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Hero of Fereldan - Harriet Cousland
Champion of Kirkwall - Bernadetta Hawke
Inquisitor - Olwyn Trevelyan

Look at my ladies, off to fight evil! So proud.

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what do u see as fanon bill and whats ur problem with it

Fanon bill is white/lightly tanned~/blonde hair/supermodel handsome/really suave/tall/did i mention drop dead handsome/or alternatively some dorky hipster type who wears sweaters/p much any human who doesn’t look like an eggplant that got nuked

Bill just would not look like that, nor would he care abt sex or looking sexy for that matter, he’s no use for fleshy human bodies, and jfc he would not care abt getting at Dipper’s asshole (this is not a rant at you, babe, I’m just venting)

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Vader can feel his Admiral’s turmoil. He’s determined to find out why.

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Can I ask why you don't like JK R?

i should start off by saying i do respect her to an extent, she is a powerful woman who did create a great story and she does seem like nice person, don’t get me wrong, but i just feel like she has some major glaring issues. but hey, maybe i’m wrong and she’s different in person?

my biggest issue is that she redeems not only snape (and i could go into that for hours) but almost the dursleys, but is very very into putting down pansy and draco down. the dursleys are grade a assholes, they’re child abusers, and awful people, and the chapter the dursleys departing paints them in not a great light… but… a kinder one?? i’m not sure how to describe it. as a small child it tricked me into seeing them as good people because of the tone, and that’s not okay, you know? if i was tricked, how many others were? but draco was a child solider, same age as harry, raised in a household where he was constantly hearing awful things and repeating them and pansy was a girl who was forced into her role by society and seen as awful because she wasn’t golden, because she wasn’t super kind, even though she was scared. jo hates them, pansy more than draco but still, jo says that pansy ended up alone because she was awful and didn’t deserve anyone?? excuse me?? if you’re going to do that you’d better say that dumbledore doesn’t deserve anyone, or mr dursley, or maybe gilderoy lockheart? he was a coward too, let’s hate on him!!

also, the use of dementors leading a prison, by now we know that she says that dementors are a personification on depression, right? well, apparently if you do anything wrong you deserve to be depressed, right? as someone who struggles to get out of bed because of depression i think that’s disgusting. so what if someone does something wrong? i would never wish this hell on them. never! i don’t care how many people they killed! i wouldn’t wish it on the people i hate and that’s saying something because i’d love to kill them! i get that some people are awful, it doesn’t mean that a mental illness should be the punishment!! let alone the gross implication that mental illness is Scary and Bad™, i just– ugh

then there’s the way that she adds representation later on, like stating dumbledore is gay later to give herself a pat on the back, or saying that there’s at least one jewish kid at hogwarts?? it’s just gross, maybe i’m just extra bitter about that one because i’m so desperate for representation that her adding it later feels like cheating for attention.

maybe i’m just a jaded, bitter teen, but i feel as though the fandom as a whole puts her on a pedestal she doesn’t really deserve, she’s flawed, and this endless, blind love for her makes me dislike her more.

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Hello My Prince, My friends are constantly berating me about my opinions and sometimes my sexuality (I'm a lesbian) sometimes they make me feel like a total idiot. I don't trust the lot of them and neither does my sister. However I can't stand the thought of being alone. What should I do? Also, congratulations on the baby may the stars watch over her and your family (except Odin)

Stop calling them friends. 

The Signs as Trash Cans

Aries: Colorful, sticker and glitter covered can in the kindergarten classroom that teachers make up songs about to teach kids about the proper way to get rid of waste.

Taurus: Over enthusiastic recycling bin with loud stickers and slogans that tree enthusiasts adore and everyone else just rolls their eyes at because it’s trying way too hard.

Gemini: Sad, wrought iron garbage can full of plastic bottles, a very misunderstood garbage can, indeed.    

Cancer: Recycling bin that is never used for actual recycling.

Leo: Recycling bin that is actually used for recycling because it’s probably in a crowded area that people will see if you put your plastics elsewhere.

Virgo: The lone, plastic can in the corner of the classroom that looks so inconspicuous but enticing, and everyone loves it because it’s at that perfect angle to toss wadded up homework into.

Libra: That dumpster outback of the sketchy mexican place that smells like Satan’s anus.

Scorpio: Tiny, wicker wastepaper basket with a linen lining that no one dares to put anything in except for maybe unused tissues.

Sagittarius:  Isn’t actually a trash can, is more the ground next to the trash can that everyone tries to throw their shit into but misses and conveniently forgets to pick up.

Capricorn: Is actually a cigarette receptacle that everyone confuses for a tiny garbage can and curse at when they find out it’s not somewhere they can shove their McDonald’s wrappers.

Aquarius: That huge landfill you pass on the highway and look at with utter contempt and disgust. How does this monstrosity even exist? Vile. Smh.

Pisces: Excuse me? Ugh! Pisces are not trash cans, they prefer the term waste receptacle thank you very much! And don’t even think about putting that Starbucks in here.

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Hawke fooling around with a spell and some how manages to transfigure himself into a dog, so he has to go to Anders and is just a big cuddly baby who demands pets and belly rubs from the mage until Anders reverses the spell.

((This went a little longer than I initially intended but it was fun :3))

There was a scratching at the door. Then a whimper. Then more scratching.

With a sigh, Anders lay down his quill and pushed weary limbs to a standing position. It was late, he wanted to finish at least one page before sleep claimed him. However, it seemed Darktown had other ideas. As per usual.

Crossing to the door and pushing it open, he found not one of the expected orphans that were a tragically common sight here in the dregs of the city, but instead a dog with dark fur burst past him into the clinic. Dropping something at his feet, it let out an exuberant park, its entire body wriggling with pleasure as it raced in circles. Anders was no expert on dogs but this one appeared to be some type of mongrel, its black fur sticking up in all directions and one ear flopped over while the other stood upright.

The mage wrinkled his nose and made a shooing motion. “Go on, get out of here. I don’t have time to play and I’m not particularly fond of dogs.” He was surprised the thing hadn’t been eaten down here, where food was so scarce. It must have wandered away from its owners.

The dog growled and grabbed at his boots, catching a buckle between its teeth and tugging.

“Hey! Stop that!” Anders reached for the dog and it lunged at him. He fell back with a yelp, landing on his rump hard, and before he knew it, the wriggling ball of fur was in his lap. A very wet tongue made a beeline for his face and he cringed, trying to fend the animal off.

“Eugh! You’re only making me love cats more, you know.” The healer pushed the dog back and caught a glimpse of the item on the ground. Using his left forearm to keep the dog away from his face, he reached over with his right and snagged the paper, grimacing upon finding it covered in drool. The dog settled down but he could feel its body still vibrating with thinly controlled energy.

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