sip the moment he noticed them. What in blazes did he do to deserve to have people? He wasn’t ready for this. Blinking ruby eyes, he scans the crowd for a silent moment wondering what to do. The answer was simple of course. Shifting his weight from one foot to the other he speaks with a voice that was rather sound rather confused.

“Hello but…have I done something wrong?”