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I really like your new profile pic, and I was wondering witch shade of red lipstick are you wearing in it. ( p.s love new mischief managed video)

Hi! Sadly I have no idea what shade or brand the lipstick is 😓 Mattias bought is some time ago and the label has come off. It’s a matte liquid lipstick if that helps!

Who else remembers ”No Homo” the video we made during our first ever con abroad (BanzaiCon 2016)? Well, we went back to BanzaiCon 2018 and were inspired to create a sequel!

The Mischief Managers are proud to present: Yes Homo!

(Also, we’re one day late but happy Coming Out Day! Whether you’re out like Draco or not quite ready like Harry, your identity is valid and you are deserving of love ❤️)

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Drarry prompt: a scene from another Mischief Managers video. Thank you! โค

Okay so this isn’t really from one of their scripted videos but I wanted to do it anyway just because Mattias was naturally in character for Draco haha

I also chose to draw Mattias in cosplay, rather than my character design of Draco just bc I wanted to. No real reason lol

(bonus sparkles added in)

click here for the video!


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New crack video clip! This fit so well. The only thing that bugs me is the black on the edges of the It Could’ve Been Great parts. I would’ve fixed that, but I didn’t notice until I had everything chopped up for lip sync, and I were to fix the black edges then, it would’ve been very choppy.

Audio belongs to Harry Potter and all clips belong to Steven Universe. I own only my editing.


Here’s a little Sunday treat for you all ❤️ (Includes previews of future skits and videos so be sure to subscribe to The Mischief Managers on YouTube to not miss out!)

Draco | @cronicallyawesome
Harry | @myqueerass
Ron & editing | @thechrizzler
Ginny & Hermione | @treskift

Zodiac Legacy Challenge

I helped create a legacy challenge with one of my friends! If you decide to play it use the tag #zlc so @kingofcas18 and I can see it! 

Google Docs link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1o9yNsA3YTIo-WvNAtXsp-id4kFRyhIPPpFosILpC4ME/edit?usp=sharing

Zodiac Legacy Challenge

Basic Rules:

1. 20,000 money cheat for the beginning

2. Keep the lifespan on normal.

3. Live wherever you want unless the rules of the generation say otherwise.

4. Finish all of the required rules for each generation.

5. Use the tag #ZLC so the creators and I can see it. (optional)

6. Make your founder have red hair and try and keep it in the family. (optional)

7. If you don’t have the packs that are required, just substitute what you don’t have.

8. Each generation has a color that they should follow. (optional)

Gen 1~ Aries ♈

 You never really knew your real parents. Your adoptive parents took you in when you were very young. Your childhood was sad and lonely. So when you turned 18 you moved out and into the big city. You can’t decide what to be so you switch careers so many times that you can’t remember what you’re doing anymore. After two completely different careers, you realize you want to be the funniest comedian.

1. Must reach level 4 in two careers before becoming a comedian.

2. Must marry their best friend and have 2 kids.

3. Must live in San Myshuno all of the young adult lifestage.

4. Must master the Comedy and Charisma skill.

5. Must master the entertainer career in the comedian branch.

6. Gen 1’s lucky color is scarlet or any shade of red.

Traits: Noncommittal, Jealous, Childish

Aspiration: Joke Star

Gen 2~ Taurus ♉

 Your mom/dad (gen 1) found their own path in life, and you wanted to do the same, but it didn’t work out as planned. Instead of deciding what you wanted to do as a child/teen you stayed inside and played video games all day. As a child, you felt like you did not need anyone else. You could do everything fine on your own. But when it came to teamwork you always let everyone else do the work. You are so lazy that you decide to hire a maid to do all the cleaning around your house. Doing the cleaning would just be too much for you obviously. One day you decide to have an affair with the maid and they (or you) get pregnant. You despise the child because you never asked for them. You want to do little to no work at all, so you decide to become a CEO. Everyone will have to do work while you sit around living an easy life. Your favorite child hated video games but you loved them.

1. Must master the business career in the management branch.

2. Must marry a neat sim.

3. Must only have one kid with your spouse.

4. Must have an affair with the maid/nanny and the result has to be the heir.

5. Must retire and move to Uptown as an elder.

6. Must master the Mischief and Video Gaming skills.

7. Gen 2’s lucky color is green.

Traits: Lazy, Materialistic, Snob

Aspiration: Fabulously Wealthy

Gen 3~ Gemini ♊

 You were the result of an affair. Your parent (gen 2) hated you with a fiery passion, so when you turned 16 you ran away from home. You kissed your other parent goodbye and never looked back. You ran to oasis springs and decided to take a breather. You were free! No more chores! You wanted to do something adventurous and decided to go to the jungle. You think the views from the jungle are breathtaking and decide to paint your first piece. You stay for 2 days and then go back to your makeshift home in Oasis Springs. Once you return you decide to paint for fun, until you are old enough you make a career out of it. You are always afraid that your parents are going to come and look for you. To get rid of your stress you decide to start exercising. Exercising becomes one of your favorite hobbies. You eventually find a spouse and they are exactly what you need to stop worrying.

1. Must run away from home as a teen.

2. Must master the Painting and Athletic skill.

3. Master the Painter career.

4. Must never speak to your parents or grandparents.

5. Never cheat on husband/wife.

6. Must go on a family vacation when you’re an elder.

7. Gen 3’s lucky color is yellow

Traits: Creative, Ambitious, Erratic (Insane)

Aspiration: Painter Extraordinaire

Gen 4~ Cancer ♋

 Throughout your entire life you wanted an amazing family to love and support. You could not wait to start your new family, so you got married and had kids at a young age. You wanted to be more than a parent, you wanted be your kids best friend. You never have a real job besides gardening. You wake up before everyone and make their breakfast, your spouse’s coffee and pack school lunches. You have a beautifully decorated house with paintings from your mom/dad. You take your kids to the park every Saturday.

1. You must marry as a Young Adult.

2. Must have twins. (you can cheat for them if needed)

3. Must have at least 5 kids and a family pet.

4. Never have any jobs and only garden for money. (spouse can have a job)

5. Must master Parenting, Gardening, and Cooking skills.

6. Take your kids to the park every Saturday.

7. Gen 4’s lucky color is white.

Traits: Loves Outdoors, Family Oriented, Foodie

Aspiration: Freelance Botanist

Gen 5~ Leo ♌

 You live life on the edge. Your parents never defended you against your bully of a sibling. They would always make fun of you no matter what. The only thing that would make you feel better was blasting the music and dancing the night away. At night you dreamed of finally moving away from your sibling and living in a house of your own. So when you saw the house of your dreams you instantly fell in love with it. Then you found out that your sibling had stolen it from you just so they could bully you like they did as a kid. From then on you decided that you wouldn’t sit idle anymore. You wanted to be the best social media influencer ever because you wanted to create something of your own. Your social media page was something that was truly yours and one of the only things you were proud of. On your social media page, you post artsy pictures. Your job causes you to never settle down, but you have a kid through a one night stand.

1. Have a bad relationship with one of your siblings.

2. Be good friends with both parents.

3. Go on a date every Friday or Saturday night at a bar.

4. Have a one night stand and have a kid with the person.

5. Master the Photography and Dancing skill.

6. Master the Social Media career.

7. Gen 5’s lucky color is orange.

Traits: Romantic, Hot Headed, Dance Machine

Aspiration: Serial Romantic

Gen 6~ Virgo ♍️

    You came from a one night stand. Your parent messed up your head and now your grandparents are here to pick you up and take you in. You never realize that you had so many aunts and uncles. Your grandparents treat you like royalty until they both pass away. You move back into your parent’s house and they do not treat you good. They make you clean and fix all the broken things in the house. Once you become a Young Adult you realize your grandparents left you their entire will. You are very modest with your money and feel like you don’t deserve it. You want to give back to the community, so you do so by writing books about the goodness in helping others. You also give back by donating money to charities. You want to be nothing like your parent, so you are an amazing parent to all your children.

1. Become very good friends with at least two of your co-workers.

2. Fall madly in love with your spouse and never cheat.

3. Treat your parent very nicely even though they don’t care for you.

4. Be good friends with all your kids.

5. Everytime you get a promotion donate money to charity.

6. Master the Writing and Handiness skill.

7. Reach the top of the political career under the Charity Organizer branch.

8. Master the handiness and writing skill.

9. Gen 6’s lucky color is gray.

Traits: Ambitious, Good, Insider

Aspiration: Friend to the World

Gen 7~ Libra ♎

  Your siblings fought like cats and dogs. So when they started to fight you would investigate why they were fighting and help calm them down. You would help them calm down by playing your guitar and singing. You would make your siblings sing a long and that would calm everyone down. You loved investigating different crimes and music, but your parents told you being a musician wasn’t a career. You would go on to be the world’s greatest musical detective. Your parents thought you were crazy. Your grandparents never really liked the idea of  it. The more you thought on it the more you wanted it. You can never really make up your mind. It’s hard to maintain good relationships after hearing your siblings arguing for years. You can’t stand anyone except your childhood best friend. You can’t decide who you want to have children with, so why not multiple people?

1. Marry three times.

2. Have two kids with two different people.

3. Leave one person at the altar.

4. Master the detective career.

5. Master the Guitar and Singing skills.

6. Must cheat at least once.

7. Gen 7’s lucky color is blue.

Traits: Clumsy, Music Lover, Romantic

Aspiration: Musical Genius

Gen 8~ Scorpio ♏

 You had a rough life. One of your parents did not care for you and the other was always working. From a young age you learned to be the leader of your siblings. Always telling them what to do, but also being their best friend. Whenever someone was talking to your siblings you always got jealous. You would always play the piano, so everyone would look at you. As you grew older, you learned that one of your parents (gen 7) was great at being a musician too. You always made friends very easily. It was hard for you to date though because you never trusted your significant other. Everytime you got into a relationship you always ended up drinking away your feelings of jealousy. You hoped that one day you would be the head of a big, happy family.

1. Can only have kids after they get married.

2. Must marry as an adult.

3. Must never cheat on spouse.

4. Must stay in career and never retire.

5. Must master Mixology and Piano skills.

6. Must master culinary career in the mixologist branch.

7. Must busk for money during their young adult life.

8. Gen 8’s lucky color is pink.

Traits: Unflirty, Jealous, Music Lover

Aspiration: Master Mixologist

   Gen 9~ Sagittarius ♐️

 From a young age you have always been brutally honest with everyone. Even when it came to your parent’s alcohol problem. You never could stand the smell of alcohol and meat. You always spoke the truth no matter what even if it hurt everyone’s feelings. You always had your core group of friends, but had more enemies than friends. If anybody ever insulted your friend you would defend them in an instant. Nobody got in between you and what you wanted to achieve. All your friends loved you because of how much you cared for them. One day, you discovered the perfect career, a CRITIC. You get to say what is wrong with things all the time, isn’t that fun. You started your job as a critic making even more enemies. You were very particular with who you dated, but one day you fell in love with your biggest enemy. It took a lot of trying, but eventually you got married. The two of you only ended up having one kid out of fear you would not like how your kids turned out. You end up loving your child with all your heart, but are very protective.

1. Can only have one child.

2. Marry your biggest enemy.

3. Must have a small core group of friends that you hang out with every week.

4. Must have more enemies than friends.

5. Be overprotective of your child by letting them only do safe things.

6. Master the Critic career.

7. Must master the Mischief and Charisma skills.

8. Gen 9’s lucky color is purple.

Traits: Vegetarian, Self-Assured, Hot Headed

Aspiration: Chief of Mischief

Gen 10~ Capricorn ♑

 Your parents were very overprotective of you and never let you have much fun. Your parents declined your every wish, so you learn to see the worst out of every situation. They always made you practice your school work. If you got a bad grade in school you would get in trouble, so you became a little genius. Always practicing programming and the violin, you never had many friends. Your parents always scared away your crushes, so you never end of dating anyone in your teenage years. After your whole life being filled without love, you develop a weirdness towards it. Once you finally become an adult and earn your freedom you move as far away from your parents as possible. You have no idea what to do with your new freedom, so you do what any logical adult would do, adopt a pet. You and your pet become the best friends in the world. While you are not spending time with your pet, you are off at work trying to be the best Tech Guru there is. One day your co-worker asks you out on a date and the rest is history. They are the only one that understands who you really are.

1. Marry a co-worker.

2. Live in a different world then the one you grew up in.

3. Most have no friends growing up.

4. As an adult your closest friend is your pet.

5. Never date as a teenager.

6. Must have an A in school.

7. Play chess and practice the violin almost everyday as a child/teen.

8. Master the Programming and Violin skills.

9. Master the Tech Guru career.

10. Gen 10’s lucky color is black.

Traits: Genius, Geek, Bookworm

Aspiration: Friend of the Animals

Gen 11~ Aquarius ♒

 You’re not like the past generations, you’re not over emotional like the past generations. Ever since you were young you always had a pet around. You may enjoy dogs, but you are really a cat lover at heart. When you were a child your parents never cared for your emotions too much. They loved you with all their heart but wanted you to have good grades and make close friends. Although This allowed you to develop close, healthy relationships with your friends and become an amazing thinker, you still need some alone time here and there. During your alone time, you decided to start painting. You never show your feelings to anyone, so you decided to create emotional paintings as a way to express your feelings. Painting soon became less like a hobby, and more like a career. One day you cannot take holding in your feelings anymore, so you express them to one of your childhood friends. You end up falling in love and getting married. You decide to have kids and listen to every concern they have, so they never feel how you felt. Finally, as an elder, you move to Willow Creek so you can have a nice place to relax and paint.

1. Must master the painter career in any branch.

2. Must volunteer with family once a week (preferably Sunday).

3. Must master the Painting skill.

4. Must achieve at least a B in school.

5. Must remain friends with at least three of your childhood friends until death.

6. Have a good relationship with 2 co-workers.

7. Retire and move to Willow Creek.

8. Gen 11’s lucky color is light blue.

Traits: Creative, Loner, Cat Lover

Aspiration: Painter Extraordinaire

Gen 12~ Pisces ♓

 Growing up, you were always taught to pursue your hobbies, but you could never find one that you liked enough to pursue. You parents tried to teach you painting, but you could never get it right. You tried to play the violin like your grandparent did, but it never sounded like their music. You didn’t quite fit in at school. You loved theatre, but your “friends” didn’t approve of it. They pressured you to hang out with the “popular” people. One night at a party you and one of your jock/cheerleader friends got a little too drunk and one thing lead to another and one of you was pregnant. When the baby was born the father/mother gave you money once a week, but they were not apart of the baby’s life which made you sad. When you went back to school people had been talking crap about you. The school administrators knew what was going on but they didn’t care. People called you horrible names. That with the peer pressure made you sad. The only thing keeping you going was your baby.  When adulthood came you still had no idea what you were going to do. Then you realize you have so much stuff, so why not sell it? You decide to start your own business. You don’t have enough money to own a store and a home, so you live in the attic. You and your child sell the most marvelous things ever. Everybody loves your store and you love running it. You and your child are the happiest you ever could be. But one day your child’s other parent tries to come back into your life. You turn them away but it brings up old feelings that cause you to become very lonely. One day you realize your child is enough for you. From that day on you never date again and only care for your child. You want to be the best parent ever! As you look back on your life you are so grateful to have had your child and would not change anything for the world.

1. Try many different skills as a child/teen.

2. Have your closest “friends” really hate you.

3. Get pregnant/get someone pregnant at a young age. (teen or early in your young adult life)

4. Have only one pregnancy and raise the child by yourself.

5. Buy a store and sell the things you create.

6. Live in the store attic.

7. Achieve level 3 in Painting/Violin.

8. Achieve level 10 in Parenting.

9. Gen 12’s color is mint (light green).

Traits: Gloomy, Family Oriented, Non Committal

Aspiration: Super Parent

Thank You Everyone

This couldn’t have been done without you! <3

Writers: Matthew, Lia, Tanner, and Riley

Reviewers: All the people on discord and some simblrs.

Proofer(s): Tanner and Lia

Play Testers: Matthew, Lia, Riley, Grass, Quinn, Lia, and Riley

Everyone Thank You So Much for believing in us!


“I Don’t Even Smoke” by Stick and Poke (2016)

For this one, I flew out to Vancouver to hang with the wonderful people of Stick and Poke. I’d compare it very closely to the last Mischief Brew music video, with a much smoother execution. For that video, we didn’t rehearse the blocking as much as we made it up as we went. The actions in the background for that one were generally made up for each take. For this one, we actually spent an entire night rehearsing, running through several takes so we’d have it down pat when people showed up, and generally stuck to that pretty closely while shooting.

Originally our takes were coming in a bit fast, but once we really slowed down and paced ourselves through the house, we started nailing it. The Mischief Brew video took 14 complete takes, so the goal was to finish it in less than that. In the end we had 13 takes, 5 of which were passable as final cuts, and we narrowed it down to this one from there!

i have to go

A little video experiment. (Sped up by 650%)

From the Youtube description:

A little experiment with Mischief, which you can download here: https://www.madewithmischief.com/ If you like these kinds of videos, maybe I’ll make some more of these! Music is from the BNHA OST, the track called 私から君へ. Which roughly translates to “Me to You.” So glad I can put my elementary Japanese to use. 

Some more context: I drew this on May 19 when Kacchan got taken away from Deku. Like many other BKDK shippers, I was having a field day. I was rubbing my evil fly hands… and then began crying, because DANG voice acting…! My greatest kudos to the Japanese voice actors. See, I knew it was going to be bad (because it was pretty bad in the manga), but… wow, the anime really blew it away. The moment was worse than I had ever anticipated! Kacchan’s voice was cracking. And Deku… he yelled out for him TWICE. And the second time? I mean, he was very desperate the entire time, but the second time, wooof–so desperate. So full of despair. Like he knew he wasn’t going to reach, but dang it, if he could give up his life right there, he would for Kacchan. 

You know… like the first time when he saved Kacchan. 


 I’m sorry, I think I’m getting too emotional. 

Let me take off the BKDK goggles… oops, never mind. Forgot they got welded into my face, ahahaha…


Yesterday was the love day! we hope you got to share it with lovely people, just like everyone in this video did!