mischief's art

  • ARIES: being expressive, sports, fidgeting, moving around, impulsiveness, living in the moment
  • TAURUS: fashion, relationships, money, materials, food, tranquility, peace, routine
  • GEMINI: voicing your thoughts, poetry, writing, journalism, religion/cultures, doing something new, realism
  • CANCER: art, helping others, being/feeling at home, family, pets, children, elders, music, routine, memories
  • LEO: theatre, art, being generous, standing in the spotlight, singing/dancing, pets, being the best, winning, competition, confidence
  • VIRGO: books, learning, someone who takes care of them (they won't do it themselves tbh), when everything is organised and clean, honesty
  • Libra: again; honest, love, jewellery, pretty things, pets, relationships, crushes, attraction, tranquility, the little things, happiness
  • Scorpio: the unusual, the quiet, mischief, mysteries, poetry, art, books, music, instruments, anything abstract, "weird" things/people, dark humour
  • Sagittarius: happy things, idealised things, travelling, thinking philosophical, cute smiles, walking, running, humour, sports, being sassy or brave
  • Capricorn: work, family life, good finances, stability, honesty, sarcasm, old things, books, literature, responsibility, close friends, manners
  • Aquarius: friendship, travelling, adaptability, change, the strange, humour and wittiness, freedom, equality, experiencing different things and feelings
  • Pisces: dreams, art, music, abstract things, innocence and cute things attract you, strange and weird things, being themselves, being loved, overthinking... jk they just always do that.

A young Remus Lupin  in the Gryffindor Common Room after a Full Moon night.



Love is in the air guys. So, I decided to draw my favourite otps in this whole month as my personal project!

Greek Mythology and Norse Mythology couples that I ship!!

  • Hades+Persephone 
  • Loki+Sigyn (Loki is based on the Marvel movie. I need Sigyn in the movie so much!!)

I think I have something with the bad guy in the mythology LOL

If any one of my otps is not yours, just ignore it please. It’s just imagination.

“Since the 1980’s (or earlier- the definitive source of this term has not been identified) US police forces- particularly, LAPD and San Diego PD- have used the term ‘No Human Involved’ or 'NHI’ to mark cases they intend to cease investigating or consider a low priority. These cases predominately involved gang violence and violence against women, particularly when the victim was a POC. Recent claims suggest that hundreds, if not thousands of cases of violence against sex workers have been dismissed as having 'no human involved’- including, but not limited to, multiple murder cases.

While much of this information comes from leaks in the police force and can not be completely confirmed, it is highly representative of the attitude towards violence against POC and sex workers, especially sex workers of colour, that many have encountered personally.

Sex workers demand better treatment by police, and many of us stand for police abolition. Police involvement in our lives is almost universally a violent experience. We stand against police corruption, police violence and racial violence. We demand better.”

art and text by Mikki Mischief, @mikki_mischief on twitter

we are VERY LUCKY to be able to show Mikki’s work at the art show this year!